Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

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After the massive success of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Game of the Year from Infinity Ward, it is still collecting rewards two years after it's release, there would be no doubt that a sequel would be on its way. With Activision's policy of releasing a game from the Call of Duty franchise, with Infinity Ward and Treyarch releasing their variant alternately, this year is Infinity Ward's tough task of matching and bettering the standards set by the brilliant Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

51%2BFHhHLogL. SL160  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

So far news of the second installment has been hard to come by, until Infinity Ward sent out a cryptic message on Twitter. Then at the Games Developers Conference (GDC), Infinity Ward and Activision revealed a teaser trailer for the masses.

The trailer oozes subtle clues, but doesn't really say anything about what the game will be like and what improvements Infinity Ward have made. All those will have to wait until the release, which has been stated as November 10th.

On an interesting note, nowhere in the trailer does it say Call of Duty, only Modern Warfare 2. Are they dropping the Call of Duty tag from their games? Is it just for marketing purposes? Who knows, but recently the Call of Duty series has dropped the numbering system with Call of Duty: World at War, which people thought was Call of Duty 5. Whatever Activision and Infinity Ward are doing with the Call of Duty franchise, Modern Warfare 2 is definitely going to be anticipated. you can watch the trailer below.

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PS3 For The Kiddies!

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As successful as the Playstation 3 has been, it is known to be probably the least family orientated next gen console available right now. The calibre of games released onto the system usually cater for the older gaming demographic, and so Sony lose out to obvious favourites Wii, and also the Xbox 360 to a degree, when it comes to appealing to a younger, more family-friendly dynamic. On that note, since you're probably struggling to find something suitable, we've compiled the three best kiddy friendly games the Playstation 3 has to offer.

First up we have Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga. As the name suggests, this game brings together all previous installments of the highly popular Lego Star Wars franchise into one great bundle, adding the next gen sheen and throwing in a new setof features and extras to round off the package. Add to this the inclusion of online play support, and you have a neat little game that is fun for the whole family, and suprisingly addictive!

61C1dtlQC L. SL160  PS3 For The Kiddies!

Next is Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction. The Ratchet and Clank series have always hovered on the boundary between kids games and more suitable for older players, but T of D has been officially licensed for players under 10, so all is good. Certain elements of the gameplay have been reworked, allowing for a much simpler and straightforward style, whilst maintaining the overwhelming fun we've come to expect from the series. Mixing shooter elements with hints of RPG, the weapons utilized through the game can be levelled up and augmented, allowing more powerful incarnations to be unlocked, something that'll keep the young ones hooked for hours!

51cUSxjNbNL. SL160  PS3 For The Kiddies!

Saving the best for last, we have LittleBigPlanet. aside from the highly entertaining single player campaign, LBP has the highly intuitive and unbelievably fun level editing function, allowing players to create their own environments and load them online to be enjoyed by the community. This may sound complicated, but it's actually very easy and extremely fun. LittleBigPlanet truly is a timeless game, as the possibilities on it are only limited by the minds of the players themselves. There's always something new to try and do, and although the game obviously appeals to players of all ages, it is especially well loved by children and their over-active imaginations!

61nPZmlHfKL. SL160  PS3 For The Kiddies!

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Fallout 3: Success of a Hybrid

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Looking back to the end of 2008, one game truly dominated the next gen systems: Fallout 3 Unleashed to massive critical acclaim, the title is the third in a long running series set in a post-apocalyptic world in which you must fight for your very survival. On the face of it, Fallout appears to be just another FPS, albeit a very graphically capable one, so why then would this title have caused such a frenzy amongst gamers?

513v3n6t CL. SL160  Fallout 3: Success of a Hybrid

Fallout 3 is actually a lot more in-depth and intelligent than your average FPS, mainly owing to the fact that it blends another well loved genre, the RPG, into its foundations to make a new hybrid game. These two factors actually compliment each other suprisingly well, allowing fans of both genres to explore new gaming territory whilst maintaining the fundamentals of what make each so popular. If you're a fan of gritty, graphically violent shoot-outs then Fallout 3 offers two possible junctions. First is the traditional melee style wherein you're free to blast away at your opponents as you see fit. Alternatively there's the revolutionary V.A.T.S system, which operates something akin to the turn-based sstems you'd normally see in an RPG. This allows for a greater degree of accuracy as you zoom in on an opponent and opens you up to graphic head, body or limb shots, allowing you to literally blast your enemy apart.

