The Best Nintendo DS Lite Bundles!

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Why invest in a Nintendo DS Lite bundle?

Well, for a start, it'll come out cheaper compared to buying the system THEN buying a game you can play. Savings can amount to as much as 23% for certain deals, which is a lot considering the fact that buying the system and the game separately can cost just about $170.

Also, many Nintendo DS Lite bundles offer exclusive colors that one cannot find on systems that are sold alone. Remember the blazing red DS with decal stickers that came with the Mario Kart DS bundle? What about the light pink DS that came with the Nintendogs bundle? These are extraordinary colors that collectors desire, and they only come with Nintendo DS Lite bundles.

The answer, naturally, will depend upon your gaming preference. However, let us review the most popular of the currently available Nintendo DS Lite bundles to help determine the best investment for your money:

1. Mario. It's a rare red Nintendo DS Lite and a Super Mario game, how can you go wrong? This is a great purchase, especially if you're eyeing a Nintendo DS Lite bundle as a gift for somebody. There's only one thing that's universal in Nintendo gaming : everybody loves Mario. The only problem is that finding such a bundle might be difficult at that point as stocks were very limited.

2. Nintendo DS Lite Green Spring Bundle includes personal trainer. As an added bonus, this bundle comes with a carrying case which will serve as excellent protection for your DS Lite unit.

3. Nintendo DS Lite Cobalt Blue Value Bundle. Don't let the word 'value' in the title fool you. This Nintendo DS Lite bundle is the most expensive among your selections, commonly because it incorporates 2 superb games that children will certainly love : Legend of Spyro and Bomberman. The same bundle also comes in metallic rose.

5. Nintendo DS Lite limited edition Ice Blue with Brain Age : Train your cerebral cortex and you'll be fascinated with the issues that the title will throw your way. Like the personal coach : Cooking bundle, this package also comes with a carrying case.

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Top Selling Playstation 3 Games

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Numbers don't lie. Rather than counting on subjective reviews, a lot of video gamers often observe the sales charts to figure out whether or not a specific software title is worth the purchase.

This is particularly true for owners of  PlayStation 3 consoles.

With the vast amount of games available for the Playstation 3, finding the right title worthy of a $50 to $60 investment can prove to be quite a daunting task. Fortunately, the cream always rises on top of the sales charts.

So, what are highest selling games for the Sony PS3 console? Here are the top seven of the list :

1. MotorStorm. Alas, the benefits of being a launch title! MotorStorm won over a group that hotly contested the release of the PS3 console with its surprisingly pragmatic graphics and superb action. Number of copies sold : 3.31 million.

2. Metal Gear Solid 4 : Guns of the Patriots. Konami's smash hit franchise continued on the PS3 console, and sales immediately followed suit. MGS4 is the game in Hideo Kojima's legendary series that sold the greatest number of copies within a particularly short period. It was actually the first software title that essentially brought about a rise in PS3 console sales. Number of copies sold : more than 3 million.

3. Grand Theft Auto 4. It isn't an exclusive, but the PS3 console was a favorite system for the interest in GTA4. Though the Xbox 360 version displayed better graphics, people preferred to play a lengthy game like this on a console that won't collapse because of some unknown cause. Number of copies sold : 2.7 million.

4. Uncharted : Drake's Fortune. This dark horse of a game surprised everyone by being an instant cult favorite. Number of copies sold : 2.6 million.

5. Resistance : Fall of Man. Many criticised the PS2-esque graphics which totally enfeebled the power possessed by the PS3 console. But again, it was a launch title and people were hungry for exclusive games. The result? Number of copies sold : 2.5 million.

6. Heavenly Sword. There's nothing bad about the game, but there's nothing special about it, either. For an audience starved of a button mashing adventure game for their PS3 consoles, Heavenly Sword was easy to embrace. Number of copies sold : just over a million.

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PS3 Vs Xbox 360!

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PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, which console is better? Which is a safer investment? The battle of Xbox 360 vs PS3 will be waged in five fronts. Let's take a look at each and every one of them to determine which gaming console is worth your loyalty.

1. Power. Third party developers have always complained about how hard it is to make games for the PS3 due to its maze-like infrastructure. The Xbox 360 is like a computer system, thus, better to code for. The result : games that are released for both systems generally look better on the Xbox 360.

2. Reliability. The Xbox 360 has long been plagued with bugs and breakdowns. What good is a gaming system if it'll break down in some months, if not a few weeks, right? In the battle of Xbox 360 vs PS3 on this front, the PS3 is the runaway winner.

