Check Out The Latest Final Fantasy 13 Trailer Now!

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Recently the Internet saw the debut of the first fully English Final Fantasy 13 trailer. It was revealed as part of distributor Square Enix's 'lucky 13' project, in which they have vowed to reveal fresh data and promos on the 13th of every month leading up to release of the game.

As the title is due to hit western soil on March 9th 2010, this fresh Final Fantasy 13 trailer is to be the penultimate promo we receive, before February's final 'lucky 13' day. As already discussed, this comprises the first full trailer in which the cast are totally voiced by English speaking talent. We've been treated to leaked pieces of their voices here and there, but this Final Fantasy 13 trailer delivers the full show.

Motomu Toriyama, the director of Final Fantasy 13, has stated that the English copy of the title is now nearly complete, with just final mastering sessions to see to. As anticipation tops new heights, Square Enix are content to drip feed us info in their infamous style. This latest Final Fantasy 13 trailer also includes the English theme song, performed by Leona Lewis. The producers are clearly eager to make use of all of the big names when it comes to this project.

And so with a while yet before the title crashes into our lives, this latest Final Fantasy 13 trailer is ideal to keep you on the edge of your seat a while longer. Packed full of the gorgeous visuals we've come to expect from Square Enix, along with displays of amazing gameplay, it looks like the long, long wait is definitely worthwhile!

Beatles Rock Band Limited Edition

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If you're a true follower of video games and devices, I am sure you've heard about The Beatles Rock Band Limited Edition. However, if you're still unsure what it is, keep on delving here and you will soon discover the details you want.

The Beatles Rock Band Limited Edition is where the most creative musical video game and greatest band of our time meet. It's the title for music fans, game players, children and veterans alike who gladly hold onto the golden era in music.

51Gde07ZLyL. SL160  Beatles Rock Band Limited Edition

MTV games announced this title will be interesting for both youths and their mom and pop. Youngsters will love it - because they adore games, and folks will be thrilled to participate aswell, since they truly love and respect traditionally popular music as The Beatles delivered. Platforms that house this title are Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

The Beatles Rock Band Limited Edition will have the game, a Hofner Bass ( custom etched like Sir Paul McCartney formerly played ), a microphone with a stand, extra special content and a real special treat for any music affectionados - Ludwig Drums! The drum set is uniquely customised for this title, with pearl finish and vintage drum hide, similar to the model Ringo Starr employed.

So waste no more time and start rehearsing your well-loved Beatles titles and guitar solos. If you love the music these legendary Liverpool musicians produced, The Beatles Rock Band Limited Edition is sure to rock your soul!


Torchlight: The New RPG On The Block

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Many gamers have not yet heard of the new action RPG in development called Torchlight. This could be due to the fact that it is being made by a particularly new and recently formed development studio called Runic Games. What you may not know, however, is that this new studio was founded by the co-creators of Diablo. These and other developers used to work for Flagship studio before it fell down, right in the middle of their second project; a highly anticipated roleplaying game that was at the time called Mythos. Now they're back with a follow-up, Torchlight, which impressed plenty of people at E3.

As designer Travis Baldree himself admits, 'If you know Diablo, then you know our game'. At the start of the game, players are given a choice between a pet dog or cat. Your pet can not only face enemies and help you fight them, but they can also carry items and even take them back to the city and sell them for you.

There are some features, however, that separates Torchlight from the rest of the crowd. Unlike in numerous past action-RPGs, equipment in Torchlight doesn't lose it's durability over use, so as a result the player does not have to spend any time on maintenance or repair of weapons and armor.

Torchlight will ship with development tools for modifying each facet of the game. You can even test out changed levels and modify them on an improvised basis. Torchlight is scheduled for release Q4 2009.

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Star Trek Online For PC and Xbox 360!

