Microsoft Step Up and Fix the Red Lights of Death

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These eventualities are not atypical : Xbox 360 users having nightmares about three red lights, Xbox 360 users being fearful whilst playing time-intensive games as the screen might black out and 3 red lights might flash round the console's power switch, Xbox 360 users existing in constant stress of being ripped from a gripping game over Xbox Live due to the terrible three red lights that may bring down their systems.

Yes, out of all the glitches, issues and faults related to the system, none is more dreaded than the Xbox 360 red lights of death, famously abbreviated as RLOD. The Xbox 360 red lights of death are three red LEDs that flash round the power switch of the console, usually predated by system crashes while playing a game and failure to boot up when the console is reset.

The Xbox 360 'red lights of death' demonstrate what The Microsoft company will only label as'general hardware failure.' Many are convinced that it is merely an euphemism for'We have no idea where we goofed up in creating the 360.' The prevalence of the RLOD Xbox problem is quite worrying. The Microsoft company notes it as 16% of systems released prior to Aug of 2008. Third party estimates run as much as 65%, though. The Xbox 360 red lights of death have now become a selling problem for The Microsoft company. Industry commentators believe that The Microsoft company could have enjoyed 300% more sales if folk were not scared of this possible fault that, for all intentions and purposes, renders the machine useless.

The Microsoft company has implemented steps to relieve the problem :

- The Microsoft company has extended the guaranty of Xbox 360 units to three years, a rare length of time for a video games console. If a console is struck by the Red Ring of Death/Red Lights of Death and it's still under guaranty, the user can telephone in his fault and he will be asked to send back the faulty console. After a little time, The Microsoft company will send a new Xbox for the customer to get back gaming with.

- The Microsoft company has constantly upgraded its chipset and motherboard designs used. At present, the Jasper chipset is being utilized on current Xbox 360 consoles, and as yet, reports of the Xbox 360 red lights of death are non-existent.

How To Make The Sony Playstation 3 More Affordable

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Many people are looking for the best Sony PS3 deals in the market today. It will be a good bet to say that even devout Microsoft 360 gamers are considering owning a PS3 console.

Who wouldn't want to own a Sony Playstation 3, after all? It's a superb computer game system that's capable of so many things. With enough processing power to actually scare jail officials into outlawing PS3 units in numerous jails all over the country because a learned convict can basically dismantle the same and create a tool tough enough to bring down the whole penal system, the Sony PS3 is truly a work of art. Not only is it able to play the most technologically advanced games today, the console is also a multimedia beast that will store and play movies and music, scan the web, and stream photos for your eyes to enjoy.

The set-back: the Sony Playstation 3 is the least affordable console on the market. With a $400 price tag, as of this writing, the Sony PS3 is way beyond the budget of most casual buyers.

Thus, the high demand for amazing Sony PS3 deals. Here are a few tips on how to take the sting out of that hefty price tag.

- Wait for sales. As a general rule, retail multinationals conduct a sale per quarter. When the computation for these quarters start is where retail conglomerates change. It is safe to say, however, that sales should be predicted by the end of summer and right around October, just before the Christmas season starts. Sales may not present the best Sony PS3 deals possible, as Sony itself has stayed firm on the price tag for the system.

41%2B7ijf43jL. SL160  How To Make The Sony Playstation 3 More Affordable

- Try the secondary market. The Sony PS3 is a particularly hardy machine. There are no 3RLs or E74s here. A second hand PS3 is almost certain to be in good working condition. Additionally, you can find glorious Sony PS3 deals in the second hand market and you can even get a unit for 20% of its original cost.

- Use vouchers. Studies indicate that, if folks would only use the vouchers found in newspapers, mags and store circulars, they can save up $2,000 every year. Collect the acceptable coupons and stop waiting for the best Sony PS3 deals to come your way. Instead, make your own Sony PS3 deals via coupons!

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Which Xbox 360 Package Should You Go For?

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Prospective Xbox 360 owners are faced with a significant dilemma before purchase : which Xbox 360 package should they choose?

Well, considering that these bundles are each separated by $100 in their respective price tags, the problem becomes a decision that should merit major consideration.
When it comes to price, there is no doubt that the arcade bundle has the advantage at $199. The Xbox 360 Premium comes at $299, while the Select bundle is the most costly at $399.