The major RPG element is promoted through a virtually open ended world, allowing players to come and go as they see fit, fulfilling side quests at their leisure. An experience and level up system is also integrated, obviosuly augmented through whatever extra missions you undertake. Your style of play also affects your 'karma' level, in a system siumular to Fable. Your deeds throughout the game will take a toll on your overall story, as you become increasingly famous (or infamous) and gain allies and enemies depending on your standpoint. This accumulates to provide alternative endings and thus major replay value.

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Chop Til You Drop!

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The original Dead Rising was initially released the decent critical acclaim on the Xbox 360, intended as a system exclusive. The game revolved around a worldwide zombie pandemic, during which your character, Frank West, finds himself trapped inside a shopping mall infested with zombies. Frank must basically survive the game whilst using pretty much anything he can get his hands on to assist his fight. Ahead of a preposed sequel in the near future, Dead Rising is being ported to the Nintendo Wii and named Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop.

Playing pretty much like a game version of the Dawn of the Dead movie (although developers were keen to stress that it is in no way affiliated with the franchise), Dead Rising featured an enjoyably simple premise, which required nothing more than your survival for three days (the eqivalent of 6 hours gameplay). However, there were plenty of side quests and optional missions to undertake which accumulated to give the player one of many possible endings.

Many adjustments have been made to the Wii port, including toning down what was stated to be an overly difficult level of gameplay, and of course the use of motion control. While the use of surrounding objects as weapons is accomplished with the A button, guns are aimed with the remote, and waggling the remote activates the special abilities of some weapons, such as the crazy flailing of a saw or a well aimed swipe with a bat.

Where the game gained much of its praise is in the sheer amount of makeshift weapons available for use. Pretty much anything you could find in a shopping mall is available for use, each to varying success. Just a few of the weapons available include chainsaws, baseball bats, plant pots, benches and tins of soup. Plus you can use of plenty other everyday objects to tilt the scales in your favor: such as breaking open a container of olive oil on the floor in front of your flesh-eating pursuers. Suffice to say these varying methods of dispatch make for many humourous and entertaining scenes!

It's refreshing to see the Wii making the effort to shake free of the kiddy friendly image it has, and if ever a game could help in that mission, it's this one. Rarely has a game been so single minded in its purpose of creating no brainer fun for a few hours, and for those who sat and watched Dawn of the Dead thinking 'that looks like so much fun', well, this is your chance to live it out! Dead Rising: Chop til you Drop certainly isn't a deep game, but it's definitely an entertaining one!

51KQxHqXleL. SL160  Chop Til You Drop!

51JYAXuXAeL. SL160  Chop Til You Drop!

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Fire Emblem Returns to DS

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Fire Emblem is an RPG franchise that has truly spanned the years. Originally released exclusively in Japan for the Famicom way back in 1990, the Fire Emblem series has since grown to global recognition, spanning a series of systems and gaming generations. The latest installment has just been released for the Nintendo DS, and harks back all those years as it is actually an update of the original Fire Emblem, available to us westerners for the first time ever!

The port of Fire Emblem, now named Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon is almost completely faithful to the original, although there have been obvious graphical enhancements to enjoy. However, the gameplay and storyline remain pretty much the same. Over the course of the game the main character, Marth, prince of the kingdom of Altea, attempts carry out his mission: to right the wrongs that were done to him and his kingdom. From hereon in we enter a world of political intrigue and power as the Fire Emblem games are famed for their in-depth and involving storytelling.

51uE56dJXsL. SL160  Fire Emblem Returns to DS

The gaming style is an interesting hybrid of traditional RPG and strategy based games, as you control your band from a top-down perspective and send them off as you would in a strategy, whilst retaining a turn based stance and including the usual aspects of an RPG. Troops can only travel so far every turn, so there is definitely some timing involved, though that is not the only consideration that should be made. Different varieties of fighters should work together, depending on the enemy you are going up against.

An interesting and involving aspect of Fire Emblem's gameplay is that your characters are well and truly mortal. There's no resurrecting a fallen comrade in this game- if they die, they stay dead! This forces the player to invest heightened strategy and really think about the choices made in battle, as it is possible to lose a character you have built and leveled up throughout the entire game, including main characters.

