The End Of The Xbox Halo Franchise As We Know It

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Halo: Reach is the forthcoming (and final) chapter from current developer studio Bungie, bringing to an end their reign over the Xbox Halo franchise. Set in 2552 on the human planet Reach, and players once more adopt the Spartan colours as Noble 6 and, along with Noble Squad, the gamer will have to defend their planet from the terror that is the Covenant. However, Halo: Reach is a prequel to Bungie's first award winning "Halo: Combat Evolved" title.

Originally designed to be an improved version of the Xbox Halo franchise entry Halo 3, the notion was dropped, Bungie stating they would redesign and improve the quality of the Halo 3 designs. Harking back to the Halo: Combat Evolved concept ideas, this effectively means the new weapon, armour and covenant designs in Halo: Reach will deviate greatly from prior entries but uphold the ethos of the Xbox Halo franchise.

Hinting that Bungie will not cap the Xbox Halo franchise without a bang, the producers are looking to dramatically increase the graphical quality of all gaming areas, even including the weaponry. This clearly required Bungie to create a fresh new engine in Halo: Reach, with the AI augmented and nudged to provide better support for the player as they battle the Covenant.

So after all these promises of fusing greatly refined graphics and improved AI and designs, will Bungie leave the Xbox Halo franchise with a bang and cement their reputation for producing the best FPS for the Xbox 360? The only way to find out is to grab a copy when it is released later this year!

The Cancellation of Original Xbox Live

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Since the original Xbox console was released all those years back, Microsoft's online network known as Live has given the ability to enjoy multiplayer games on the web. The network formed the precedent by which all future online system support would be compared, and has received great popularity through support of arguably the best online multiplayer games ever made. It has lead to quite a stir, then, since Microsoft have claimed that original Xbox Live cancellation is to be brought about in the coming months.

This announcement has brought with it many questions, some of which should be answered here. The very first thing to remember is this statement doesn't include Xbox 360 and games for that system. Only the original Xbox, and games released for that platform, will be affected by this. Microsoft assure game-players that the original Xbox Live cancellation was not made without consideration and that they are totally greatful to the gamers who have made Live the success it is.

The news is a bit of a downer to some gamers. Though greatly outdated and surpassed by the 360, the Xbox retains a strong cult popularity, with many of their games still being played by customers. The clear example here is Halo 2, which keeps a sizeable following on Xbox Live. However, being a game released on the original platform, it too will be affected by original Xbox Live cancellation.

And so why are Microsoft implementing original Xbox Live cancellation? To apply all resources and effort to the Xbox 360 and upcoming projects, the company are cancelling this feature. With promising features like Project Natal heading our way, Microsoft are set on applying all they've got into delivering the best they possibly can, and assure gamers that the final result will be worthwhile. The original Xbox Live cancellation is a shame for those involved, but the future holds grander things and Microsoft want to dedicate all efforts into delivering the excellent service they always have.