How Best To Grab a Free Playstation 3!

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Who wouldn't wish to score a free PS3? The PlayStation 3 is, with small debate, this generation's strongest computer gaming console. Many say that it's the most functional as well, as it doubles as a cost-friendly blu-ray disc player, effectively giving you both a gaming and multi-media package all in one.

Unfortunately, this means the Sony Playstation 3 is also the most costly gaming console in the market today. Therefore, the prospect of scoring a free PS3 becomes even more attractive.

How are you to get a free PS3? Here are 4 methods you can try.

1. Join online contests. Many sites sponsor contests that give away free PS3 units, among other prizes. Most of these sites secure their PS3 prizes from Sony itself. Each quarter, Sony releases review copies of the console to highly visited gaming-related internet sites. A few of these websites use these review copies to generate more visitors for their pages, i.e. sponsoring contests that promise the free PS3 as the main prize. Finding such contests is quite straightforward with aid from a search engine.

2. Join offline contests. Sony also provides review copies of the console to print publications. Gaming magazines, for instance, hold monthly contests that reward the winner with a free PS3, among other possible prizes. You can find some luck in joining any of these offline contests.

3. Try affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing requires you to plug the products of a selected merchant using a specially generated associate link which may track referrals and credit them to your account. Each time an individual you referred purchases something from the merchant, you may earn a stated commission. This commission can be in the shape of money, or in the shape of store credits. With no regard for what form the commission will take, you may use the same to get a free PS3. Affiliate marketing does not require lots of work, just the right implementation of correct web marketing strategies.

4. Attempt to secure a review copy. Earlier, we have debated how online and offline publications manage to secure review copies of the console by virtue of the large volume of traffic they generate or the huge readership they can boast of. You can secure your own free PS3 if you have your own gaming-related internet site or if you publish your own newspaper or magazine. The challenge, for an internet site, is to garner at least 10,000 unique visitors every day. The challenge, for print publications, is to gather a mean of 10,000 readers per revealed issue. You will need to burst through these numbers to win Sony's attention so the company can send over a free PS3!

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Best Sites For Xbox 360 Cheats

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Not everybody is a hardcore gamer. Not all gamers wish to spend numerous hours each day in front of their Xbox 360 just to finish games, unlock achievements, play multi player matches, and brag about game stats. Also, finishing a game once means opening up extra features or levels, and players may wish to speed through a second sitting to get to the good stuff by using cheats.

Most Microsoft games have Xbox 360 cheats. A majority of them were purposely implemented by the designers themselves to give gamers the option to take the simpler, even though less rewarding, way. Basically, these so-called "Xbox 360 cheats" were placed in games to help developers test out the title during development. It'll be quite difficult looking for bugs while juggling 3 lives and no 1ups, after all.

There are a lot of places on the web where you can find Xbox 360 cheats for the titles you own. Here are four of the most popular internet sites devoted to hosting Xbox 360 cheats:

1. If folk want cheats and codes - including Xbox 360 cheats and codes - they usually come to GameFaqs is a part of the highly popular video gaming website, It's a place where gamers themselves can submit FAQs and Walkthroughs of their favourite games. A number of these documents are very masterfully made. Xbox 360 cheats and codes are also accepted, and are hosted in a special category within the website.

2. CheatCC is the second most popular destination for people who are looking for Xbox 360 cheats. Its database is just as complete as GameFaqs'. However, what makes CheatCC a 2nd placer in numerous books is its shortage of a sense of community amongst its members, something which GameFaqs has attempted to build - successfully at that - throughout the years.

3. The same gamers who make guides for diverse titles often submit their works to either GameFaqs, CheatCC, Gamewinners, or all 3 of them. So it shouldn't be surprising to find the same level of comprehensiveness in all three internet sites when it comes to Xbox 360 cheats.

4. is one of the web's largest computer gaming websites. In reality, across the years, IGN has become an authority site, quoted by many outlets instead of quoting from many sources. has dozens of categories in its pages, among them is a cheats office, and within this department is an area solely devoted to Xbox 360 cheats.

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5 Xbox 360 Exclusives That could find Their Way To The Play Station 3

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The current generation of console wars between Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3 has its dark side. There are reports of corporations paying game developers so that the latter's games will be completely exclusive to their systems.

