PSP Go! The End of Homebrews?

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Ask any Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) owner what they think is the neatest thing about the hand held system, and you will be surprised by the solution. No, it's not the wonderful graphics made feasible by a superb high-res LCD screen and extraordinary processing power capacities. No, it is not the library of games now available for the Sony PSP. The smartest thing about the Sony PSP is the homebrew community it has provoked. With a slew of 3rd party games and applications made for the Sony PSP, the handheld continued to enjoy brisk sales despite the limited number of games that were being made available in the market.

Now, some months before the release of the Sony PSP Go!, many homebrew developers are in a state of doubt about the way forward for their pastime and passion.

You see, what makes homebrews possible on the Sony PSP are the custom firmware updates that can be employed to replace Sony's official firmware updates. These custom firmware updates avoid the security checks that go with the official ones. Official Sony PSP firmware updates detect homebrews as illegal copies of games, and it blocks their load ups, making it impossible for the player to use them. Custom firmware updates remedy this problem.

But with the approach of the Sony PSP Go! and plans of doing away with UMD support, concentrating completely on downloadable games for future releases, there's a very big possibility some added security checks will be implemented that may make custom firmware updates obsolete. Indeed, without custom firmware updates, piracy on the Sony PSP and the Sony PSP Go! will be a thing of the past, which is good.

But without custom firmware updates, homebrews on the Sony PSP and the Sony PSP Go! will be impossible.

Additional security checks can be introduced to older models via the games themselves, but since you're meaning to use custom firmware updates merely for homebrews and not for anything illegal, you have zilch to fear.

Sony realizes the extreme importance of the homebrew community for the Sony PSP, and may not officially recognize these legal "hacks" to their system, but they can always give their implicit agree to the dedicated men and women who need to extend the functions of the Sony PSP. The homebrew community is here to stay.

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Should You Buy An Xbox360 Or A PS3?

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We are in the age of the following generation of consoles, and it's quite a battle between Microsoft's highly strong Xbox 360 and Sony's equally impressive PlayStation 3. Which console has a cleared path to victory? Which is a better investment for consumers? Which can provide the best gaming experience possible?

Let's face it, these gaming consoles don't come inexpensive. And in the face of a worldwide recession, we are going to want the best price for our cash. So, which machine will be worth our hard earned dough? The Xbox360 or the PS3?

Alas, the solution to that query relies on five key points that each zealous gamer is troubled about.

1. Which machine has a deeper game catalogue? Games outline game machines, not the opposite. Quality, of course, is more crucial than quantity, but a console that has one hundred games has better possibilities of getting more quality games than a console which has fifty games. When it comes to the range of the game library, the Xbox360 is the definitive winner. Having been released a year prior to the PS3, the Xbox360 has been able to amass quite a number of exclusive titles. WINNER: Xbox 360.

2. Which console offers a more rewarding online experience? Basically, this is a bout between Xbox Live and the Playstation Network. The distinction between them is clear, yet a definite winner is difficult. Xbox Live offers a smooth, optimized multi player experience. The Playstation Network is said to be quite laggy. Xbox Live hosts more demos and freebies than its opposite number. Though the Playstation Network has developed a 2nd Life social networking, avatar-based game called Home, the Xbox Live has locked down partnerships with a slew of digital distributors that will stream content for Xbox360 owners. The most important point here though, is that Playstation Network is totally free, whereas Xbox Live costs quite a considerable amount for monthly upkeep. Considering this, the small technicalities of Playstation Network's occassional lag can definitely be overlooked. WINNER: Playstation 3.

3. Which console is more reliable? The PS3 is known as a particularly durable machine. There are even rumors that the Eastern engineers who test drove the PS3 had it play continuously inside a sauna bath… and the unit fared extraordinarily, well. The Xbox360 is afflicted by endless reports of blunder codes involving three red lights - infamously known as 3RL - which suggest general hardware failure that will render the console unplayable. Though Microsoft has attempted to fix the situation by extending the Xbox 360's warranty to an unique three years, the PS3 is the current console that delivers uninterrupted gaming delight. If you need to play confidently about your console, go for the PS3. WINNER: Playstation 3.

4. Which console is more affordable? As of this writing, the Xbox360 Arcade package costs $199, and the base package costs $299. The Playstation 3 80GB costs $399 and Sony refuses to implement a price cut, saying that they already lose $307 for every unit sold since production of the PS3 is quite pricey. WINNER: Xbox360.

Based on the 4 areas of doubt debated above, there is no definitive winner as both consoles have pros and cons which must be considered.

But the more important question is : is which points discussed mean more to you as a consumer. Consider these and you will no doubt find your answer.

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