3.Game library. The Xbox 360 was released a year before the PS3. Developers also say that they'd rather make games for the Xbox 360 because it's a better system to work with. Activision, developers and distributors of the widely acclaimed Call of Duty series, have even promised to stop developing for the PS3 out of sheer disappointment. It comes as little surprise, then, the Xbox 360 has a deeper game library and wins this round of the Xbox 360 vs PS3 fight.

4. Exclusives. Despite Xbox's Halo, Gears of War and Fable, the PS3 has Killzone, Resistance, Uncharted, Ratchet and rattle, little Big Planet and more. When it comes to sheer variety, the PS3 wins this facet of the battle.

Pretty equal pegging, then. In the end, it's all about personal preference, take that for what it's worth deciding on which console to purchase.

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Our Top 5 Xbox 360 Wallpapers!

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One of the finest features of current consoles, particularly the Microsoft Xbox 360, is the wide array of customization options they provide for users. Xbox 360 wallpapers are prime examples of this. No two Xbox 360 dashboards have to look the same because owners have a wide choice of wallpapers to use as backgrounds.

Additionally, creating Xbox 360 wallpapers is very easy. Anyone that has access to a photo manipulation software program like Adobe Photoshop can actually make their very own wallpaper, based totally on his or her very own design.  There are thousands of Xbox 360 wallpapers you can freely download from diverse websites. Below are the five coolest Xbox 360 wallpapers we have encountered :

1. An image of the Covenant from Halo banqueting on the corpse of Mario. It would be funnier if Masterchief was there but declined to give a helping hand.

2. Marcus Fenix ripping Kratos apart. The face of the Gears of War shows the God of War icon who's boss.

3 Gordon Freeman, Masterchief, Marcus Fenix, and Alan Wake replacing the 4 survivors from Left 4 Dead. Talk about cool! 4 of the Xbox 360's biggest and most recognizable characters taking on a regiment of the undead in one of the Xbox 360's greatest games. Many fans view this as the mother of all Xbox 360 wallpapers.

4. Left 4 Dead featuring children in a playground warding off the advancing throng of zombie bullies. This isn't actually something created by Xbox 360 wallpaper enthusiasts but by famous artist Jason Chan. The image was so unique that it instantly became one of the most downloaded Xbox 360 wallpapers since its release.

5. Raiden's face signifying the approach of Metal Gear Solid : Rising to the Xbox 360. Sure, it's an image you have seen 1,000,000 times by this point. However, it is an image that screams to be a part of the library of great Xbox 360 wallpapers. The coming of the Metal Gear Solid franchise to the Xbox 360 is a humongous event, and Raiden is just badass, so what better way to celebrate than by uploading and using its most prominent teaser image as your wallpaper?

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Final Fantasy XIV Wows Fans At E3!

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So, what's the biggest PlayStation 3 report from the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2009?

Final Fantasy XIII? Old news. Besides, it is not even exclusive to the Sony PS3 anymore.

God of War 3? Everyone knew it was coming, sooner or later. Also, a recording of Kratos ascending the back of a Titan has been making the rounds since late in 2008.

Gran Turismo 5? Barely. The Prologue has been in the marketplace for more than two years now.

The most important piece of PS3 news from E3 is something that was only discussed in passing inadvertently or accidentally in the arrival of footages for Final Fantasy XIII.

The most important PS3 stories from E3 is this : Final Fantasy XIV is DEFINITELY coming in 2010. Some still shots of the game were shown, and they look fantastic!

Final Fantasy XIII is booked to be released stateside in spring of 2010. The question arises: would not both Final Fantasy installments cannibalize each other? After all, isn't it foolish to release two products and make them struggle with one another for a similar audience? In fact, Final Fantasy XIV is balanced to be another great MMORPG for Play Online.

To fully appreciate the scale of this PS3 report, it has to be noted that Final Fantasy XIV is the first ever console MMORPG. Final Fantasy XI is also the first MMORPG to go cross-platform, appearing on the PS2, the computer, and the Xbox 360. It remains a highly favored MMORPG to this very day, more than seven years from its original release.

From the passing trailer that was shown, folks appeared to be convinced that Final Fantasy XIV is more true to the spirit of the series than Final Fantasy XI ever was. Whether or not it is an exclusive, or it is simply a timed exclusive, is yet to be seen. But the sheer impact of this PS3 report cannot be denied: people will be logging on 2010 solely to complete their Final Fantasy experience.