However, in the fickle world of todays game industry, there are no permanent coalitions. For example take a look at Nintendo and Square. At Nintendo and Sony.  Microsoft and Rare. Look at Microsoft and Bungie Soft.

They might be Xbox 360 exclusives today, but it is only a matter of time before these five titles will appear on the Sony Play Station 3:

1. Dead Rising. Capcom's "other" zombie hit was one of the first titles for Microsoft's then fledgling computer game machine. Reviews about the game were mixed. Some called it cutting edge, while others called it repetitive. Others described it as a technological marvel, while some claimed that it was all icing. There was applaud for the game being pure fun, while others protesting that they did not get the "scares" that they predicted. Without regard for the reception about Dead Rising, the fact is, it is not an exclusive "exclusive." It has since been ported to the Nintendo Wii, and industry commentators are envisioning that it's simply a matter of time before Dead Rising rises on the PS 3. Also, Capcom is currently keeping mum on the question of what system the announced Dead Rising 2 will be appearing on, something which many people believe is a clear sign the franchise is heading for the PlayStation 3.

2. Mass Effect. People are mistakenly under the impression that Microsoft owns the rights to the Mass Effect franchise. The intellectual property belongs to Bioware, which has an exclusive developer's contract with Microsoft. When this contract ends, Bioware can bring its property wherever it pleases - and the PlayStation 3 might be the new home of this controversial space-faring, lesbian-loving, science Fiction RPG.

3. Star Ocean : The Last Hope. It is not common for seemingly exclusive RPGs to jump shift to another. Most Eastern developers only agree to a "timed exclusive" clause, any way. Such is the case with Eternal Sonata and Tales of Vesperia which were first released on the Xbox 360 but finally found their way to the PlayStation 3, with added content to boot. Tri-Ace's newest masterpiece, as published by Square-Enix, may follow that lead, as Sony's line of consoles are the conventional houses of JRPGs (Japanese Role Playing Games ) .

4. Blue Dragon. The dream team that encompasses Mistwalker are reportedly unhappy with the performance of their first game for the Xbox 360, and the first JRPG for the claimed system. Microsoft's console only has a limited base in Japan, and this made a contribution to the poor sales experienced by Blue Dragon. Once the timed exclusive agreement with Microsoft expires, folks envision that Mistwalker will bring their franchise to the Sony Play Station three. But first, they must publish one game under such an agreement - Blue Dragon 2.

5. Ninja Gaiden II. This is a given. One of the highest rated action platformers today will appear on the Sony PlayStation 3, eventually. Of course, an improved of its predecessor, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, made the jump a year after debuting on the Xbox 360.

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2009: Make or Break for Sony’s Playstation 3

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Even the die-hard fans would agree, the SonyPlayStation 3 has been trailing the Nintendo Wii and the Xbox 360 in general sales since the day the PS3 was launched. Sony promised consumers that it will regain the market leadership by the end of 2007 - a leadership it once enjoyed with the Playstation 2 ( PS2 ) - but it didn't happen, mainly because of the lack of console-defining exclusives. Sony guaranteed clients that 2008 will be the PS3's year, but this did not materialize, notwithstanding powerful showings from Metal Gear Solid 4 (MGS4) and Little Big Planet.

And now, Sony has once again promised that 2009 will be the glory year of the PS3.

Its patrons are becoming impatient. Industry leaders believe that 2009 is the "make or break" year for the PS3. 2009, they are saying, is the year which will either mark the PS3 as a deserving entry to Sony's series of console excellence, or brand the PS3 as a market failure despite its clearly superior engineering.

For 2009, the PS3 is banking on 5 key titles that it hopes will ultimately bring the console to the head of the sales charts. These games are:

1. Killzone 2. Released last February, Killzone 2 - one of the PS3's most hyped games, that the industry has enthusiastically awaited since 2004 - is well on its way to saving Sony's reputation as a pace-setter in the Playstation game market. The title sold 2,000,000 copies on its first month, a feat that is actually entrancing for a game which is exclusive to a single console.

2. God of War 3. Since its first installment, Kratos has quickly become the poster boy for Sony, and God of War has quickly become the flagship title for the company's gaming division. Remaining a PS exclusive, the franchise remains both Sony's secret weapon and saviour, always guarenteed to bring in phenominal market.

