The Possibilities of Faceez!

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In recent months, the web applications offered by the DS store have been producing some fascinating features. Particularly where the DSi is concerned, the console is at last having its additional features realised in some great interactive games. A recent photo manipulation title, Faceez, is gathering a considerable amount of fame.

41FR4LYMGEL. SL160  The Possibilities of Faceez!

Faceez takes advantage of the DSi's dual cameras, permitting players to take pictures of themselves and buddies. These photographs can then be transfered into the Faceez modifying suite, which may store an enormous variety of photos. Your pictures can now be played around with in varied ways.

By choosing 'mix' you'll be able to build hybrids of your face with a vast stock of different images, allowing you to check out movie star noses or hairstyles. 'Disguise' permits Faceez gamers to add funny disguises to their pictures, including Pirate Hats or Bandit Masks. 'Animate' is certainly the most impressive function, which fixes your facial image to a stick-man and permits you to perform a whole host of actions, including dancing, consuming sweets and singing. Inventory expressions will be fused to your face to make it appear like your mouth is moving, and the results are strikingly realistic.

This application is a great little excuse to get your buddies and have a laugh. The intuitive elements are definitely revolutionary, and you will have hours of fun testing out all of the tools. Faceez pictures may also be uploaded to Facebook and different apps, meaning the possibilities go even further. For those who're searching for a fun little game to try out the DSi's skills, Faceez is the latest obsession!

The Advantages of DSiware

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Since its release, the Nintendo DSi has enjoyed a big boost in renown over the first DS. Nintendo augmented the original model in pretty much every way imaginable; slimming it down and throwing in excellent features like the dual cameras. However it has taken some time for the special features of the DSi to be completely realised, but this is being speeded up thanks to the increasing number of Nintendo DSiWare titles and resources being released.

Nintendo DSiWare is the name given to an increasing offering of applications released totally for the DSi, most of which utilise the DSi's features and therefore are not compatible with the previous DS. These can be accessed quickly and easily via the DSi store, and gamers spend their Nintendo points in order to download these applications.

412A74N38xL. SL160  The Advantages of DSiware

The distributors have offered up the creation of DSiWare features to several 3rd party publishers, and so gamers can look forward to a wide variety of goodies. A vast back catalogue of retro and well-loved games are being added on a weekly basis, and so DSi owners have access to a stack of great titles. Some examples include Phantasy Star, Brain challenge and the Art Style franchise of games.

However, even more exciting are the host of Nintendo DSiWare applications; a range of downloadables that are produced particular to the DSi's augmented technology and features. These include art and flipbook studios for more in-depth customization, augmented browser and camera features and even interactive compendiums with camera synching.

As said, the list of Nintendo DSiWare features is growing weekly, and they're helping to recognise the actual potential of the handheld. Any DSi gamer should definitely check into the huge range of applications and titles available- they're fun, intuitive and are very easy to download. Having said that, try out the huge list of Nintendo DSiWare features without delay!

What To Expect from Nintendo DSi Features

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Nintendo DSi features are made up of fantastic multimedia capabilities, a clear improvement on previous incarnations. These features, for example the SD card, enables players to store pictures, downloads, and AAC music on the SD (as a removable storage). The wonderful Nintendo DSi Sound will definitely attract many fans to record your voice, play music (if it's mp4, 3GP or m4a), adjust pitch and playback, and control filters while you are listening to the music.

Another noteworthy improvement - you can listen to the audio output while your DSi is closed. You could even be an MC if you like, just use the built-in microphone to record audio or vocal messages ( limit is eighteen clips up to ten seconds in length ) and apply them to the audio files you have in your list.

41J %2BdH9LoL. SL160  What To Expect from Nintendo DSi Features

More Nintendo DSi features are made up of a dual camera, with software that allows you to change and adjust your photos. You have 10 variant lenses at your disposal, so you are able to pursue your photo creativity. The Nintendo DSi features let you manipulate pictures captured by the camera, together with imported materials and real time feeds too. You can link the pictures you save with Wii, facebook and other social websites.

Internet connectivity is also a very important inclusion to the Nintendo DSi features. The console can easily be connected to the Internet, with a speedy connection through 802.11b/g Wi-Fi built in.

Lastly let's remember that WEP, WPA and WPA2 wireless encryption is employed by the Nintendo DSi features and that game-players around the world will surely be pleased to see it!

Don’t Forget The Nintendo DS Lite!

