Wii’s Best Combat Games

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Wii's Best Combat Games

want to know you're choosing the right fighting game for your Wii? Check out this list of the top five and make sure you've got your moves ready!

#5: Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus

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The 2-d style of beat 'em ups has always retained a cult status in this age of 3-d fighters, and with this game it is easy to see why. Though the game's anime-style characters can be over-the-top in appearance and nature, the goofiness only adds to the fun. Just be sure to hook up a Gamecube or Classic controller. If you're going to play in the classic style you need the classic pad, right?

#4: Naruto: Clash Of Ninja Revolution 2

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Viewed as something of an expansion on Naruto's first outing on the Gamecube, Naruto: Clash of Ninja: Revolution 2 brings the action to the Wii, and a host of welcome additions with it.
The ability to use use hand signs to built up energy without even attacking, as well as being able to wrap a exploding spell scroll around a kunai knife before throwing it (resulting in a successful "letter bomb") are very welcome additions, although partly because they simply should have been there in the first place.

In any case, it's certainly a worthy installment in the series, and deserves to be checked out, especially if one has not played the first, and even more so if one is a fan of Naruto.

#3: Mortal Kombat Armageddon

51X6r8yaRmL. SL75  Wiis Best Combat Games

The pioneer of the violent fighting game, Mortal Kombat has always led the pack when it comes to combining awesome gameplay with cringeworthy violence.

Viewed as the final true Mortal Kombat game using the current universe and characters, Armageddon boasts over 60 kombatants as every single character since the first ever game make their appearance for the final showdown. Take the violence to the next level with the racing and conquest mini games!

#2: Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3

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The latest and best Tenkaichi game also happens to be simply one of the best fighting games on the Wii yet. The reason for this becomes clear when you understand the nature of the gameplay.

The real beauty of this game is in the multiplayer option, which sees over 200, yes 200, playable characters available to enter the fray, each with their own set of skills and moves, definitely no mean feat!
The 3-D open-stage battles make this the future of fighting. There are so many things to do and places to be in each stage, (not to mention the amount of characters you can be) it's highly improbable for the exact same thing to happen twice. Talk about replayability!

1#: Super Smash Bros. Brawl

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Super Smash has been a wildly successful franchise so far, and this instalment cements its reputation as one of the most fun fighters around. Brawl could be compared to Guilty Gear, only with slightly more realistic visual effects and attacks. But what really makes Smash Bros. so unique is it's fighters, which are based on renowned videogame characters. Want to see Solid Snake beat up Sonic the Hedgehog? Then look no further!

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The Wii’s controllers: Explained

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The Wii's controllers: Explained

Understandably, many newcomers to the Wii can feel a bit daunted by all the new technology laid before them. Gamers that have been used to years of using the same joypad designs might need a little assistance settling into the myriad control systems of the Wii.

For example, the Wii's initial "Wii Remote"(or "WiiMote") may be excellent for first-person shooters and racing games, but does not handle so well with genres such as fighting, where the player is often forced to quickly pull off a series of complex actions in a short amount of time.

So, in total, there are four controller setups: WiiMote, WiiMote & Nunchuk, GameCube Controller, and Classic Controller.

The WiiMote was the original setup. Its a one-hand motion-sensing controller that is often used for puzzle and party games, as well as racing games and some sports. For each of these, the controller is held in a different position.

31Mxv09s5bL. SL160  The Wiis controllers: Explained

In racing games, the controller is held sideways with both hands and twisted back and forth to control the racing vehicle onscreen. In sports, the controller is held in various positions which mimic real life. For example, in bowling, the controller movement is very similar to the movement of one's hand and arm while bowling at the lanes. The tennis game requires holding the controller upright to serve the ball, and flicking the wrist to return the ball.

The Wii Nunchuk Controller is a control stick attachment that also features motion-sensing. Whilst the nunchuk is used to essentially steer the player, the Wiimote is utilized to cover the majority of actions, including looking, aiming and shooting.

31BnQagfXZL. SL160  The Wiis controllers: Explained

Other games featured on the Wii favour a more classic style of control, and in this the Wii borrows the Gamecube controller from Nintendo's earlier console. This (and the classic controller) are generally favoured by the more die hard lovers of the classic gaming style.

