Nintendo DSi

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The next incarnation of the hugely popular Nintendo DS is here. With an added vowel to the name, the Nintendo DSi brings with a host of new feature, such as the two DSi Cameras. As well as this Nintendo have created the Nintendo DSi Shop. Similar to the WiiWare shop for the Nintendo Wii and the App Shop for the iPhone, the DSiShop allows owners to buy DSiWare games and applications.

The main feature of the new DSi are its two new VGA 0.3 megapixel digital cameras. One on the outer casing and one pointing to the user on the internal hinge. To accompany the two cameras is an SD card slot, allowing you to save your photos and transport them onto a computer so they don’t clog the memory of your DSi.

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The Nintendo DSi also has multimedia capabilities. An SD card can be used not just for storing pictures, but for downloaded software from the DSiStore and to store AAC encoded music, which is played using the Nintendo DSi Sound feature and also acts as a voice recorder in conjunction with the microphone. The player also allows you to edit what ever audio is playing, by allowing you to add filters, adjust the pitch etc.

On the looks side, the DSi is pretty much the same apart from the accommodation of the two cameras and SD card. Nintendo have again managed to strip a bit more weight from the already thin previous model, the DS Lite. Specs-wise all is the same, apart from the increase in RAM – up from 4mb to 16mb. Storage can be increased by 32gb with the addition of an SD card. Lastly, the new DSi has upgradeable firmware, like the Wii and Sony’s PSP so any bugs found on release can be fixed as well as new features being incorporated as time goes on.

Overall the Nintendo DSi is a worthy update to the previous DS Lite. It incorporates new features that are natural in the DS’s evolution and will hopefully produce some new and interesting games, which use these features. IF you haven’t checked out the Nintendo DS yet, then this is a great entry point, and if you have a DS Lite, just think of all those new features and you’ll see why this is a must have!

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Link is making Spirit Tracks!

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Excitement within the gaming community has been reaching fever pitch recently with Nintendo having announced the forthcoming Zelda sequel for the Nintendo DS and  DSi . Zelda is one of the most popular and idiosyncratic franchises exclusive to Nintendo, and the announcement of a new title in the series always garners a justifiably large amount of anticipation from fans.

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks is the name of this new release. Following on from The Phantom Hourglass, which in turn was the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker , Spirit Tracks completes a trio of linking games within the Zelda pantheon, which is actually the first time in its history. This being said, Spirit Tracks is set to take a significant turn away from the preceeding games, which placed a large emphasis on nautical adventure with Link traversing the world by ship. Spirit Tracks features Link running his own train in order to make his way around the mystical kingdoms.

This apparoach makes for a new and fascinating gameplay mechanic not seen before in a Zelda game, and is a welcome diversion from the usual trekking and horse riding. Purists need not worry too much though, as all the usual attributes and features are present which make Zelda the world conquering franchise that it is. New features include a trusty robotic soldier wich Link can manipulate to attack enemies and assist in solving puzzles, and also a strange fan-like item used to generating wind power in a throwback to the wind boomerang of earlier games. Expect all the usual questing, adventure and magical kingdoms we've come to expect to round off another ideal package.

More information should be available over the coming months, as Nintendo are still in development with this game. It will be interesting to see whether the DSi will utilise any of its new functions for this game, as we're all desperate to see what the handheld console is capable of, and there's nothing better to showcase it than with a new Zelda game!

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Tiger Returns- PGA Golf Tour 10

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Developers EA Sports have been very consistent with their Tiger Woods games over the last few years, releasing them at a rate of roughly one each year. Their latest offering, PGA Tour 10, comes to the Wii this year. PGA Tour 10 is a title that promises to address the many complaints that have arisen over the last few games, varying from gameplay niggles concerning the swing meters and drive force, to an unambitious outlook on in game graphics. From what we've seen so for, EA look set to make good on their promises.

To address the lacklustre approach to graphics and realism, EA have gone for an almost complete overhaul of the previous system. The aim is to pay much more attaention to the little details which will all mount up to craft a visually appealing and life-like dynamic. Everything is being catered for, with trees and ponds being given their own set of animations, to act independantly and realistically in relation to the surrounding environment.

A brilliant new feature being added exclusively to the Wii title is a weather system that works in tandem with the Wii forecast channel itself. The game has been designed to mimic the information generated through the Wii forecast channel and reproduce it in-game. This means that the game you're playing will actually respond to the real weather outside, so if you're in the middle of a game and you begin to hear raindrops on your window, the game will follow suit and rain will begin to pour. This element is set to include all weather conditions, ranging from sunshine, wind, rain, sleet, fog- anything you would imagine. This is not just a flashy gimmick either, as the in-game weather will effect the way to game is played, with the ground become sleek with rain and winds affecting the course of the ball etc.

Graphics and features improvements are all well and good, but what Wii players are really concerned about is the Wii motion sensing, which has been notoriously poor in recent PGA games. The draw and fade elements have been quite inaccurate, with players complaining that the motion sensing was just too sloppy or unresponsive. Enter the new WiiMotionPlus peripheral, a vast improvement to the earlier motion sensing as it actually reads the players movements on a 3D level, mapping out the entire dynamic structure of the participant to generate a much more accurate reading. EA are confident enough to state that this feature allows for 100% accuracy, and hopefully that's what we'll get!

The PGA games have always been a hit with fans, the fact that it has reached such a high level of installments is testament to just how popular they are. As popular as they have been however, they have always been let down by small problems that frankly should have been fixed by now. PGA 10 promises to right the wrongs of the past, and hopefully EA can deliver the truly perfect game that fans have patiently waited for.

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Happy 20th Birthday GameBoy!

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This generation of consoles will be remembered for pushing the boundaries visually, redefining how games are played and also redefining who plays games, with the massive surge of casual gamers and the Wii.

However, this year it its the 20th birthday of the greatest ever handheld console time has ever seen, the Nintendo GameBoy. It has had the life of the underdog from its birth, with its technology being a decade out of date and with a woeful dot-matrix green screen. It optimized Nintendo's attitude of "just good enough". Compared to its rival of the time, the Lynx, it was pitiful. It was the late 80's version of David and Goliath, and David won again. The GameBoy sold tremendously as it was extremely cheap, thanks to it's low tech insides. Not only that, it shipped with an absolutely gem of a game, Tetris. The most popular, addictive game ever gave flight to one of the longest lasting consoles to date, reaching a staggering 14 years being on sale.

The GameBoy not only brought the revolution of handheld gaming to the masses, it saved Nintendo. Nintendo was doomed to go the way Sega ended up, publishing other people's games on other people's systems. The GameBoy managed to sustain Nintendo through the N64 years and the GameCube years and probably helped fund the Wii. The GameCube is just that good! It is the unsung hero of the gaming world and deserves a mention on its 20th birthday!

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