2009: Year of the PS3?

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Sony promise 2009 to be a great year for the PS3, with a slew of great titles announced and released over the next few months, including, shock horror, some exclusives!
Here we take a look at three of the most promising titles due for release;

#3: Infamous

51R3XwGV4LL. SL160  2009: Year of the PS3?

The latest game from developer Sucker Punch, makers of the highly successful Sly Cooper series, is Infamous; an open-world action platformer about the power of electrical currents. In it the main character's body is enveloped in a sort of strange electricity, and he gains the ability to shoot and lob bolts of lightning from his fingertips. Some of the gameplay mechanics have been recycled from Sucker Punch's earlier platformers, like Sly Cooper, but they compliment the game well, and many people are excited to see the grittier and more intense side of their games. Look out for this title sometime in the Summer!

#2: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

41tshjQFyEL. SL75  2009: Year of the PS3?

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune was something of a dark horse release for the PS3, but for those who saw through its flaws, it became something of a cult hit. This sequel looks to open the adventures of Nathan Drake up to the wider audience, mainly through bringing back everything that made the original such a hit, whilst polishing the flaws and making the parts that were criticised into working functions. Check out our Uncharted 2 feature for more information on this title!

#1: God of War III

412A%2BurwsVL. SL160  2009: Year of the PS3?

Arguably one of the most popular and successful gaming franchises of recent years, God of War one and two were hailed as gaming masterpieces, fulfilling everything a player could ask for by way of gaming and storyline. God of War 3 is the first to be released on a next gen platform and excitement is reaching fever pitch. Not a lot of information has been given thus far, but we're to expect a much darker tone to earlier incarnations, and you can be sure the destructive combat elements will be taken even further into this title. God of War 3 hasn't been given an official release date yet, but we're optimistic (and hopeful!) that we'll see it this year.

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There’s Hope for the PSP Yet!

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Sony's PSP had a pretty dismal year in 2008, with a slew of take-it-or-leave-it games which nonplussed the consumers and critics alike. The year was only barely saved by Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, which almost single handedly made up for the poor selection of games throughout the rest of the year. The problem was so obvious that even Sony itself admitted to it, and have resolved to correct the problem throughout 2009. There are definately a few exciting and promising titles to watch out for, and here we list the top three;

#3: Resistance: Retribution

51lm2270CPL. SL75  Theres Hope for the PSP Yet!

Resistance was a massive hit on the PS3, and excitement has been rising ahead of the PSP counterpart, Resistance: Retribution. Taking the action onto the handheld arena, the gameplay moves from first person to third person, probably a good thing as thus far the PSP has struggled with crafting a decent FPS.  The game includes multiplayer functions for upto eight gamers, and utilizes a new function known as PSP Plus, allowing a connection of the PSP to your TV screen and use of a PS3 joypad to play through the game- a welcome nugget of news for those regarding the PSP as inferior medium for shooters. Add to this the popular gameplay and storyline of the franchise and Retribution could be just the thing fans of shooters could be looking for.

#2: Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

Since its announcement, Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep has garnered a great deal of excitement. Part of the massively popular franchise which combines the Final Fantasy-esque Square Enix characters with the Disney heroes and villains, this game is the first to  come to the PSP. Offering a new trio of heroes, Birth By Sleep is actually a prequel set about a decade before the first Kingdom Hearts. Gameplay looks set to follow the same pattern as earlier titles, with the story shifting and interchanging between the three protaganists. If you're a fan of the series, this looks set to be an essential purchase, and you just know Square Enix will be pouring class and style into it.

#1: Dissidia: Final Fantasy

41b0AchoHjL. SL75  Theres Hope for the PSP Yet!