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No, it's not what you think. It is not a latest cash-in attempt. Star Trek Online has been about for a while, originally developed by Infinite Entertainment for a total of four years, but handed over to Cryptic Studios when the company went bankrupt. It's just that after the fantastic success of the new film, new-found interest in the online game has led the developing studio to divulge some information on the project. For the first time in years, Cryptic Studios have shared their progress on the game with the general public.

So, folk have been wondering : where in the timeline does Star Trek Online take place? According to Cryptic, in the year 2409, just after the dissolution of the peace treaty between the Federation and the Klingons. The developers understand that gamers expect to be ready to play as a selection of races, eg the Borg, but it's something that they'll have to address post-launch. For the moment, this is the way it is. Be assured, however, that the Federation and Klingon races are quite different and unique to one another, and the studio has every intention of ensuring the gameplay is as deep as diverse from that viewpoint.

In fact, though it is not entirely clear how this may work into the gameplay right now, it is easy for players to custom-build their own races, which other players can then pick and play as. How cool is that? Ships, too, are customizable, but only to the limit that the ship still has the trademark look of it's race or alliance.

Space combat could be intense (as the game's preview trailer implies) but it is also tactical. You've got to think about such points as your ship's transference of power and the point on your enemy's ship where you wish to strike. Such features should make for some pretty deep combat, something MMO's can always use.

There's no official date of release for the game yet, but Cryptic propose to release Star Trek Online shortly for the PC and Xbox 360.

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PS3 Vs Xbox 360!

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PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, which console is better? Which is a safer investment? The battle of Xbox 360 vs PS3 will be waged in five fronts. Let's take a look at each and every one of them to determine which gaming console is worth your loyalty.

1. Power. Third party developers have always complained about how hard it is to make games for the PS3 due to its maze-like infrastructure. The Xbox 360 is like a computer system, thus, better to code for. The result : games that are released for both systems generally look better on the Xbox 360.

2. Reliability. The Xbox 360 has long been plagued with bugs and breakdowns. What good is a gaming system if it'll break down in some months, if not a few weeks, right? In the battle of Xbox 360 vs PS3 on this front, the PS3 is the runaway winner.

3.Game library. The Xbox 360 was released a year before the PS3. Developers also say that they'd rather make games for the Xbox 360 because it's a better system to work with. Activision, developers and distributors of the widely acclaimed Call of Duty series, have even promised to stop developing for the PS3 out of sheer disappointment. It comes as little surprise, then, the Xbox 360 has a deeper game library and wins this round of the Xbox 360 vs PS3 fight.

4. Exclusives. Despite Xbox's Halo, Gears of War and Fable, the PS3 has Killzone, Resistance, Uncharted, Ratchet and rattle, little Big Planet and more. When it comes to sheer variety, the PS3 wins this facet of the battle.

Pretty equal pegging, then. In the end, it's all about personal preference, take that for what it's worth deciding on which console to purchase.

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Final Fantasy XIV Wows Fans At E3!

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So, what's the biggest PlayStation 3 report from the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2009?

Final Fantasy XIII? Old news. Besides, it is not even exclusive to the Sony PS3 anymore.

God of War 3? Everyone knew it was coming, sooner or later. Also, a recording of Kratos ascending the back of a Titan has been making the rounds since late in 2008.

Gran Turismo 5? Barely. The Prologue has been in the marketplace for more than two years now.

The most important piece of PS3 news from E3 is something that was only discussed in passing inadvertently or accidentally in the arrival of footages for Final Fantasy XIII.

The most important PS3 stories from E3 is this : Final Fantasy XIV is DEFINITELY coming in 2010. Some still shots of the game were shown, and they look fantastic!

Final Fantasy XIII is booked to be released stateside in spring of 2010. The question arises: would not both Final Fantasy installments cannibalize each other? After all, isn't it foolish to release two products and make them struggle with one another for a similar audience? In fact, Final Fantasy XIV is balanced to be another great MMORPG for Play Online.

