Wii’s Red Steel

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As the Wii was initially released, it brought with it a range of exclusive titles, such as Red Steel. This game was primarily a FPS wherein the gamer could switch between gun action and sword action by employing the Wii remote or nunchuk. This impressive gameplay generated high excitement all over the videogame community, and therefore the game was amongst the highest selling launch games for Nintendo's console. Producers Ubisoft have finally developed a sequel, and Wii's Red Steel 2 is due out shortly.

Wii's Red Steel 2 is transfering the action from the Mafia oriented mob story of the first game and relocating to a desert area, wherein you play the mysterious 'Swordsman'. Seeking vengeance on a variety of enemies, you battle your way through numerous environments using the same play system as in the original.

51flx4hh44L. SL160  Wiis Red Steel

The controls have been fine tuned to a high level with this game. In spite of the high sales of the original, one drawback that was frequently cited by critics was that the controls didn't accurately convey gamer movements to the screen. By using the new WiiMotion Plus Wii's Red Steel 2 hopes to counter this drawback drastically.

Additionally, the title takes a fresh visual style. Rather than the realistic look of the original, Wii's Red Steel 2 is done with a cell shaded design, giving the game an impressively stylised finish. Multiplayer has also been dropped from this title, as Ubisoft state they wanted to put all their effort into making the best single player campaign achievable.

The initial Red Steel was really a flawed masterpiece; it had all the promise to be a great and revolutionary title yet was just defeated by below-par controls. If Wii's Red Steel 2 can rectify this problem, then we might be seeing a truly impressive title.

The Features of the PSP Go

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The newest release of Sony's gaming portables is the PSP Go, disclosed in Q4 of 2009 at the E3 show. The PSP Go features are significantly different to previous machines in the range, and come together to supply a fashionable and practical differentiation to the existing line.

The initial, and probably most talked about, of the PSP Go features to vary from classic models is the lack of the UMD drive. Previous models have made use of this media outlet for both games and videos, but the PSP Go drops it completely. In its place, Sony want all software on the PSP Go to be transfered onto the sixteen GB of built in memory. This brave move will be allowed by the PS store, which is compiling a vast library of titles and films to be made available with the PSP Go features.

The previously discussed 16 GB of memory is flash based, and can be increased to 32 GB with a memory stick micro. This PSP Go feature delivers a vast stock of memory so players will not be stuck for room. The screen is slightly reduced since the PSP 3000, but presents a much more focussed display at 480x272 pixels. The compact screen shelf is pressed upwards to reveal the buttons and d-pad, which also includes an analogue stick as before.

31S4uqx7XaL. SL160  The Features of the PSP Go

The PSP Go keeps all the fundamental features of its progenitor, including wi-fi functioning and access to the PS store both individually or through a PS3. Sony are aiming to make all previous UMDs available through the store, and game-players can also find 'Minis', a new range of less expensive titles from classic ranges like Megaman and Tetris.

So that's a quick introduction to the PSP Go features. The console retains the established feel and features of the progenitor, while presenting a fresh new finish and inventive media capacities. Sony have said that solely downloading titles is the dream for all games in the long run, and the PSP Go is preparing the ground for a new step in gaming history.

Exclusives For Playstation Home

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In recent days, PlayStation Home has grown into a thriving community of players. Most fittingly explained as a sort of massive, interactive 'Sims' experience, Playstation Home permits you to engage with fellow gamers throughout the world via your digital avatar. Gamers can chat, play games and watch interactive trailers and promos. In addition, the emergent phenomena of Playstation Home exclusives is drawing in droves of fresh gamers.

Playstation Home exclusives are made up of diverse treats, including special game-based threads or skins, reward based trophies and mini-games. Many PS3 games use the trophy system, bestowing them upon gamers for passing distinct challenges or unlocking specific things throughout the game. These trophies are Playstation Home exclusives and are viewed digitally in your 'space' ; so if you invite a fellow gamer into your space they'll be ready to see your gaming perfection!