Another improvement made possible through the DS is the use of the dual screens to split information. The lower screen deals with the real time action, whilst the upper screen lists and details equipment and weapons, making for a much more streamlined appearance and ease of use. The chance to quickly and efficiently access the inventory is welcomed when considering the heightened stakes of battle within Fire Emblem.

Fire Emblem has always been a popular gaming franchise, and the chance to experience the original is not to be missed. With sumptuous graphical and gameplay enhancements it is possible to enjoy this game perhaps the way it was always intended, and we hope that this paves the way for further remakes of the popular Fire Emblem series.

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During the 90’s there was only two things on people’s minds Sonic or Mario?, or in other terms Megadrive (Genesis) or SNES?
Sonic and Mario were the stalwarts of the 1990’s gaming decade and defined the system they graced upon. Sonic the Hedgehog was the pin-up of Sega’s Megadrive (or Genesis) and Mario of course is the face of Nintendo and in the 90’s graced the Super Nintendo Entertainment System or the SNES.
Mario had been around the gaming world for a few years now, debuting in the Donkey Kong series and then having his own game series on the NES. During that period, there was no-one to rival the Italian plumber and his adventures to save Princess Peaches from Bowser.
That was until Sonic burst on to the scene in 1991, in Sonic the Hedgehog, (or Sonic 1 nowadays) for the Megadrive, which had been release just a few years earlier. It was an instant hit, gamers loved flying through the Sonic universe at blistering speeds collecting rings. It had everything from alternate paths, to Special Stages, to hard to get to areas with loads of rings, and cool boss fights.
The main aim of the Game was to stop Dr Robotnik from collecting seven of the Chaos Emeralds. You played through six zones, each with three stages, until you confront Dr Robotnik one last time in the game in the Final Zone.
To collect the Chaos Emeralds you had to collect at least 50 rings, which would unveil a giant golden ring at the end of the stage. This could only be done on the first two stages of a zone as the third stage is where you fight off Dr Robotnik. The golden ring would then send you to the Special Stage, where you get flung round a level like a pinball, avoiding pitfalls that would fling you out of the Special Stage. The Chaos Emeralds were always guarded by crystals that took numerous hits for them to disappear. Oh and lastly, Dr Robotnik had turned all the creatures of the Zones into evil enemies that would attack you and make you lose all your precious rings. If you spun attacked them then they would turn back into their fluffy and cute original state! What game has this!!
Anyway, Sonic the Hedgehog was such a huge success Sega released a sequel the following year and introduced a new playable character, Miles “Tails” Prower. Again Dr Robotnik was after the Chaos Emeralds, but this time use them to power his Death Egg. It was up to Sonic and Tails to stop him.
Sonic 2 built on the previous game with enhanced graphics, however, the core gameplay was the same. The only thing they tweaked was the ability to “charge” sonic up and then let him fly along the level in a ball of blue hedgehog. This new mechanism was a brilliant addition by Sega. Another new addition was Super Sonic. If you had collected all seven of the Chaos Emeralds in the Special Stages, Sonic could unleash his Super Form. to do this Sonic must have 50 rings and then jump into the air. When in Super Sonic mode, Sonic glows yellow and is virtually invincible.
Again, Sonic 2 changed things, this time with the Special Stages. Instead of pinballing around a level, Sonic and Tails ran along a course collecting rings and the elusive Chaos Emerald. Sonic 2 was yet another hit for Sega and continued Sonics' rapid rise in video game fame.
Soon after Sonic 2 was released, the inevitable Sonic 3 was rumoured, and to everybody's relief Sonic 3 was released to the masses. It again built on its predecessor, and improved on the graphics front (as much as you can with sprite graphics). It still included the Chaos Emeralds, Super Sonic and Dr Robotnik. However, there was a new Enemy, Knuckles. Knuckles tried to stop Sonic at every turn. The dastardly Dr Robotnik had tricked Knuckles the Echidna into thinking Sonic was a threat to his home.
Knuckles was an instant hit with the Sonic fans, and due to that Sega decided he warranted a game where he was a playable character, thus Sonic and Knuckles was born. Sonic and Knuckles worked as a stand alone game, but had the added functionality of a system called Lock-On Technology. This allowed the previous versions of Sonic to be plugged in combine the two games together and added new elements to the game, except for Sonic 1, which when plugged into the Knuckles and pressing the A, B and C buttons together, a minigame based upon the Chaos Emerald bonus levels is unlocked called Blue Sphere.
Sonic and Knuckles was the last Sonic game to be released on the Megadrive, and ultimately was the last decent Sonic game to date. Since his change from 2D to 3D Sonic entered a downward spiral of poor games, with equally poor gameplay that did not live upto the speed and skill needed for the original trilogy and Sonic and Knuckles. After the failure of Sega's Saturn and Dreamcast consoles, Sega dropped out of the console market and focused on creating and publishing games, and since 2000, Sega have published a Sonic game every single year, to which none of them were any good. Even the games Sega claimed would capture the essence of Sonic, which the fans craved for and was sadly missing, flopped with disgrace. For someone who grew up loving Sonic, this is a sad turn for the blue hedgehog. Personally, I would be happy if I never saw another Sonic game again, just so we are not disappointed again. However, this will not happen as today's kids still love Sonic, and rightly they should, the idea of a super fast blue hedgehog who has superpowers is just brilliant. But Sega has ultimately set their sights on this demographic, as their previous efforts failed to rekindle the older gamers love of Sonic.
So where does Mario fit into all of this? Well he still lives on strong and just keeps getting better and better. Since his debut in 3D on the N64, Mario has embraced the 3D world with relish. Mario absolutely loves it, and 3D loves Mario. The slower pace and platforming suit Mario perfectly, and has resulted in some f his best games - Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy. So does this mean Mario has won the battle that has been going on between gamers for nearly twenty years? Maybe, but as long as there are still Sega Megadrives out there (and the emulators) we will always have Sonic at his best!