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The Best RPGs Available for the Nintendo DS

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For RPG fans, the Nintendo DS is a truly a gift. The Super NES used to be the home for console RPG titles that have caught the public imagination. With the passing of the expounded system, RPG titles migrated to the Playstation, and afterwards, to the Playstation 2 where they have experienced what many believe as their glory days. However, with the present generation of consoles, JRPGs have taken a smash. None of the currently available consoles supply a rich library of RPG titles, leaving fans of the genre hungry and desperate.
Thankfully, the Nintendo DS has come to save us. The Nintendo DS has become the home of JRPGs in the present computer gaming age. Just take a look at the following, original JRPGs available for the system :
- The World Ends With You. This title is arguably the toughest JRPG released on the Nintendo DS. The World Ends With You, generally abbreviated as TWEWY by fans, makes use of both screens of the NintendoDS, both in the exploration and the combat phases of the game. TWEWY is also one of the few JRPGs that are set in contemporary time. The fashionable presentation makes this wonderful title really stand out as not only one of the best JRPGs on the NintendoDS, but also as one of the best and most polished games for any console.
- Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced. Not particularly a standard JRPG but a strategy RPG. This turn-based title is a direct follow up to the first Final Fantasy tactics, and brings more of what fans have come to expect- never a bad thing.
- Final Fantasy XII : Revenant Wings. The tale follows our merry band of sky pirates in their continuing quests, saving the world from impending peril.
- Rune Factory 2 : A Fantasy Harvest Moon. The Harvest Moon series has often been a fave among RPG fans, mainly because it's something different: it simulates real life. With Rune Factory 2, the Harvest Moon series takes on the usual JRPG conventions and produces a NintendoDS game that's as familiar as it is unique.
- Rondo of Swords. Rondo of Swords is a very original plan RPG with a totally different kind of combat system, making excellent use of the touch screen functionality.
- Blue Dragon DS. Originally published for the Xbox 360, Mistwalker's flagship property makes its debut on the NintendoDS. The Blue Dragon story is rendered in old school JRPG style that fans of the original, as well as new players, will really enjoy.
- Valkyrie Profile : Covenant of the Plume. A retelling of the original Valyrie Profile which first appeared on the PS2. This time, however, rather than viewing the story in the eyes of Odin's infantryman, you will be viewing the tale in the eyes of the antagonist in the first title, Wylfred.

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Nintendo Wii Price Drop: Is it Possible for 2009?

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As of this article, the Nintendo Wii price is pegged at $249.99 SRP. Not bad at all, really, for a console that is dominating the sales charts and has the largest library of titles amongst the current generation of gaming consoles.

But many are still hoping for a Nintendo Wii price drop in time for Christmas of 2009. After all, the machine is in its 3rd retial year – which, in industry terms, equates to the system currently enjoying the peak of its expected 5 to 7 year life cycle – and now is the best time to own one.

Currently, Nintendo has not called any announcements, nor has it made any indications, that a price reduction for the Nintendo Wii console is forthcoming in the near future. Therefore, any take on the matter will merely be an opinion based on prevailing market factors at the moment.

Possible reasons why a Nintendo Wii price drop should not be expected this year:

- Excluding the Xbox 360 Arcade edition (naked version of the console, not ideal for first time owners), the Nintendo Wii is the most affordable current generation console in the market. Therefore, Nintendo don't even need a price drop to remain competitive in the market.

- The Nintendo Wii has always ruled the sales chart considerably. Hence, the company wouldn’t consider a Nintendo Wii price drop is necessary as the consumers obviously concur with the set price given the console’s dominance of the sales charts.

- It’s too soon. Normally, consoles offer price drops roughly halfway or to the tail end of the system’s market life. For the current generation of consoles, that period is pegged at 6 years.

Why a Nintendo Wii price drop is actually quite probable for 2009:

- Declining economy. Nintendo may benefit from making their flagship console more accessible to increasingly hard-off public. In a down economy, the ideal way to increase sales is to offer value at a cut price. The Nintendo Wii has proven that it packs value, but that may not be enough anymore.

- Nintendo already enjoys a massive base of users. It should be able to afford a Nintendo Wii price drop as vast majority of profit will now come from software sales, anyway.

- The public are asking for it, and Nintendo would do well to stay in public favor!

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5 Awesome Upcoming Playstation 3 Games

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What are the Sony PlayStation 3 games to keep a look out for in 2009-2010?

1. God of War 3. Kratos is coming back for the last adventure - so asserts Sony. Expect Kratos' last adventure, and ironically his first on the PS3, to bump the boundaries of what the console can do.