Another Square Enix title, Dissidia Final Fantasy is THE game everybody's talking about for the PSP right now. Looking like a Final Fantasy version of the Super Smash Bros, Dissidia mixes Beat 'Em Up with platforming, giving rise to a unique gameplay style which sees your combatants battling across various landscapes and platforms in gravity-defying mayhem. Add to this elements of strategy and RPG (characters can level up, unlocking new skills and items) and Dissidia seems like the perfect package. Taking the main    hero and villain from each Final Fantasy game so far, this really is a fans dream come true, as you can finally pit Cloud versus Squall to see who really is the best! Hopefully we'll be seeing Final Fantasy: Dissidia in the Autumn, and it really can't arrive quick enough.

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Eat Lead!!

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Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazzard may just be the FPS with a difference you've been looking for. In development for the Next Gen consoles and PC, Eat Lead promises to provide both a great and enjoyable FPS, whilst also parodying the franchise and all the conventions of the genre. Now, FPS parody has been done before, in the shape of highly successful cult title Timesplitters. If eat lead can emulate the success of those titles, we could be in for a treat.

61bwbxxXKAL. SL500  Eat Lead!!

Earlier games in the Matt hazard series, including A Fistful of Hazard and The Adventures of Matt in Hazardland, act as a playable parody, with various well known and loved games and franchises referred to and lampooned. Many of these games are classics and/or titles that the developers grew up with, and so the Matt Hazard series will probably appeal more to the older, more well-versed gamers out there.

Our hero, Matt Hazard, is fully aware that he is a character in a videogame. In fact, he is a character who is testing the game he is being developed in. Since the game is being developed as Matt tests it, the environment will sometimes change dramatically. For example, in what part of the game a horde of zombies Matt is fighting all of a sudden zaps into a group of cowboys. When these sporadic enemies are finally defeated they fall apart into pixels that can be used to buy items and upgrades.

Whilst being clever and self-referential, parody games must still play well. Clever gimmicks and parodies do not excuse the developers from creating a game that is still actually fun to play and works well within the genre. Thankfully, the Matt hazard games have always played extremely well with diverse innovations and immersive gameplay. Eat Lead looks to continue this trend, with a detailed cover system which allows Matt to utilize almost any object for protection, and a gratifying close-combat system.

Fans of the earlier games in the Hazard series know what to expect from this title, and so you'll know whether to go for it or not. To the newcomers I say this; give it a try- it's fun, plays extremely well and is a welcome diversion from all the self-important FPS titles flooding the market right now.

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Pikmin Returns!

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Almost a decade ago, the Nintendo Gamecube played host to a charming little game called New Play Control! Pikmin. Following the misadventures of astronaught Olimar, our hero crash lands on a planet with only a month's life support to keep him going. However, all is not lost as Olimar meets the Pikmin; small, sprout-like, not-so-intelligent creatures which take a shine to Olimar and resolve to help him in any way they can.

51BUG6%2Bzv%2BL. SL160  Pikmin Returns!

Nintendo Wii are due to port this classic game over to their console, renamed New Play Control:Pikmin, in a bid to bring the Pikmin franchise back into public popularity ahead of any sequel plans. This port is likely to appeal to both fans of the classic, revisiting an old favourite in a new context, and also to the new generation of Wii users who may have missed the game the first time around. The title certainly adheres to the cutesy image of the Nintendo Wii and so would probably be highly popular.

A distinct difference in the Wii version is the time limit set for the game. The original was played in a sort of real time basis; the aforementioned 30 days is all you have to complete your task of collecting the scattered wreckage of your ship. The player really had to make their time count as once a day was over, it was over; no turning back. In the Wii port, an in-game calendar can be accessed at any point to rewind time should you so wish. This addition does make the game more accessible to younger players and those who like to take their time, but also detracts from the urgency of the original, a feature that made the gameplay enjoyably tense and kept the player on edge.

New Play Control: Pikmin is released this month, and we urge all Wii players to check it out. The minor alterations made to the new game fit in with the new market, and the title retains all the cute charm and addictive fun that made the original so popular all those years ago.

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Addicted to Games?

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Addicts exist in all forms of society, be it alcohol, gambling or video games. Video game addiction is the latest to pop up in the media as being a great concern for today's youth. According to some studies, nearly 10% of American youth (ages 8-18) are clinically addicted to playing video games.