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Demigod is a real-time, tactical strategy game merged with extensive role-playing elements. Developed by Gas-Powered Games, it closely resembles the Defence of the Ancients mod for WarCraft III.

This isn’t the first time developers Gas Powered games have taken influence from Blizzard, WarCraft III developers. Dungeon Siege is heavily influenced by Diablo. But who better to take influences from? Blizzard have never to date released a bad game, and continue to push the boundaries with their games.

However, back to Demigod. Demigod sees you taking control of one of several Demigods, each with their own unique abilities. By killing enemies your Demigod gains experience, which can go towards gaining new abilities. Abilities are unlocked via a skill trees, which have a vast number of abilities to choose from and each Demigod has its own unique skill tree. The key is to find a character and skill tree to match your style of play.

Instead of roaming vast worlds and ridding the worlds of evil, Demigod throws you into a battle against an equally matched foe on symmetrical maps, called “Arenas”. The aim of each Arena is to push back your enemy whilst taking control of strategic objectives that can help you change the course of battle.

513 koYX9XL. SL160  Demigod

The battles in the Arenas do not just centre around your Demigod. Your demigod commands minions, I say command, you do not actually control these minions the computer does for you. The minions will follow your Demigod around the Arena and will attack your enemy automatically. This may be a concern for many  players, as you do not want computer AI to send your army of minions to the other side of the map where you are not engaged in a bloody battle. However, the programming of the minion AI is very good, and response from the beta testing says problems occur infrequently.

demigod thumb Demigod

The world of Demigod has been crafted beautifully, and Gas Powered Games has managed to create a vibrant and rich world. The Demigods themselves look awe inspiring. The Rook is a classic tank Demigod, ready to charge in and demolish its foes up close and personal, and it has been designed to look so. The Rook looks like a gigantic stone golem that has catapults built into its shoulders.

In contrast, the Unclean Beast, is a Demigod that likes to poison its foes and suck the life out of the living. The Unclean Beast is modelled to look like a cross between a bear, a wolf, a panther and a corpse. This is where Demigod excels at, creating characters that are interesting to all types of players, so you instantly bond to one Demigod that will suit your preferred style of play.

Gas Powered Games, has managed to create a game that takes one of the most well played mods ever, Defence of the Ancients, and turn it into a promising and hugely polished game. If you missed out the chance to play Defence of the Ancients, then I would definitely check of Demigod.

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Let Battle Commence!