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For all video game lovers, Nintendo DS Lite consoles will give you a heap of delight and thrill. It is available in 7 colours and is predicated on wireless communications technology by which gamers can join their pals over a game. From the technological standpoint, it combines touch sensitive screen interaction with twin screen action to offer you a novel gaming experience.

Nintendo DS Lite consoles are hand held and have built-in stereo speakers for excellent sound quality. It can also emanate surround sound in express games. The audio capacities of the console will transcend the gameplayers into a world of astonishing sound effects and lively music.

Now let us mention the screens of these gaming consoles. They have two backlit LCD screens which are 3" in dimension. They possess the ability to produce true 3D  graphics. In addition, the screen can be changed to various lighting conditions by adjusting its brightness on four different levels. The lower screen of the console works on touch sensitive screen technology. A strong recharger and rechargeable lithium ion battery pack are included in every console. The system recharges entirely in three hours of time.

noimage Dont Forget The Nintendo DS Lite!

The Nintendo DS Lite console also incorporates a clock, alarm functions and calendar. You can choose the background color of the screen, and also display your birthday or your nickname on the screen. There are several alternatives to add an individual touch to these consoles.

Taking into consideration the above mentioned features of Nintendo DS Lite consoles, there is no doubt that it outclasses the original Nintendo DS consoles which are bigger, less swish and not as sturdy as the Lite versions. They also offer a cheaper but no less functional alternative to the Nintendo DSi.

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The Best Nintendo DS Lite Bundles!

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Why invest in a Nintendo DS Lite bundle?

Well, for a start, it'll come out cheaper compared to buying the system THEN buying a game you can play. Savings can amount to as much as 23% for certain deals, which is a lot considering the fact that buying the system and the game separately can cost just about $170.

Also, many Nintendo DS Lite bundles offer exclusive colors that one cannot find on systems that are sold alone. Remember the blazing red DS with decal stickers that came with the Mario Kart DS bundle? What about the light pink DS that came with the Nintendogs bundle? These are extraordinary colors that collectors desire, and they only come with Nintendo DS Lite bundles.

The answer, naturally, will depend upon your gaming preference. However, let us review the most popular of the currently available Nintendo DS Lite bundles to help determine the best investment for your money:

1. Mario. It's a rare red Nintendo DS Lite and a Super Mario game, how can you go wrong? This is a great purchase, especially if you're eyeing a Nintendo DS Lite bundle as a gift for somebody. There's only one thing that's universal in Nintendo gaming : everybody loves Mario. The only problem is that finding such a bundle might be difficult at that point as stocks were very limited.

2. Nintendo DS Lite Green Spring Bundle includes personal trainer. As an added bonus, this bundle comes with a carrying case which will serve as excellent protection for your DS Lite unit.

3. Nintendo DS Lite Cobalt Blue Value Bundle. Don't let the word 'value' in the title fool you. This Nintendo DS Lite bundle is the most expensive among your selections, commonly because it incorporates 2 superb games that children will certainly love : Legend of Spyro and Bomberman. The same bundle also comes in metallic rose.

5. Nintendo DS Lite limited edition Ice Blue with Brain Age : Train your cerebral cortex and you'll be fascinated with the issues that the title will throw your way. Like the personal coach : Cooking bundle, this package also comes with a carrying case.

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The Best RPGs Available for the Nintendo DS

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For RPG fans, the Nintendo DS is a truly a gift. The Super NES used to be the home for console RPG titles that have caught the public imagination. With the passing of the expounded system, RPG titles migrated to the Playstation, and afterwards, to the Playstation 2 where they have experienced what many believe as their glory days. However, with the present generation of consoles, JRPGs have taken a smash. None of the currently available consoles supply a rich library of RPG titles, leaving fans of the genre hungry and desperate.
Thankfully, the Nintendo DS has come to save us. The Nintendo DS has become the home of JRPGs in the present computer gaming age. Just take a look at the following, original JRPGs available for the system :
- The World Ends With You. This title is arguably the toughest JRPG released on the Nintendo DS. The World Ends With You, generally abbreviated as TWEWY by fans, makes use of both screens of the NintendoDS, both in the exploration and the combat phases of the game. TWEWY is also one of the few JRPGs that are set in contemporary time. The fashionable presentation makes this wonderful title really stand out as not only one of the best JRPGs on the NintendoDS, but also as one of the best and most polished games for any console.
- Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced. Not particularly a standard JRPG but a strategy RPG. This turn-based title is a direct follow up to the first Final Fantasy tactics, and brings more of what fans have come to expect- never a bad thing.
- Final Fantasy XII : Revenant Wings. The tale follows our merry band of sky pirates in their continuing quests, saving the world from impending peril.
- Rune Factory 2 : A Fantasy Harvest Moon. The Harvest Moon series has often been a fave among RPG fans, mainly because it's something different: it simulates real life. With Rune Factory 2, the Harvest Moon series takes on the usual JRPG conventions and produces a NintendoDS game that's as familiar as it is unique.
- Rondo of Swords. Rondo of Swords is a very original plan RPG with a totally different kind of combat system, making excellent use of the touch screen functionality.
- Blue Dragon DS. Originally published for the Xbox 360, Mistwalker's flagship property makes its debut on the NintendoDS. The Blue Dragon story is rendered in old school JRPG style that fans of the original, as well as new players, will really enjoy.
- Valkyrie Profile : Covenant of the Plume. A retelling of the original Valyrie Profile which first appeared on the PS2. This time, however, rather than viewing the story in the eyes of Odin's infantryman, you will be viewing the tale in the eyes of the antagonist in the first title, Wylfred.