Should you, parents and authorities be concerned?

According to one study, approximately 23% of youth felt they personally were addicted to video games, while 44% claiming their friends are addicted. Assuming that addiction is generally a negative phenomenon, these youth are concerned about themselves and their peers.

Potential negative eddects of video game addiction are:

Detachment from reality

Gamers who spend many hours playing games are by definition not paying attention to what is happening in the world around them. They can become interested in the fantasy or make-believe world inside the game than in the real world.

Violent Personality

Many adults have raised concerns about the violent nature of many video games. Indeed, at least a few cases exist of teens acting out the actions modeled in games, although hard data is hard to com by.

Games such as Grand Theft Auto include theft and sexual crimes. Parents obviously are concerned about their children taking part in these activities, even if it not "real".

More common is the "war" type of game where the gamer merely shoots another combatant.

Impact on Physical Fitness

Just as having a desk job often correlates with an overweight condition, so young adults who are heavily into video gaming have a tendency to be overweight. Clearly when sitting on a couch or the floor playing a game, one cannot be burning off many calories, although the Wii Sports and Wii Fit have addressed this issue to a degree. In addition, many gamers tend to snack on junk food and sugar-laden soft drinks while playing for long periods of time, which as a regular diet can cause obesity and diabetes in the future.

Mental development and thinking habits

Gamers addicted to playing video games may also suffer in their mental development, especially if homework and reading are neglected. While some gamers have argued that many games require critical thinking to play them successfully, others point out the nature of the typical game is quite limited in scope. In other words, one is limited by the world in which the game developer wished to create. Also, video games have been accused of reducing children's attention spans, both in and out of school.

Gamers' perspective

In response to claims of video gaming addiction, gamers point out several facts. First, addiction can take many forms, and video gaming addiction is much less harmful than say, alcohol or drug addiction.  Second, many adults have addictions such as to caffeine and sugar and they seem to function reasonably well in society.

Advancing video game technology means games are becoming more realistic and immersive. This may mean an increase in video game addiction. The debate as to whether video game addiction is truly harmful will continue to be hotly debates, as gaming is becoming one of the biggest forms of media to date. The industry is on par, even in front of, the movie industry in terms of revenue.

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Video Game Violence

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Controversy has surround video games for decades. Varying opinios are held on the issue of violence in video games. Since some studies indicate that as many as fifteen percent of gamers show signs of video game addiction, the presence of violence in games is equally troubling to some.


It's a parents right to be concerned about their childrend, and many parents are concerned about the influence games have over their children. They wonder whether certain games will cause their children to exhibit aggressive behaviors which they otherwise would not.

In fact, several instances exist of children who have, in fact, planned attacks on others based on specific gameplay. At least a handful of these have actually been carried out. Parents are rightly concerned that their children are not unduly influenced to display antisocial and criminal behavior.


The opinion of gamers on this issue, as expected, is all over the map, but most serious gamers are content to let individual gamers make up their own minds. They acknowledge that a few isolated incidents exist where gamers appear to have been encouraged in taking violent actions based upon a specific game, but point out it was likely the individual would have found some other example to model, such as a movie, television show, or book.

Ministers and educators

Many influential people, such as ministers and educators, feel that the presence of violent video games is bad for society. Their existence provides a degree of legitimacy for the use of violence. Young people may get the idea that it perfectly acceptable to use violence to resolve personal conflicts rather than seek alternative methods.


Our law makers have also become involved in the controversy. Many Congressional hearings have been held to debate this issue. Laws have been passed both at the national and local level, with many cities passing laws banning specific games. These cities' laws are often later overturned.

Gaming industry

In response to initial legislation during the 1990s, the video gaming industry created the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) which rates video games (similar to ratings for films). This was essentially a self-policing action designed to prevent further intrusion by various levels of government.

Ratings include: EC (Early Childhood), E (Everyone), Everyone 10+, Teen, Mature, Adults Only, and Rating Pending.