419bnlIf6LL. SL160  Exclusives For Playstation Home

In order to promote their games, many games developers market Playstation Home exclusives ahead of release to promote interest in their titles. These can comprise promos, short demos or even exclusive skins and garments based primarily on the title itself. For example, prior to release of Street Fighter 4, Capcom created Ryu and Ken garments as special Playstation Home exclusives, ready to buy through the clothes shops.

By winning or unlocking specific trophies, Playstation Home exclusives will be available to you. By beating arcade battle in Tekken 6, gamers unlock a special cupboard for their home space- inspired by a Tekken arcade game! Just by purchasing Batman : Arkham Asylum on the PS3, you'll unearth an exclusive Batcave area for you to go to while interacting!

The range of Playstation Home exclusives is almost endless, with tons of awesome content being added all the time. It is a great way to broaden the attraction of both the PS3 and the games you'll be playing on it, so log on now and find out just what's available!

The Advantages of DSiware

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Since its release, the Nintendo DSi has enjoyed a big boost in renown over the first DS. Nintendo augmented the original model in pretty much every way imaginable; slimming it down and throwing in excellent features like the dual cameras. However it has taken some time for the special features of the DSi to be completely realised, but this is being speeded up thanks to the increasing number of Nintendo DSiWare titles and resources being released.

Nintendo DSiWare is the name given to an increasing offering of applications released totally for the DSi, most of which utilise the DSi's features and therefore are not compatible with the previous DS. These can be accessed quickly and easily via the DSi store, and gamers spend their Nintendo points in order to download these applications.

412A74N38xL. SL160  The Advantages of DSiware

The distributors have offered up the creation of DSiWare features to several 3rd party publishers, and so gamers can look forward to a wide variety of goodies. A vast back catalogue of retro and well-loved games are being added on a weekly basis, and so DSi owners have access to a stack of great titles. Some examples include Phantasy Star, Brain challenge and the Art Style franchise of games.

However, even more exciting are the host of Nintendo DSiWare applications; a range of downloadables that are produced particular to the DSi's augmented technology and features. These include art and flipbook studios for more in-depth customization, augmented browser and camera features and even interactive compendiums with camera synching.

As said, the list of Nintendo DSiWare features is growing weekly, and they're helping to recognise the actual potential of the handheld. Any DSi gamer should definitely check into the huge range of applications and titles available- they're fun, intuitive and are very easy to download. Having said that, try out the huge list of Nintendo DSiWare features without delay!

Resonance of Fate

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The onslaught of recent JRPGs continues this month with the release of Resonance of Fate from developers Sega. Following hot on the heels of bigger names Final Fantasy and White Knight Chronicles, this title was in danger of being completely esclipsed, but has in fact proved to be a dark horse entry, gathering a rising level of appreciation from genre fans.

Resonance of Fate revolves around a future civilisation which is crumbling into chaos. Vast cities are being poisoned whilst the aristocratic upper classes do nothing to help, and you command three characters fighting for justice. Gameplay revolves exclusively around gun battles, and as you progress further your firearms can be customized and augmented.

The combat system employed throughout Resonance of Fate has divided audiences. Initially, it is quite unforgiving and piles a lot of information onto the player at once, making it all seem quite difficult when starting out. However, commit a few solid hours to mastering it and the result is an intricate and dynamic system displaying balletic gun battles.

51co0sDHmuL. SL160  Resonance of Fate

Graphically, the game is impressive to look at and provides a detailed steampunk style world. The characters are pretty in a generic anime way, although the ongoing 'boutique' feature, which allows you to customize your characters appearance throughout Resonance of Fate, is a great addition.

Overall, this is a great addition to the JRPG genre. It takes a risk with the age old combat system and, whilst the result won't be to everyone's taste, it is a commendable effort. It looks great and crucially includes the favourite RPG elements such as towns and NPC interaction, which have been curiously missing in other recent high profile offerings. If you're a fan of JRPGs with an individual twist, give Resonance of Fate a try.