3. Final Fantasy XIII. The PS3 lost big time when Square-Enix decided to publish FFXIII on the Xbox 360 as well, at least in areas outside Japan. The following installment of the blockbuster Final Fantasy series will continue to be exclusive to the PS3 in its country of origin, and this could definitely help boost the sales for the console. Outside Japan, FFXIII may still win some console sales, as the Final Fantasy franchise has long been related to Sony's machines and given the long playtime provided by the game, issues on the Xbox 360's engineering reliability may force buyers to pick the PS3 version.

4. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Its predecessor, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, was a dark horse entry, exclusive for the PS3, which wowed casual gamers with fleshed out, likeable characters and immersive gameplay. The follow up, which is claimed to combine elements of Gears of War, Tomb Raider, and FPS multi-player madness, will be even better than the original, and now that gamers know to look out for it, the title looks set to bring in some serious business. Gamers are excited about Uncharted 2, and this will reflect on the PS3 console sales.

5. Massive Action Game (MAG). Forget Resistance two's 64-player team death matches. Prepare for a very wide scale war with MAG, one which will involve up to 256 players at the same time. Little is understood about the game, however. If it lives up to its guarantees, it can be the PS3 title which will make other FPS multi-player games outmoded. If it doesn't, it is going to be the Kane and Lynch of 2009.

Will these games eventually catapult the Sony PS3 to the throne it once owned unchallenged?

Only time, and your good business, will tell.

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Spore Hero Comes To PC, Mac and Wii!

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Spore was released on the PC last autumn and has already amassed enough popularity to green light a pair of growth packs and spinoffs. One such spinoff is named Spore Hero, and is scheduled to be released on the PC, Mac, and Wii, comprising of an open world adventure game and starring a unusual creature that can control it's own physical evolution on the fly.

At the game's start the hero crashlands on an alien planet on board a blue meteor. Initially our hero is arely a hatchling, but as you explore the landscape and complete quests you can unlock new parts and capabilities. Around the globe are scattered varied creatures with exclamation marks floating above their heads, in a fashion rather reminiscent of World Of Warcraft. This means you can interact with them, taking part in activities like singing, dancing, or fighting. Sometimes they have a problem, and they are going to tell you what it is. If you can fix it, there will be a reward.

As for control, Spore Hero takes a very different approach from past games in the series. Where in the PC versions you continue to use the cursor to click where you want your character to go, for the Wii you use the nunchuk's analog control. Also, combat control develops over time, just as the creature does. Combos and capabilities, as well as how you control them, shift with the character.

As you gain parts you can bring them back to assorted huge nests scattered around the planet. These nests provide the opportunity to customize character's appearances, both playable and non-playable. An example in which this comes handy is when the player meets a male creature attempting to please a female who doesn't like his looks. After a conversation with her you can get an idea of what her tastes and preferences are, bring the male to the nest, and just make a few modifications.

Spore Hero is a very different and interesting take on the Spore franchise, and appears to be targeting a wider audience across multi-platforms. Fans brave enough to try something new should definitely look out for Spore Hero!

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Super Robot Taisen Returns!

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For a while now Nintendo's hand-held systems have been seeing system game translations of a once Japanese exclusive anime called Super Robot Taisen. Originally these manifested as Taisen: Original Generations one and two on the Game Boy Advance, and now it's Super Robot Taisen K on the DS. Although it may at first appear to be but more of the same, there have really been many distinct tweaks to the gameplay, for better or for worse.

One of the first things veteran players may realize is that many of the more well-liked franchises like Voltron and Gundam Wing are not present, perhaps to the end of a more sundry and various cast. Anime enthusiasts may recognize plenty of their favourite characters, and there are still many cool androids, except for a series that relies on it's fanbase and nostalgia, it appears bizarre to leave the largest and potentially best out.

41NBHX3YH2L. SL160  Super Robot Taisen Returns!

Another adjustment is one that conforms with the PS2 versions, wherein the robots on the field are controlled according to squad. How this works is 4 androids are assigned together as a group, one being the leader. However, this actually goes on to limit options for attacks and maneuvers. Fortunately, the squads in Super Robot Taisen K only consist of two robots, which essentially isn't so bad, though it does not save the system from feeling quite planned. In fact, squadrons may permit androids to perform mixed co-operative attacks and such, but it was perfectly possible to do that in the last handheld installment in the 1st place, without squadrons.