Yet another option in a Wii controller is the "Classic Controller". The Classic does not feature motion-sensing, but does have dual control sticks (rather like that of the Playstation) as well as basically all the button configurations that the Gamecube controller features. As with the GameCube controller, the Classic is not wireless.

21O4SZHjorL. SL160  The Wiis controllers: Explained

However, this is going to change very soon because the Nyko company will very soon be releasing their wireless version of the Classic Controller. Reviewers with preview models have generally praised this new edition to the Wii controller family.

As with most other elements of the Wii, the controllers offer a great deal of freedom and choice to the player, from the well loved classic design to the innovative and exciting next generation style.

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Nintendo Wii: A Cut Above the Rest

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The Nintendo Wii: A Cut Above the Rest

The Nintendo Wii has, in such a commendably short amount of time, become one of the most talked about and successful consoles of all time. Originally feared as a risky departure from the well established gaming system, the Wii has gone on to dominate the market.

Wii gameplay is nothing short of a gaming revolution. For over twenty-five years, gamers were forced to hold a small gamepad or joystick. Both types of the traditional controller were prone to create hand and fingers cramps. Certain kinds of controllers with fairly sharp corners, most notably the Nintendo NES, were proned to drill gouged-out areas on the inside of gamers' hands. Apparently the games were so intriguing that they ignored the pain and kept playing!

A common feature of the traditional controller is they require quick movement of the players' thumbs and in some cases, fingers. While the Wii controllers also contain a few buttons that are controlled by thumbs and fingers, the primary movements are enacted by hand movement. This is a much more natural type of play that is very satisfying to many people.

The Wii controller is utilized in such a way that it will mimic whichever tool one is using through the game. For example, in a fantasy game, one would hold and command the controller as if using a real sword. In a sports game, one would swing in the exact way as one would a tennis racket or golf club.

The Wii has, perhaps most importantly, brought gaming to a much broader audience than ever before. New players can easily grasp the gaming system heralded by the console, whilst seasoned veterns of the industry may well find themselves sucked into the addictive style of new favourites.

Nintendo's newest console and it's Wii Remote technology remain unrivaled, and for the most part, unchallenged. The exceptions are that of Sony's PS3 "Sixaxis" controller, and that was a last-minute deal, just months before the PlayStation 3 was released and not long after the Wii's motion-sensing technology was announced. The Sixasis controller incorporates some of the motion-sensing aspects of the Wii but retains the old familiar controller style.

Also, Microsoft recently announced the development of an Xbox 360 "Remote" that is reported to showcase the same technology as the Wii remote. What this next Xbox "Remote" will deliver in terms of gaming experience remains to be seen.

However, Nintendo are the masters of innovation, and whilst other companies struggle to match what has gone before, Nintendo plan to build on their existing system and improve it even further. This can only mean that even more exciting  things are yet to come from the Wii

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Wii Sports- Why so popular?

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Wii Sports- Why so popular?

Originally shipped as part of the Wii package, Wii sports has become a runaway success for the console and the poularity has grown and grown. Owing huge success to the content and playability rather than graphical edge, Wii Sports is so popular due to the dynamic and interactive gameplay.

For example, to hit the ball in the tennis game, one merely swings the controller to the left or right. One does not have to fiddle with a small controller pad to play the game. To hit a  baseball, one holds the controller similar to how one would hold a baseball bat. This is the most realistic game play we have ever seen for sports video games.

The games included are tennis, baseball, boxing, bowling, and golf. The boxing game requires a separate "nunchuck" which plugs into the controller.

All games include training, standard play, several multiplayer choices, and the ability to create your own characters.

The training allows one to hone in on one of three different actions for each sport. Just as in real life, training or practice helps to improve your performance. In tennis, one can focus on returning the ball or placing the ball within a specific area. In baseball, one can practice pitching or batting. Boxing training is useful for learning how to duck and weave and throw your punches at just the right moment.

Single player mode involves competing against the computer in order to gain experience points, which are in turn utilized to raise your level.