The ratings serve to guide parents and their children about the appropriateness of specific games to the child's age and maturity level.

In addition, video games contain "content descriptors" on the back of the game to further describe the game's content.


The controversy over video game violence will certainly not be resolved anytime soon. In fact, it will probably escalate along with the advances in graphics and gameplay with the major gaming consoles. The best approach is to stay informed and to make decisions based upon what is right for you and your family.

One of the main problems regarding video games is that many people believe they are aimed at children. Whilst this is true in some cases, most games are aimed at a much more mature audience. Children, teenages and young adults are naturally drawn to video games as they provide hours of fun and an escape from the real world, much like a book, but in a more involved and usually adrenaline packed way.

The controversy over video games, will certainly not be resolved anytime soon. More accurately, it will likely escalate due to the advances in graphics and gameplay with the major gaming consoles.

The best approach is to stay informed about the games industry, especially if your children are avid gamers. Make decisions that are right for you and your family. Also, don't forget game developers do all they can legally to make sure the game does not fall into the wrong hands. Games have an adult rating for a reason and this is the biggest indication of whether the game is appropriate or not.

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Games for your 360

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Looking back, 2008 had many great Xbox 360 games, from Gears of War 2 to Banjo-Kazooie to Braid. The flood of good games continues, here are two great games that are already out for the Xbox 360 and one well worth waiting for.


51DXKoxiu%2BL. SL75  Games for your 360

Game developer, Gaijin, has been working on an anime-style action title for some time now. The game is called X Blades and stars tenacious treasure hunter Ayumi. Ayumi is an extremely powerful fighter with swords, guns, and magic all at her immediate disposal.

The story follows Ayumi as she attempts to find the ultimate artifact, whilst being under a deadly curse.

Gameplay sections are split up into what are called Dungeons. It's much like a role-playing game. As you kill enemies, you collect experience points and must decide which items, spells and/or gun and swords upgrades to spend them on. Guns, swords, and magic are all mapped to their own button, providing much potential for successful attack patterns and combinations, as each enemy has it's own weakness.

X-Blades provides fast and addictive action intertwined with an intriguing story. X-Blades is out now, so if you haven't got it grab it now!

Halo Wars

51PHbJg8WRL. SL75  Games for your 360

The Halo franchise goes from fantastic shoot 'em up to masterful strategy game. Who would of known?

Halo Wars had been in development cycle for many years, and Ensemble Studio has create a game that is breath-taking. It is real-time strategy game based on races, federations and locations from the original Halo games, yet taking place 20 years before the events in Halo: Combat Evolved occur, so no Master Chief, but all is not lost.

The game appears to be much more story-based than you might think for an RTS. A gorgeous cutscene at the beginning of the game introduces key characters from the series and sets up the story.

Halo Wars makes excellent use of the Xbox controller, especially for an RTS. It's simple and convenient to select and order various troops, and the combat is exciting. Each unit has it's own secondary attack that must recharge after being used. This adds a whole new strategical depth to the genre.

Halo Wars is extremely popular. Not only is a great game, but, well, it's Halo, the Xbox's biggest franchise. It wouldn't make sense to have an Xbox and not have Halo Wars...

Splinter Cell: Conviction

41Vd66ZJbOL. SL75  Games for your 360

After four excellent Splinter Cell games, Conviction will take things to an entirely new level of realism and immersive stealth-action gameplay.

Protagonist Sam Fisher, after the events that took place in Double Agent, is now on the run from the government. This scenario opens up an entirely new style of gameplay. As the police force searches for you, you must blend into crowds and respond properly to certain situations that presents themselves. And due to advanced physics and AI, you can manipulate your environment in ways you never before dreamed of.