To fully appreciate the scale of this PS3 report, it has to be noted that Final Fantasy XIV is the first ever console MMORPG. Final Fantasy XI is also the first MMORPG to go cross-platform, appearing on the PS2, the computer, and the Xbox 360. It remains a highly favored MMORPG to this very day, more than seven years from its original release.

From the passing trailer that was shown, folks appeared to be convinced that Final Fantasy XIV is more true to the spirit of the series than Final Fantasy XI ever was. Whether or not it is an exclusive, or it is simply a timed exclusive, is yet to be seen. But the sheer impact of this PS3 report cannot be denied: people will be logging on 2010 solely to complete their Final Fantasy experience.

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Spore Hero Comes To PC, Mac and Wii!

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Spore was released on the PC last autumn and has already amassed enough popularity to green light a pair of growth packs and spinoffs. One such spinoff is named Spore Hero, and is scheduled to be released on the PC, Mac, and Wii, comprising of an open world adventure game and starring a unusual creature that can control it's own physical evolution on the fly.

At the game's start the hero crashlands on an alien planet on board a blue meteor. Initially our hero is arely a hatchling, but as you explore the landscape and complete quests you can unlock new parts and capabilities. Around the globe are scattered varied creatures with exclamation marks floating above their heads, in a fashion rather reminiscent of World Of Warcraft. This means you can interact with them, taking part in activities like singing, dancing, or fighting. Sometimes they have a problem, and they are going to tell you what it is. If you can fix it, there will be a reward.

As for control, Spore Hero takes a very different approach from past games in the series. Where in the PC versions you continue to use the cursor to click where you want your character to go, for the Wii you use the nunchuk's analog control. Also, combat control develops over time, just as the creature does. Combos and capabilities, as well as how you control them, shift with the character.

As you gain parts you can bring them back to assorted huge nests scattered around the planet. These nests provide the opportunity to customize character's appearances, both playable and non-playable. An example in which this comes handy is when the player meets a male creature attempting to please a female who doesn't like his looks. After a conversation with her you can get an idea of what her tastes and preferences are, bring the male to the nest, and just make a few modifications.

Spore Hero is a very different and interesting take on the Spore franchise, and appears to be targeting a wider audience across multi-platforms. Fans brave enough to try something new should definitely look out for Spore Hero!

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Red Faction: Guerrilla

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Red Faction was a FPS originally released on the Playstation 2. The success of this title paved way for a multi-platform sequel, which revolutionised the gnere by placing large emphasis on dual-wielding and alternate fire mode weaponry. In fact, for a long time the Red Faction franchise was best described as Unreal Tournament meets Halo, due to it's frantic yet epic combat. The new sequel, Red Faction Guerrilla,  deviates from the format set up in the initial games, toning down the frantic action to concentrate on a slower pace.

Understandably, this may cause fans of the original to be a bit sceptical. Changing the time-tested formula in such a way seems like a strange move for a franchise that really didn't need it, but early reports show that the game continues to work extremely well. As you may have heard already, in the early stages of the development when creators booted it up all the game's buildings and structures instantly collapsed. It turns out the engine was so advanced that they had to bring in builders and architects to properly structure planks inside the buildings so that they wouldn't fall over. obviously the developers are investing a lot of time and effort into the realism of this title.

The game follows demo expert Alec Mason as he moves to the new Mars plantation for a job in mining. However, the Earth Defense Force is oppressing the people on Mars and have taken Alec's brother on charges of insurrection. This causes Mason to join in a revolution against the EDF tyrants in the hopes of restoring the balance. In game, Mason has access to a wide variety of weaponry including a sledgehammer, a jetpack, mine charges (he is a demolition expert after all), a missile launcher, assault rifles, and other weaponry. The game allows almost free exploration of the red planet, allowing for immersive and deep-rooted gaming opportunities.

Developers have also promised that staple of current FPS games; the online multiplayer mode, although the single player campaign looks to remain the major hook for players. Watch out for Red Faction: Guerrilla on all next gen platforms and the PC now!

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Wolfenstein Returns!