The multiplayer option allows two, three, or four players to compete against one another. This is Wii Sports at its most immersive and rewarding. Its one thing to pit your skill against a challenging computer player, another to play with living, breathing people whose real-life movements (as well as yours) directly correspond with onscreen gameplay. Of course, each player must have his or her own controller.

With Wii Sports, you can create your own characters and save them for later use. To create your own character, one simply starts with a character from the "Mii channel". The character can then be customized to one's own liking. Some of these characters can be used in games other than Wii Sports.

Many gamers enjoy saving their Wii Sports characters to the Wii remote controller, and will take them to a friend's house, and insert the character into the game at the friend's house. This adds greater personality to the gaming experience.

With raving reviews and even a few awards in the bag, Wii Sports remains THE game for the system.

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PSP Games: The Best

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Top PSP Games

Sony was not kidding when they admitted that their platforms are experiencing a significant shortage of good games. You might say there's not much in the way of PSP games development going on right now. However, here are three of the best that still make the PSP a commendable hand held console.

51W4wIQWUuL. SL160  PSP Games: The Best

Wipeout Pulse, the first of our three, is the PSP sequel to the over the top racing game Wipeout Pure. Though this follow up provides no extreme changes to the principles of Wipeout, the same intense racing style has been polished until it positively shines, and comes with online multiplayer options to boot.

The racing in Wipeout Pulse is performed in slick, futuristic vehicles moving at extreme speeds. The singleplayer campaign consists of completing tournaments and challenges in order to unlock new ships, race modes, etc. With so many races to complete, it's likely that it will take 10 to 15 hours for you to finish them all; a commendably large gaming time for a racing game.

In addition to racing tracks from past installments, there are a total of twelve new tracks. Some of these feature magnetic strips that will lead you to do such things as loop around, drive along inverted lanes, and even take you over sheer drops. This and other adjustments, such as the ability to play against seven other people locally or around the globe due to online multiplayer options, make Wipeout Pulse one of the best games the franchise has seen.

51uKlyF0KaL. SL160  PSP Games: The Best

Next up we have Secret Agent Clank, a spinoff of the main Ratchet & Clank series. The story begins to unfold as Clank witnesses his partner Ratchet stealing a magnificently gargantuan gem from a museum. From then on the game takes the guise of a James Bond flick, with plenty of bizarre twists and unlikely encounters, as Clank attempts to prove Ratchet's innocence and get to the bottom of what appears to be a much larger scheme.

Over the course of the game, players take on the role of three characters: Clank, Ratchet, and Captain Qwark. Clank's levels are the main attraction, as they allow you to employ stealth and martial arts to get the job done. The neat thing about Clank's stealth mechanics is they are very forgiving and mostly optional. Ratchet's are probably the least fun overall, but they shake things up with some serious shooting action.

The game could easily take you hours upon hours to complete, and due to the challenge mode which takes you through the game against harder enemies, you will want to come back to it more than once.

41nL%2BbMu5eL. SL160  PSP Games: The Best

Finally, there is Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, arguably the best PSP game that has ever been available period. It's also been called one of the best Japanese RPG's in years, and I'm quite inclined to agree.

The star in this Final Fantasy spin off is teenage spiky haired hero, Zack. A teenage, spiky haired protagonist in a Square-Enix game? Who would have thought, right? But Zack comes across as a very authentic character who experiences many believable developments and changes over the course of the story. It's what Square-Enix does best. Not only that, but they have pulled it all off while implementing an action-rpg combat system. Using this system, you can attack, block and evade enemy attacks, and use spells and abilities all by pressing buttons in real time.

The innovative DMW systems added to the combat is also a master stroke. Taking the form of a stylised slot reel, the DMW spins constantly throughout your fights, and aligns periodically to grant mini cut scenes empowering Zack or granting additional attacks. It is this addition that prevents the combat from being dull and repetitive, a mistake Square Enix seems to have corrected since Dirge of Cerberus.

But most of all, the world that Crisis Core presents is that of characters and environments that will move you, as great Square-Enix games are known to.  Crisis Core will resonate most strongly with those well versed in the earlier FF7 games, but is also a great standalone experience.

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Bestselling Wii Games to look out for

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Top Wii Games

When you are looking for a good Wii game to buy, it can be hard to distinguish between the genuinely good games and the cheap cash-ins that unfortunately plague the Wii system for the time being.