An example of this is the "grabbing" system. Anything that you think you should be able to manipulate, you can do. At a demo showing of the game, Sam Fisher snuck past a couple cops in a populated area by causing a ruckus to distract them. How did he do that? He snatched a laptop at a nearby table while a man was using it. It has also been shown that if you are being chased, you can dash inside a room you can block the door with objects and barricade yourself in.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction is yet to be released, but from what has been seen it will be a game worthwhile for the wait.

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Games Wii Look Forward to

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2008 was a rather underwhelming year in terms of the Wii games that were released, things are going to get better in 2009. Or at least, it's looking that way. Here are three three games that hopes are will take true advantage of the Wii's hardware this.


51RBEy74 RL. SL75  Games Wii Look Forward to

What is it about revivals? The film industry are doing it and so is the game industry. But we can let Punch-Out off, as it is well worthy of a remake. The last time Punch-Out!! was released was in the form of Super Punch-Out on the Super Nintendo.

The games thrive off of action involving well-timely executed attacks. The older games sent you through a series of fights and boss battles, where each person had their own timing you had to figure out. An obvious upgrade in the graphics is present with a cartoony, cell-shade look that is not only sure to please fans of the franchise, but also hook outsiders who will soon want to give it a try.

The original Punch-Out remains both unique and fun to this day, so how can a remake by the best of developers go wrong?


51BUJfrLssL. SL75  Games Wii Look Forward to

MadWorld is one of the most unique games to appear on any system this generation. It is also one of the most violent, but that's a good thing. One of the most unique aspects of MadWorld is its graphics, everything is in Black and White, except for the blood and guts. Yes, it's that kind of game...

When your character can make a chainsaw come out of his arm, you know that a gore fest is what's in store. The action is very stylized and combo-oriented. Whilst battling it out with enemies in urban areas, you can deal all kinds of damage, from shoving stop signs through enemies' heads, to reaching inside someone's chest and ripping his heart out. Meanwhile, a humorous voice announces each move as you perform it, commentating as if it were some kind of football game.

Definitely not for the faint hearted, but MadWorld's presentation and gameplay has us curious...

The Conduit

51pY2hs4WXL. SL75  Games Wii Look Forward to

Not many developers' would argue that the Wii is, technologically, inferior to the PS3 and the Xbox 360. The Conduit developers, High Voltage, believe differently. they believe the Wii is the better and want to prove it with The Conduit.

The Conduit is a first-person sci-fi shooter, with gorgeous detail. High Voltage has put a lot into this game, and it's showing. The game will not only have an extended singleplayer campaign, but a 16-player multiplayer online mode.

The Conduit is certainly taking the Wii to the limit and is definitely worth checking out.

Games for your Brains!

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Educational games are rare. However, Nintendo, who are trying to capture casual gamers have released a few that meet the the definition of an eductional game. Here are a few to get you started.

Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure

51dcZYBF85L. SL75  Games for your Brains!

Zack & Wiki Quest for Barbaros' Treasure is one such game. Zack is a boy with a dream of becoming the greatest pirate in the world. To reach his goal, he must solve 24 puzzles. In each one, Zack must manipulate the environment in some way to finish that portion of his Quest. He is helped by his sidekick Wiki.

Whilst not being a eductional game at first sight, Zack and Wiki employ problem-solving skills in order to meet their objective. An important skill.

Arcamedic Builders

The developer Arcamedic Builders sells many Wii games which focus on math and word skills. In Grand Prix Multiplication, the performance of the player's cars depends on answering math problems correctly. With Word Frog, the player must choose antonyms, synonyms, or homonyms for specific words

Arcamedic Builders games are online games that are optimized for play on the Wii. Over one dozen games are available.

Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree

51OJB2mzbOL. SL75  Games for your Brains!

The Brain games from Nintendo have had huge success, especially on the DS. This game is based on a Nintendo DS game. The game begins with a test, in which you are rated in 5 categories. These scores are used as a baseline for future tests. One can compete with up to seven other players.

In contrast to similar games available for home computers, Wii Degree makes extensive use of the WiiMote.

Cranium Kabookii

519yp58sP8L. SL75  Games for your Brains!

