id Hire Award Winning Writer for Doom 4

January 19, 2009 by  

doom4 300x227 id Hire Award Winning Writer for Doom 4

John Carmack and the guys at id Software, the creators of the great Doom and Quake franshise and the upcoming Rage, have announced that Award Winning Sci-Fi writer Graham Joyce, author of 'The Tooth Fairy', 'Dark Sister' and 'The Stormwatcher', is to be writing the story for Doom 4. This is a welcome change for the FPS genre, where story is usually bolted on to give meaning to you blowing seven bells out of aliens and the like. Having a well scripted story in Doom 4 will immerse players into the world of Doom, and will give it a much more structured feel. As usual Doom 4 will have id Softwares new technology, but with the inclusion of Graham Joyce in the story writing department, this will add another focal point to the Doom series, but also to the rather bland FPS genre as well.

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