61UUwCpgc2L. SL160  Bestselling Wii Games to look out for

First up is Animal Crossing: City Folk. This is the fourth in the Animal Crossing series, and the second on home consoles.

The Animal Crossing franchise drops your cute little avatar in a small town where you work to pay off  house loans and collect items, money and accessories. While in most games time moves only while you're playing, this is not so in Animal Crossing. Due to the incorporation of the Wii's intergated calender and clock, the game world exists in real time. After a few months of not playing, you may come back and find weeds and garbage everywhere due to your lack of maintenance. In the world of Animal Crossing, events occur whether you are there to experience it or not: even holidays. This is a great and innovative feature which adds to the overall playability of the game.

City Folk adds online support so you can travel to other people's towns, as well as host auctions that your friends can participate in. Also, being the Wii version of the game, you can replace your character's face with that of your Mii. Even though Animal Crossing: City Folk recycles much material from the past games in the series, it is still a great game with lots to do and see, especially if you are new to the franchise.

51rRPLtfVuL. SL160  Bestselling Wii Games to look out for

There is a recent platformer called DeBlob that has been hailed as one of the best 3rd-party developer games on the Wii. The premise is a unique one: Chroma City has been turned into a bland, white-and-black landscape by the oppressive INKT Corporation. The fate of the city is in the hands of De Blob, a blob that can dip himself in paint and splatter color about, successfully painting one building at a time until Chroma City is completely liberated.

The story unfolds in a cute and imaginative way, seeing the player move from area to area completing missions and smashing open "paintbots" to absorb paint points. The more paint points you have in your possession, the bigger De Blob is and the harder he is for enemies to defeat. The game also features up to four-player competitive multiplayer, adding to a unique and intuitive experience.

51YqhBzMA6L. SL160  Bestselling Wii Games to look out for

Lastly, a hugely successful Wii game is Guitar Hero World Tour. World Tour is the first Guitar Hero to feature online multiplayer and downloadable content.

As with other Guitar Hero games, the objective is to play through songs and press buttons in time with the notes. The game can be quite expensive to play, requiring up to  three expensive peripherals: a plastic guitar, drum set, and a usb microphone. However, the global success of World Tour proves this is definitely worth the price.

Not only does World Tour feature what no other Wii Guitar Hero has yet in terms of online play, but it also features an exclusive mode called Mii Freestyle Jam. In this mode, players choose a Mii and rock out, jamming and switching between note levels by raising or lowering the guitar or drum peripherals. Also, drums can be played in this mode with a Wii Remote and Nunchuk.

Though some may consider Guitar Hero: World Tour something of a clone of Rock Band, World Tour has proven itself superior in terms of song setlist and features.

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Xbox 360 Games worth a look!

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The top Xbox 360 Games

Though the Wii is currently winning the console war, there are now more Xbox 360's in more homes than ever before. As the price of Microsoft's console decreases, there has never been a better time to go out and get one. If you have, consider trying out one of these bestsellers;

511hZxe3J2L. SL160  Xbox 360 Games worth a look!

First up is Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. Perhaps you don't remember the bear and rooster's first outing on the N64. Either way, Nuts & Bolts should be a refreshing and unique experience. While the original B-K had you traversing the landscape collecting treasures, Banjo and Kazooie are getting a bit old for that now. So instead, they gather what are called Jiggies, in order to build vehicles in which to quickly navigate the game's large world. The pieces that Banjo would usually be spending all his time searching for are scattered all over the world, but the collection of these pieces is merely optional, and takes a back-seat to vehicle-based missions.

The vehicle creation is easy yet in-depth. The player can build all kinds of land and air contraptions with anything possible from a tank to an airplane. It's even been showcased that you can make a legged robot with springs for feet. The possibilities are endless and all up to you.

51qRZ1TmsxL. SL160  Xbox 360 Games worth a look!

Next up, believe the hype, it's Fable II. The Fable franchise could be described as a more easily accessible version of Elder Scrolls, and features a surprisingly story-oriented main quest, utilizing massive freedom to explore all on your own.