Cranium Kabookii is a new kind of Wii game that takes advantage of the unique features of the Wii. The game utilizes the Wii Remote and the "Kabookii Decoder Glasses". Cranium Kabookii creates a living canvas on the TV screen in which teams jam together, exercise drawing ability, act, solves puzzles and even crack codes to win games.

The activities include:

* Getting players to spraypaint the entire solar system on a wall. Believe it or not, you can hear the can shaking in your hand!

* Turn the Wiimote into a hammer to play "Auld Lang Syne" on a xylophone

*Solve word puzzles

The Kabookii Decoder Glasses are an added bonus, as they let only one player at a time to individually see the hidden clues on the TV screen. Cranium Kabookii is a wonderful educational game for all the family, and one that will keep kids entertained for hours.

Smarty Pants

617oCY0WqDL. SL75  Games for your Brains!

Do you have a craving for trivia? Smarty Pants: Trivia for Everyone is just such a game that will quench your appetite for trivia! It cleverly alters the questions to what is most appropriate for each individual player. The way it works is this: players reveal their ages (they do this when they create their Mii) and then the game only asks questions suitable for that age of player.

Smarty Pants is a good choice for ages eight and over, and is also an excellent choice for a family party game.

The Wii is an excellent platform for eductional games, and regardless of you age or interests, there is always an educational game for your Nintendo Wii.

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Take Control!

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Everybody knows about the Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii. It's often that people compare each consoles graphics power and stability, but rarely do they consider the pros and cons of the controllers themselves. It is the controller that links you to the game, with out it gamers would be lost. A lot of work can go into making a good, accessibly comfortable controller. So, overall, how does each controller compare?

Microsoft Xbox Controller

When the original Xbox released in 2001, it came with the initial controller now known as the Duke Controller. As Microsoft soon discovered, the Duke was way to big and bulky, and hurt people's hands. So the Controller S was released, a model that is very similar to the current Xbox 360 controller, only the Xbox 360 version is the most comfortable and easy to use model by far.

Yes, the Xbox 360 has a great controller overall, but you may be surprised to know that the one thing that gamers have never forgiven Microsoft for is the absolutely abysmal control pad. There is no excuse for it. Every other current-gen console has implemented the pad perfectly. Microsoft apparently wanted to stand out as different by having a control pad that does not work, but it is a huge price to pay for such decidedly unprofessional behaviour. If such a flaw were to be fixed, the Xbox 360's controller would be near perfect.

Sony Playstation 3 Controller

The current Playstation 3 controller is not as new to the game as you might think. It is basically the PS2's, only with certain internal modifications. The original PS3 controller, which had a new look, sort of a boomerang shaped thing, and control scheme, was cancelled. The reasons for this are clear: the controller didn't work as well as the time-tested PS2's did. Perhaps it was a good decision, but I doubt that Sony will get away with doing the same thing over come the next generation of gaming. One feature that was, and still is, lacking from the PS3 controllers is the combination of the six-axis controller and the DualShock 3 controller. We all know Sony thought that having a rumble function was not the future, but we gamers demanded it. So, why could they not combine the two together? Who knows, maybe in the future.

The PS3's controller works as well as ever, even if we can't have both six-axis and DualShock together, but gamers are going to start wanting something less familiar and more original soon enough. Truth is, the way Sony is now, I doubt gamers will get what they want.

Nintendo Wii Controller

Lastly there is the Wii. The Wii's Wiimote is hard to compare to the controllers of other consoles. It pushes the boundaries of controllers far beyond what Microsoft or Sony have ever done. It is more innovative, original, and advanced than any controller that has come out in almost two decades. Perhaps longer.

It is an amazing piece of technology that has all the potential to take gaming to a whole new level. With all the hate towards the Wii's lack of powerful hardware, at least the console has it's Wiimote going for it.

Gamers everywhere should look forward to what the eighth generation of gaming controllers will bring.  Who knows what innovations will be brought to the table and take gaming to the next level?

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