When it comes to the completeness of the gaming experience, then the Xbox 360 Select is the king. With 120GB drive and HDMI 1.2 wires packaged with the bundle, this selection is loaded. But it doesn't stop there. The Select bundle also offers something that can never be acquired anywhere else: a black console with a black controller. To round it off, the Game of Year copy of the Xbox 360 Select bundle incorporates two big games, both of which are exclusives : Halo 3 and Fable 2. The colonnade bundle incorporates one full game and two Xbox Live colonnade games, but it doesn't provide a drive. A tough drive is necessary in this era, especially since the new Xbox Live Experience has permitted game-players to install games from DVDs to their hard drives.

So, what to buy?


If you are on a limited humble budget, go for the colonnade bundle. If you have money to spare, go for the Select package. But if you are like the rest of us who just want to play the games and luxuriate in the experience that the console can provide, go for the Xbox 360 Premium.

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Sony Playstation 3 Backwards Compatability To Return?

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For many gamers, Sony's biggest sin is removing PS2 backward compatibility from PS3 consoles. This wasn't like the Xbox 360's backward compatibility with Xbox games which was emulation-powered, therefore, subject to compatibility issues. Backward compatibility with PS2 games for PS3 consoles was perfect.

This feature was removed progressively. Newer models introduced limited backward compatibility which was software-powered. The models after that removed backward compatibility altogether.

And PS3 owners - particularly owners of more modern PS3 consoles - were left asking why. Sony countered with the fact that all PS3 models are still backwards compatable with PS1 games. However, the running quality of this feature is tempestuous at best, with many games running slower or with reduced quality, and some not running altogether.

Late in June 2009, Playstation game sites received reports of PS2 backward compatibility possibly coming back for PS3 consoles. Adding fuel to the fire is an earlier report about Sony conducting a survey regarding what fans wish to be included in the God of War III collector's edition. One of the selections : the first two games of the series. This right away led straight to speculation that, indeed, backward compatibility is in the works for PS3 consoles.

Hold your horses, however. It's still too soon to say for certain that backward compatibility is indeed returning to the Sony Playstation 3. For starters, what if such a patent-protected system only allows PS3 consoles to play downloaded PS2 games? This suggests that our PS2 discs will never see the light of day on PS3 consoles. Even if we own those games, we still need to download them from the Playstation Store to be able to play them on our PS3 units.

However, a likelihood is still better than an impossibility, and would open up further options to Sony Playstation 3 owners. With no definite answer right now, watch this space!

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Sony PSP Hacks To Check Out!

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We all know the amazing things that the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) can do. The PSP is a multimedia beast able to play a number of audio and video files, store and display pictures of numerous file types, and even skim the web with a built-in browser and glorious wi-fi connectivity. Synch it with your Sony Playstation 3 and you may have a remote control for the latter and by remote, we mean really remote, like your PS3 unit being in Sacramento and you can control it from Singapore while using your PSP.

And the Sony PSP can also play games, least we forget. These points are given, however. They're not actually what we can consider as Sony PSP hacks.

Looking for PSP hacks that are certain to impress your buddies including yourself?

Here are 3 great PSP hacks that not all PSP owners know about.

1. Watch any video file on your Sony PSP. Originally, the Sony PSP could only play video files in .mp4 format. What do you have to do? Simply go to and download their free tool. After conversion, simply upload the new .mp4 file to your Sony PSP. You need a memory card for this to house the space required by the file. 4GB cards are really cheap nowadays, but you can always go for the better investments if you have the cash to spare, specifically the 8GB and the 16GB memory cards.

2. Play classic colonnade games on your Sony PSP. This isn't really a PSP hack, rather, it's a awfully obscure feature integrated on PSP units since firmware 2.70. You may opt to save other flash games, not just representations of classic ones. You will need Firefox for this, as Internet Explorer won't allow you to download the .swf files from webpages. Now, for this pseudo PSP hack to work, you will need to connect your unit to a PC through USB cable. Create a folder named GAMES. On the address bar, simply type file:/psp/flash/ ( name of file ) .swf, and voila, you'd be playing the flash game in no time!