Part of Fable II's runaway appeal, and a testament to the game's long development time is the pet system. Interestingly, your dog will not do whatever you tell it to, and especially not right away or all the time, reflecting the real life unpredictability of animals. You can prompt it to attack, or distract, or point out where something is, but often the dog just hangs out and follows you around.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the pet system is how it incorporates into your morality system. In Fable II, if you make good decisions you become holy, and after a time your appearance could even begin to resemble that of an angel. If you make evil decisions, after a time your character will start to turn dark and demon-like, sometimes developing horn growth. These changes not only effect you, but your pet also. If you are evil, your dog is evil, and vice versa, and your appearances evolve together.

What it comes down to is that Fable II is a fantasy sandbox-style game with plenty of areas to explore and things to do as you interact with the people and monsters of the game's world.

514Ec9fS6GL. SL160  Xbox 360 Games worth a look!

And then, finally, there is Gears of War 2. The GoW franchise is something of a competitor with the PS3's Resistance series by Insomniac. While the first Resistance was hailed for it's solid first-person shooting action, Gears of War has quickly become considered near classic due to it's over-the-top battles and cover system. GoW 2 not only perfects the cover system and allows you to cling more closely and accurately to the environment than before, but improves on the action in almost every conceivable way.

The weapons are more balanced this time around, and have seen some new additions: the flamethrower, the mulcher (a high-power chaingun) and the mortar. Grenades can also now be used as proximity mines and gas grenades.

In Gears of War 2, close-combat is the most intense of all. When you knock an enemy over, you can beat and stomp, snap his neck, or lift him up and use him as a human shield. When two enemies collide with a chainsaw, both must repeatedly press the B button until the other is defeated.

It may sound like a very gruesome game, and it is, but GoW 2 features an optional content filter that will cut out swearing and gore, making the franchise more accessible than ever before.

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Dragon Age: Origins, countdown to a classic?

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Why You Should Be Excited About Dragon Age: Origins?

After years of making great and epic RPG's that expand upon the licensed franchises of Dungeons & Dragons and Star Wars, BioWare has finally decided to build a game set in a world of their own design. Welcome to Dragon Age: Origins, the game BioWare co-founder Greg Zeschuk describes as a spiritual successor to the Baldur's Gate series.

Dragon Age is set to be an action RPG based on a dark fantasy setting, with players able to form their own character and origin, reminiscent in many ways to Mass Effect. The game will also feature both a singleplayer and multiplayer campaign, each of which presents the story in a different manner from each other.

The game will combine the multiplayer mechanics long reminiscent of the Baldur's Gate franchise with the dramatic perspective seen in Knights Of The Old Republic and Mass Effect. BioWare has addressed this by utilizing two different 3D perspectives. The first is the third-person view of Knights Of The Old Republic, utilised during exploration and interaction with other characters. The second is for during combat, when the camera moves up into an isometric view of the player below, allowing for a more strategic yet fast-paced approach to combat. It's also possible to zoom back into a third-person perspective during combat, taking command of any of your party members.

513fQse0ebL. SL500  Dragon Age: Origins, countdown to a classic?

As in most of BioWare's games, conversational options and moral decisions are a huge part of the storytelling. Each time around events are shaped by your decisions and game choices. BioWare are working hard to make the game completely reactive to the player.

BioWare has deemed Dragon Age "the next fantasy RPG revolution." Their writers have pieced together over five thousand years of history for the world of Dragon Age, concerning it's feudal factions and political conspiracies, as well as the varying states of it's races over the years. Dragon Age is set to take the RPG to new heights, but we'll find out come winter 2009.

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Playstation 3 Current Bestsellers

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Playstation 3 current bestselling games

The dust has settled after the great Christmas rush, and most of us have been locked away playing with the various games and consoles we were lucky enough to acquire throughout the holidays. There were many greats to choose from, some of which are listed here. So if any of these remarkable games slipped through your net this Christmas, consider picking them up with haste!

61nPZmlHfKL. SL160  Playstation 3 Current Bestsellers

First of all, there is the global phenomenom known as LittleBigPlanet. LittleBigPlanet's gameplay is comprised of many different types of side-scrolling levels that can be played both alone and via multiplayer mode. The story mode may seem short for a platformer, but it's purpose is merely to introduce you to LittleBigPlanet, a place constructed completely from our imagination. Each piece and part is like a section of a patchwork quilt, and can be modified in any way you please as you customize your own levels; creating your very own weapons, enemies, items and gameplay mechanics. Whatever you want to do, it's up to you.