Ultimately, Super Robot Taisen K is much like each game in the series before it. This may seem a little unambitious, but for many fans of Super Robot Taisen this is exactly what they're after.

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How Different Is The Nintendo DS Lite Over The Original.

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A lot of todays latest products are staking a claim to be the latest essential gadget. Certainly the iPhone 3g should'nt be considered as the next generation of the gadget. The supposed Kindle 2 isn't even engineered differently from the 1st Kindle. And the Asus EEE PC is always being repackaged as a new iteration when all it does is add some internet memory capacity.

A query in many gamers mind is this: is the Nintendo DS Lite a trifling upgrade over the original DS, or does it pack enough nerw upgrades that would entitle it as a worthy new entry to the series?

How different is the Nintendo DS Lite over the first, really?

Released hardly two years after the first, the Nintendo DS Lite was intended to look at the problems that tormented the first Nintendo DS.

Many complained that the original DS was too bulky that it hardly fits in most pockets. Nintendo addressed this problem by making the Nintendo DS Lite more compact and lighter in weight, therefore the other meaning of the "Lite" in its name.

Many complained that the original DS' screen was too dark, that it was hard to see what's occurring in the game especially when the characters and objects therein are engineered to be little. The Nintendo DS boats of a brighter screen and adding four levels of lightness. With the Nintendo DS Lite, gamers are guaranteed of a crisp and clear picture whether they're playing in dark or under the sun.

Many complained that the original DS' battery life was too short. The Nintendo DS Lite has solved this issue by extending its battery life to as much as 19 hours on the lowest lightness setting.

When it comes to design, the placement of the microphone on the original DS was heavily criticised too. It was a flawed design to position the microphone of the lowermost part of the system, which forces gamers to leave whatever game they're playing just to talk on the said microphone. The Nintendo DS Lite solves this by placing the microphone on the hinge that connect the higher and lower part of the cartable console, well within reach when the game requires the gamer to communicate on the same.

Additionally, the Nintendo DS Lite boasts of faster processing power. Though the processors remain the same, the custom process has become smaller, hence processing has become more speedy and efficient.

So do all these additions make the Nintendo DS Lite a "must have" for gamers busy all over the move all over the world?

Let's put it this way, if you already own the original DS, there's no overriding reason to spend around $100 for the Nintendo DS Lite. But if you're just planning to purchase your fist unit of Nintendo's hand-held megastar, then there the Nintendo DS Lite is the perfect choice for you.

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Three Family and Kid Friendly Xbox 360 Games

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The Xbox 360 console can have a reputation for it's violent and mature games, but the reality is that there are masses of kid friendly titles available for the system. These types of games have not only been produced and provided by third party developers, like Traveller's Tales, but also by second party developers like Rare, who are being backed by Microsoft. It's pretty clear that Microsoft wants it to be clear that the Xbox 360 is intended for all audiences.

Lego Indiana Jones: is an adventure/puzzle game in the vein of Lego Star Wars and Lego Batman. While all three Lego games are above average, Lego Indiana Jones manages to be much more, due to it's satisfying combat and reasonably logical puzzles. One thing that makes the Lego games so accessible as a whole is it's drop in/drop out co-op multi-player gameplay. One individual can always play alone, in which case AI will take over control of the second personality. But at any point a 2nd player can come along, press start on the second controller, and "drop in", taking control of the second character. Lego Indiana Jones is a cute and charming game, yet it's also a particularly intellectual one, in it's own way.

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts: While the franchise has always been pretty unusual ( after all, it's about a bear named Banjo and a rooster named Kazooie who travel together ), Nuts & Bolts takes things further with a mad vehicle creation mechanic. The objective is to go the length of 6 worlds in an effort to get the deed to Spiral Mountain, but the story takes second seat to the gameplay. Along Banjo's journey he acquires a currency called Bolts by completing challenges, and he will then use the Bolts to build all sorts of autos, both land and air. Experimentation is rewarded with some truly cool and weird looking automobiles with which you can traverse the world. This provides great replay factor and is perfect for your Xbox-mad kids!