3. RSS Aggregator. For folk who need to receive their news in condensed form, this is the perfect PSP hack. Simply download a program called MioMediaBox and install it on your PSP. MioMediaBox will pick up RSS feeds from designated sources and convert them into texts that the PSP can display

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Torchlight: The New RPG On The Block

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Many gamers have not yet heard of the new action RPG in development called Torchlight. This could be due to the fact that it is being made by a particularly new and recently formed development studio called Runic Games. What you may not know, however, is that this new studio was founded by the co-creators of Diablo. These and other developers used to work for Flagship studio before it fell down, right in the middle of their second project; a highly anticipated roleplaying game that was at the time called Mythos. Now they're back with a follow-up, Torchlight, which impressed plenty of people at E3.

As designer Travis Baldree himself admits, 'If you know Diablo, then you know our game'. At the start of the game, players are given a choice between a pet dog or cat. Your pet can not only face enemies and help you fight them, but they can also carry items and even take them back to the city and sell them for you.

There are some features, however, that separates Torchlight from the rest of the crowd. Unlike in numerous past action-RPGs, equipment in Torchlight doesn't lose it's durability over use, so as a result the player does not have to spend any time on maintenance or repair of weapons and armor.

Torchlight will ship with development tools for modifying each facet of the game. You can even test out changed levels and modify them on an improvised basis. Torchlight is scheduled for release Q4 2009.

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Star Trek Online For PC and Xbox 360!

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No, it's not what you think. It is not a latest cash-in attempt. Star Trek Online has been about for a while, originally developed by Infinite Entertainment for a total of four years, but handed over to Cryptic Studios when the company went bankrupt. It's just that after the fantastic success of the new film, new-found interest in the online game has led the developing studio to divulge some information on the project. For the first time in years, Cryptic Studios have shared their progress on the game with the general public.

So, folk have been wondering : where in the timeline does Star Trek Online take place? According to Cryptic, in the year 2409, just after the dissolution of the peace treaty between the Federation and the Klingons. The developers understand that gamers expect to be ready to play as a selection of races, eg the Borg, but it's something that they'll have to address post-launch. For the moment, this is the way it is. Be assured, however, that the Federation and Klingon races are quite different and unique to one another, and the studio has every intention of ensuring the gameplay is as deep as diverse from that viewpoint.

In fact, though it is not entirely clear how this may work into the gameplay right now, it is easy for players to custom-build their own races, which other players can then pick and play as. How cool is that? Ships, too, are customizable, but only to the limit that the ship still has the trademark look of it's race or alliance.

Space combat could be intense (as the game's preview trailer implies) but it is also tactical. You've got to think about such points as your ship's transference of power and the point on your enemy's ship where you wish to strike. Such features should make for some pretty deep combat, something MMO's can always use.

There's no official date of release for the game yet, but Cryptic propose to release Star Trek Online shortly for the PC and Xbox 360.

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Great Upcoming Titles For Sony Playstation 3

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2008 was a superb year for the Sony PlayStation 3. After three years of being beaten up by its competitors, the Nintendo Wii and the Microsoft Xbox 360, the PS3 rebounded with robust exclusives and verified hits like Metal Gear Solid 4 and Little Big Planet.

What's in store for the Sony Playstation 3 in the months to come? Will the schedule of PS3 releases continue the momentum established by the company in 2008? Will the rest of 2009, and even 2010, be the period when Sony regains the throne it was compelled to surrender and actually realize some profit for their video game console? Here's a look at what we have to look forward to;

1. God of War III. Of all of the PS3 releases forthcoming, this is the surest hit. Kratos is too much of a tough guy to be considered as a mascot, and his journeys aren't always what we can consider as 'wholesome'. Nevertheless, God of War III is THE PS3 release that is destined to sell a large amount of games and units alike.

2. DC Universe online . Think of a constant world where you may either hero or villain, interacting with other real players playing popular characters like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and the likes. It's a PS3 release worth waiting for.

3. Uncharted 2 : Among Thieves. The first Uncharted was a sleeper hit for Sony. The second one will be 20 times better, and with multi-player action to boot.

4. EyePet. This PS3 release will be a do or die for the EyeToy peripheral. The last ( and only ) game that employed the accessory was Eye of Judgment. Will a virtual pet-style title be sufficient to make the peripheral a sound investment for PS3 owners?

5. Gran Turismo 5. Presuming it is released. As it stands, GT5 should have been delivered two years ago.

Keep your eyes peeled for these great titles and many more, coming to the Sony Playstation 3 soon!

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