This is why it is such an amazing game; you are only limited by your imagination. Created levels can be shared online; so as long as there are people willing to build, there is always a reason to come back and play.

51MSmBDYP1L. SL160  Playstation 3 Current Bestsellers

Next up we have Fallout 3. Much of Fallout 3's wide acclaim has been due to a sense of extraordinary openness and freedom. There are an amazing number of ways to approach and resolve any given situation. The story takes place after a nuclear disaster as you find yourself to be one of the few survivors. When your father disappears you set off after him, becoming trapped in a series of events and dilemmas, political intrigue and merciless violence.

Fallout 3 is a first-person RPG, featuring an intriguing combat system and almost complete exploratory freedom. In addition, there is a kind of ethics system; the decisions you make will have varying effects on your reputation in different political circles. Where you may have done something decidedly bad in the past, certain people will be impressed by the reputation this brings, while others are not. Your decisions greatly affect the flow of the story, right up to the end of the game, where the ending itself is decided by your actions. In a game like Fallout 3, much replay value and variety awaits.

51ducPGtaPL. SL160  Playstation 3 Current Bestsellers

Then, finally, there is Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. If there is any reason to get a PS3 at all, it is Metal Gear Solid 4. The game has been awarded a perfect 10/10 by many gaming review sites, and has even been called by some a hallmark in gaming history. It is now commonly considered to be the best stealth-action game available.

MGS4 is the fourth and last installment in the Solid series. While MGS2 introduced first-person shooting options to the stealth-action gameplay, and MGS3 third-person gameplay, 4 combines both. Over the course of the game, weapons and items can be obtained and customized according to your tactics. MGS4 opens up new possibilities; your weapons and equipment can be either stealth-oriented, combat oriented, or both. But it's the gorgeously told story here that seals the deal. The MGS series has always been known for its cinematic presentation, but Guns of the Patriots takes the cake. All the narrative subtleties and character building engineered throughout four games come to head in this title, bringing about a truly epic storyline that will resonate throughout the industry. It's what makes a game so worth experiencing.

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Getting the Most Out Of Your Xbox 360

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has now become one of the cheapest consoles available, providing players with arguably the most powerful next generation machine for a comparatively small price. However, there are a few other potential investments to consider once you have the console itself.

If you want to get the most out the console in terms of online gaming and interaction, you should subscribe to Xbox Live's Gold Membership. It's a lot less expensive than it used to be, and the only way to experience the Xbox online. The console generally comes with a free subscription for the Silver Membership, but this offer usually only allows you to buy downloadable content.

The Xbox also pips the competition by securing a wealth of great exclusive game franchises and downloadable content, which are unavailable to other consoles. Some of these games include Banjo-Kazooie, Halo, Ninja Gaiden 2 and Gears of War, and additional levels for games such as Tomb Raider Underworld.


You should also check out the Xbox Live Arcade for downloading some amazing classic games, as well as some great ports. Games such as Duke Nukem 3D, Geometry Wars, Castle Crashers, and especially Braid, are examples of good quality for cheap prices. In order to buy an Xbox Live Arcade game, however, you need points which can be traded for cash.

Next up there’s Netflix. If you hadn't heard already, Netflix movies can now be streamed online and watched on your Xbox 360. For a monthly subscription you can get hours of online streaming and DVD rentals.

Perhaps most importantly, you should consider getting an HDTV. As with the Playstation 3, only through an HDTV can the Xbox's full potential be unleashed. Without one, you only experience a shadow of what the next generation console is capable of. With an HDTV, visuals are sharp and crystal clear with higher, better resolution. The difference is amazing, and should not be missed. The prospect of getting an HDTV may seem like an expensive one, but HDTV's are now less expensive than ever before. There are also some Xbox 360 bundles that come with a good HDTV.

By utilizing the many features and functions available to the Xbox 360 after purchase, you can turn an already impressive console into an amazing all round experience.

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