Viva Pinata : Trouble in Paradise : If you are into the Xbox 360 at all we'd be very surprised if you have not at least heard of Viva Pinata, a Virtual Life franchise Rare has been developing iterations of for years now. A gardener of what, you ask? Pinatas. That is right ; didn't you know that pinatas have to be cultivated and grown? As you are given a little plot of land, you need to it in a way which will attract will pinatas. Sometimes you need to produce a certain flower, or plant. But the needs for the chance of certain pinatas appearing grows larger and more complex over a period. While it's correct that kid's may wish to dedicate more time to this than some other games, it's a sort of game that adults can take part in just as well as children can, revealing why it's growing in popularity so much.

These three titles are just an example of a whole range of family friendly Xbox 360 games, keep your eyes open for many more to come!

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Nintendo DSi: Is The Latest Upgrade Worth The Purchase

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Since the beginning of 2009, search engines were flooded with requests looking for Nintendo DSi reviews. This reveals that many people are on the fence for buying Nintendo's most recent hand-held. Many customers hold several reservations about this upgrade, including;

- many of us are worried that the Nintendo DSi is just a marginal upgrade over the last two incarnations, the DS and the DS Lite.

- Many people are pondering whether or not the new features of the $169.99 SRP attached to a unit.

- many folks are asking whether the Nintendo DSi is the Nintendo DSi is the last upgrade to this generation of Nintendo transportable systems.

A Nintendo DSi review will not be complete without discussing the features that the DSi has got. These are:

- Sexier, more light-weight design that's 12% less heavier than the DS Lite.

- Improved audio features that will rival the best MP3 players in the market.

- Improved online features such as a dedicated DSi Store and better connectivity to the internet.

- further level of brightness with added optimized battery consumption for high brightness settings.

However, there are drawbacks for the DSi unit. These are:

- absence of physical backwards compatibility with Gameboy and Gameboy Advance games due to the exclusion of the GBA slot.

- Peripherals that are attached through the aforementioned GBA slot - such as the guitar pad for Guitar Hero Mobile and the DS Rumble Pack - are rendered obsolete.

- Battery life, though optimized, wasn't extended by that much.

- The Nintendo DSi is still, fundamentally, the same as the first Nintendo DS that was released.

In conclusion the following rules should be taken into consideration:

1. It is merely an upgraded version of older models in this Nintendo product line.

If you don't have a Nintendo DS or a Nintendo DS Lite, then the Nintendo DSi is the best hand-held for you. It may cost a touch more, but the additional features - being the logical evolutionary steps that they are - will ensure that such a system will last longer than the previous models.


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All About Sony PSP Films Downloading Changing And Transferring

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All About Sony PSP Films Downloading Changing And Transferring

Whats the coolest thing about the Sony Playstation Portable? It's not its engaging design. It is not even the exceptional WiFi connectivity. The sweetest thing about the Sony PSP is its multimedia functions. Without doubt, Sony's first entry in the conveyable gaming market is a multimedia beast, capable of broadcasting PSP audio, displaying PSP pictures, and playing UMD movies.

Of all these sorts of media files, the PSP's UMD films are the most inspiring. The PSP's screen  make the PSP a hand held theater that will entertain you wherever you go, whatever time of the day it may be.

However the Sony PSP can't play every video file out there. PSP movies must be in the MPEG-4 format, the same kind of video file the iPhone can play.

What you can do to make sure that the video files on your Computer can be transported and played on your Sony PSP is to convert these video files into PSP flicks. There are a selection of universal video file converters out there. Many of them you have to pay for, others you can get for free.

Once these are converted to MP4 format, you can then transfer your PSP flicks to your PSP unit.

To transfer your PSP flicks to your PSP unit, you may need a USB wire that will connect your PSP to your PC. Once both terminals are synched, look for the MP_ROOT folder on the memory card. Within the MP_ROOT folder, there should be a folder named 101MNV01. If none exist, make one. This is the folder destination for your PSP flicks in MP4 format.

On the dashboard, go to VIDEOS then MEMORY CARD then select among the PSP films you have uploaded the video you want to play.

PSP films make the Sony PSP a truly unique multimedia machine. This video playback capacity is an example of the best features of the Sony PSP, and it distinguishes the PSP console from its technically limited competition.

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