2. Trico. Think of the first Ico mixed with Shadows of the Colossus and you will get an idea of what this game is all about. Trico features a boy who, rather than cooperating with a damsel in distress, has to work with a giant half-breed of a cat and a bird. Scaling the giant half-breed is much akin to scaling the titans of Shadows of the Colossus, only this time, you will be climbing the body of a buddy rather than a foe.

3. Metal Gear Solid : Rising. Not actually an exclusive, but serious news however. The latest installment in the MGS franchise will incorporate Raiden - who became an instant fan favorite in MGS4 by having his entire body transformed into cybernetic parts so that he can become a badass ninja.

4. The most surprising announcement in E3 2009, Final Fantasy XIV is coming in 2010. It's a Sony PS3 exclusive and it will be an MMORPG, very similar to Final Fantasy XI.

5. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Uncharted 2 is the melting pot of many Playstation 3 games, and even some Xbox 360 titles. It features the exploratory and platforming elements of Tomb Raider, the cover system of Gears of War, the environments of MGS4, and the multiplayer excitement of Killzone two. Sold!

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Sony PSP News from E3!

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Who declared the Sont Playstation Portable (PSP) was dead? With a new version of the hand held, the Sony PSP Go!, prepared to be released in October of 2009, and with the cost of the game development kit for the console slashed by eighty percent to encourage game developers to form computer applications for the portable gaming unit, the Sony PSP is poised to live out the 10 year lifespan that Sony has foreseen.

And with the just concluded Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2009, the said handheld stole the show by presenting some amazing Sony PSP videos of impending titles which may rock the gaming industry.

What are these Sony PSP videos that stole the show at E3 2009?

1. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Peace Walker is the sole game in the series where all the clones of Big Boss will appear on screen at the same time. What you have seen in the MGS games for the PS, the PS2 and the PS3 will be implemented in this epic title.

2. Gran Turismo: It isn't a dream. It is not a hoax. Shown in the middle of a slew of Sony PSP videos, the audience thought that this game was for the Sony Playstation 3 and it became lost and found its way to the Sony PSP presentation. With 35 race tracks and more than 400 authentic vehicles, Gran Turismo for the PSP will not make any compromises. It will be as thorough, as practical, and as epic as the installments for the PS2 and the PS3.

3. Resident Evil Portable. It is a Resident Evil game, being made from scratch, featuring classic game play in contrast to the rail shooters that were latterly used for the Nintendo Wii. Oh, it's such a fab time to be a Sony PSP owner!

4. Unbound Saga. Beat 'em ups are back, big time! The Sony PSP videos released got a superb boost when game play flicks of Unbound Saga was shown. This game is certain to be a classic.

5. Little Big Planet. Of all the Sony PSP videos shown during the exhibit, Little Big Planet for the Sony PSP was the longest. The video showed game photographs, which led to speculations that the title is nearing its date of release. The graphics are close to their Sony PS3 counterparts and the game play remains unchanged.

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Nintendo DS Lite: Worth the Upgrade?

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To call it a Nintendo DS Light is a standard mistake. Of course, the "Lite" that's attached to its formal name, isn't truly a word. Rather, it is a play on words which is in turn a play on the improvements of the Nintendo DS Lite over the first Nintendo DS.

So, how big of an improvement is this Nintendo DS Lite over the first Nintendo DS?

Furthermore, do these improvements justify buying the Nintendo DS Lite even if you already own the first Nintendo DS?

To answer the question , let's go back in time to the release of the first Nintendo DS. It was light years before its immediate predecessor, the Gameboy Advance. Certainly, the improved graphics and the speedier processing (and rendering) power were expected from the newer generation of hand-held console, but the Nintendo DS also added some revolutionary features that startled the world.

With titles like Nintendogs, a life simulation game that authorized the player to look after a superbly rendered dog, the first Nintendo DS conquered the sales charts and never looked back. However, the system suffered from various niggles such as dark screens and low battery life.

The Nintendo DS Lite, the second incarnation of the handheld system, cured these issues.

As we have mentioned earlier, it is officially called as DS Lite, with "Lite" being a play on the word "Light." The Nintendo DS Lite is, well, lighter than the first DS by as much as 50%, boasts of a brighter screen and also permits a longer battery life for the unit, mainly because of the added brightness level which the user can choose to use, depending on the present environmental lighting.

Do these improvements make the Nintendo DS Light a justifiable purchase even for folks who already own the first Nintendo DS? It depends on taste and how much the drawbacks of the original mean to you, but the Nintendo DS Light is the best choice for folks who have yet to experience the pleasures provided by Nintendo's newest wonder toy.

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