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Today, Blizzard have unveiled the brand new, Blizzards very own online gaming service. If you are a Blizzard junkie, these improvements will make your life much more easier.

Online gaming, forums, World of Warcraft accounts, the Blizzard Store, everything, is linked to just one username and password. This is not all, Blizzard promise to add a lot more features, such as, tools to make it easier for friends to communicate between games.

Blizzard's upcoming titles, StarCraft II and Diablo III, will need accounts. As for the many World of Warcraft players out there, it is possible to create a account and merge your WoW account with it. However, this add functionality will require all WoW account holders to migrate to the system.

For people still playing the likes of Diablo II, StarCraft and Warcraft III, you will need to keep your old login details to play these online. Or you can skip the new and keep the older service, which will be renamed Classic.

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Metallica Rock!

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Guitar Hero has always been at the forefront of music gaming. The franchise paved the way for interactive music gaming, and though its success has been emulated by peer games such as Rock Band, the various installments of Guitar Hero have always been the fan favourite, first to hit the takings records. A full blown sequel is planned, Guitar Hero 5, but that installment is yet to receive an official release date. In the meantime, Neversoft have developed Guitar Hero Metallica, a tribute to the band containing many of their greatest songs, as well as those of the bands that influenced Metallica or were similar to them in that era.

Aswell as this specialised concentration on Metallica, the game is set to pioneer a number of new features for the franchise. Probably the first exclusive feature of note is a new drums difficulty mode, called Expert+. One thing that has set Metallica apart from some bands is it's frequent bass pedal use. Expert+ allows you to plug in an extra kick pedal for advanced difficulty. This may not sound like such a big addition at first, but consider that this difficulty option will up the amount of notes that will appear onscreen to a total of seven. If you choose to do it, you should find yourself constantly moving your feet from one pedal to the other during some songs, while at the same time pulling off beats on the other note pads. It takes a lot of coordination and skill, and only those that have mastered the original Expert difficulty setting will likely feel confident enough to give it a shot.

61jxO5MAW8L. SL160  Metallica Rock!

As befits a game dedicated to a single band, Guitar Hero: Metallica features a number of band sepecific additional content, ranging from unlockable videos and live footage, to pop up facts and trvia that give you interesting information concerning the songs and how they were written, influences behind them etc. perfect for the Metallica fans this game is aimed at.

Another great feature included in Guitar Hero: World Tour was the Music Studio, in which players could create their own songs. This highly addictive function helps extend the replay value of the Guitar Hero games and the good news is that the feature returns in Metallica, bringing with it a host of new tones and options, each linked with the style of Metallica is mind.

Another Guitar Hero concentrating exclusively on a single band was another gamble from Neversoft, especially considering the negative feedback they got for Guitar Hero: Aeromsith, which claimed the game to be too concentrated on one style and thus lost any great replayability. Metallica runs the same risk, but the inclusion of notable extras should see the game through, and obviously for fans of Metallica buying this game is a definite no brainer!

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The Gloves Are On!

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How many of you remember the boxing title Ready 2 Rumble? perhaps not many, but it was in fact one of the best dreamcast launch titles back in 1999. Shortly afterwards the game was released on the PS2 and N64 to decent critical acclaim. Now the game is set for another reinvention as the Nintendo Wii plans to release Ready 2 Rumble: Revolutuion.

Ready 2 Rumble was such a popular game due to its emphasis on precision and timing, emulating the actual sport of boxing by favouring skill over brute punches like earlier games. Shoulder buttons were specifically given over to ducking and weaving, creating a skilled and precise gameplay element. Successful consecutive blows would charge up your rumble meter, which wehn fully powered could be used to launch a devastating knockout punch.

Where the Wii version really intends to progress is in the use of the motion controls. Atari's game still places heightened emphasis on skill, and so linking this factor with the ability to use the nunchuk and controller should give rise to a pretty intense and challenging game. A few fun extras have been added, such as the chance to create your own personal boxer, with new features and parts being unlocked as the game progresses. Also returning are the training and exercise mini games used to enhance your boxer between fights.

All this leads us to be quietly excited about this new Wii title. The original Ready 2 rumble games were unheralded yet impressively technical games, and the sheen that Nintendo Wii will add to proceedings should no doubt create a perfect boxing package, something that's been missing from the gaming scene for quite some time now.

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