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Wolfenstein is a videogame series which has been around longer than most. In reality, it first debuted in the early 80s amongst the first stealth-action games. Since then, however, it has gone through some major re-imaginings, from the intensely bloody shoot-em-up Wolfenstein 3D to Return To Castle Wolfenstein, in which multi-player was a pretty major part. Lucky for us gamers, the new Wolfenstein to be released on the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 will draw from components of all 3 games, as well as other sources.

The story of the game occurs in the fictional city of Isenstadt, where the Nazi's are trying to unleash the power of an artifact called Black Sun. As American soldier B.J. Blazkowicz, it's your job to stop them at any price. But in order to do this, you're going to be forced to essentially use it yourself before they can. By harnessing it's power you can dive into an alternative realm and take advantage of the diverse landscape and circumstances to outflank foes and reach new areas. This dimension is known as The Veil. Veil pools are dotted here and there and you can recharge your energy by standing in them for a time. As you progress you can unlock new capabilities which may be used in the Veil, like the power called Mire, which permits you to slow time. This is great for escaping heavy fire or dodging out of the trail of an incoming missile. But hey, Wolfenstein isn't all puzzles and method, it is a first-person shooter, and if you would like to all but forego the other elements you sure as heck can.

Wolfenstein features a large assortment of weaponry, all of which can be upgraded with cash; adding on components like scopes, bayonets, and grenade launchers. It's clear that the creators wanted the player to have a lot of choice in how he played the game, not only in provisions the weaponry but also in that there are sometimes multiple paths or options to take in each level. This may be highly satisfying when the player can decide whether he is going to avoid Nazi fire by rushing up a flight of steps to his right and thus outflank his enemies, or slide down a manhole to his left and into the sewer, and escape that way. And , it greatly contributes to replayability, making certain players will come back to try new tactics and directions to glean the full gaming value.

As for a release date, no precise date has been shared, but it's likely that Wolfenstein will be coming out before the end of this year.

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Forever is no more

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Duke Nukem Forever has been literally forever in the making. For a long time it was like Guns N Roses long awaited album Chinese Democracy, considered to be never released or even just a myth. However, Chinese Democracy was released last year and expelled its own myth of never going to be released. So, is the fact that I am writing this mean Duke Nukem Forever is on the horizon for release? Erm…No.

3D Realms, the creator of Duke Nukem Forever, has sadly gone bust due to lack of funds, which can be attributed to the economic climate. 3D Realms had been in the games industry since 1987 and popularised Shareware games. Shareware games are what we now consider to be demos. They were a trial version of the game, usually just the first level of the game, for consumers to try out before they bought the game.

3D Realms also brought us the fabulous Wolfenstein 3D first-person shooter and the beloved Duke Nuken character. Wolfenstein 3D was one of the first first-person shooters to be developed and inspired one of the most defining first-person shooters and if not game of all time, Doom. Duke Nukem started out as a side-scrolling shooting game, but later transformed into a first-person shooter with the hilarious, gory and strange Duke Nukem 3D.

Duke Nukem Forever was supposed to be the next generation follow up to the successful Duke Nukem 3D, however, at the turn of the millennium 3D Realms where left behind and development of Duke Nukem Forever slipped further and further behind. Screenshots of progress where released to the press but for years afterwards nothing was heard. Nearly a decade after being announced more screenshots were released, and they showed true promise that it was on the horizon.

Since this news hit, the likelihood of Duke Nukem Forever being released feels more and more like a no. Take Two planned to publish the game but split from 3D Realms because of the lack of progress with the title and due to the recent economic turmoil we see ourselves in who could blame them? This inevitably lead to 3D Realms going bust, and the possibility of Duke Nukem Forever becoming Duke Nukem Never.

It is a sad time as the prospect of losing another video games developer with true pedigree and a history of making great games. You never know, someone may take a gamble on them, but in this climate it is doubtful and the likelihood is we will probably never ever see the promising Duke Nukem Forever.

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