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Nintendo DS Lite: Worth the Upgrade?

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To call it a Nintendo DS Light is a standard mistake. Of course, the "Lite" that's attached to its formal name, isn't truly a word. Rather, it is a play on words which is in turn a play on the improvements of the Nintendo DS Lite over the first Nintendo DS.

So, how big of an improvement is this Nintendo DS Lite over the first Nintendo DS?

Furthermore, do these improvements justify buying the Nintendo DS Lite even if you already own the first Nintendo DS?

To answer the question , let's go back in time to the release of the first Nintendo DS. It was light years before its immediate predecessor, the Gameboy Advance. Certainly, the improved graphics and the speedier processing (and rendering) power were expected from the newer generation of hand-held console, but the Nintendo DS also added some revolutionary features that startled the world.

With titles like Nintendogs, a life simulation game that authorized the player to look after a superbly rendered dog, the first Nintendo DS conquered the sales charts and never looked back. However, the system suffered from various niggles such as dark screens and low battery life.

The Nintendo DS Lite, the second incarnation of the handheld system, cured these issues.

As we have mentioned earlier, it is officially called as DS Lite, with "Lite" being a play on the word "Light." The Nintendo DS Lite is, well, lighter than the first DS by as much as 50%, boasts of a brighter screen and also permits a longer battery life for the unit, mainly because of the added brightness level which the user can choose to use, depending on the present environmental lighting.

Do these improvements make the Nintendo DS Light a justifiable purchase even for folks who already own the first Nintendo DS? It depends on taste and how much the drawbacks of the original mean to you, but the Nintendo DS Light is the best choice for folks who have yet to experience the pleasures provided by Nintendo's newest wonder toy.

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Super Robot Taisen Returns!

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For a while now Nintendo's hand-held systems have been seeing system game translations of a once Japanese exclusive anime called Super Robot Taisen. Originally these manifested as Taisen: Original Generations one and two on the Game Boy Advance, and now it's Super Robot Taisen K on the DS. Although it may at first appear to be but more of the same, there have really been many distinct tweaks to the gameplay, for better or for worse.

One of the first things veteran players may realize is that many of the more well-liked franchises like Voltron and Gundam Wing are not present, perhaps to the end of a more sundry and various cast. Anime enthusiasts may recognize plenty of their favourite characters, and there are still many cool androids, except for a series that relies on it's fanbase and nostalgia, it appears bizarre to leave the largest and potentially best out.

noimage Super Robot Taisen Returns!

Another adjustment is one that conforms with the PS2 versions, wherein the robots on the field are controlled according to squad. How this works is 4 androids are assigned together as a group, one being the leader. However, this actually goes on to limit options for attacks and maneuvers. Fortunately, the squads in Super Robot Taisen K only consist of two robots, which essentially isn't so bad, though it does not save the system from feeling quite planned. In fact, squadrons may permit androids to perform mixed co-operative attacks and such, but it was perfectly possible to do that in the last handheld installment in the 1st place, without squadrons.

Ultimately, Super Robot Taisen K is much like each game in the series before it. This may seem a little unambitious, but for many fans of Super Robot Taisen this is exactly what they're after.

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How Different Is The Nintendo DS Lite Over The Original.

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A lot of todays latest products are staking a claim to be the latest essential gadget. Certainly the iPhone 3g should'nt be considered as the next generation of the gadget. The supposed Kindle 2 isn't even engineered differently from the 1st Kindle. And the Asus EEE PC is always being repackaged as a new iteration when all it does is add some internet memory capacity.

A query in many gamers mind is this: is the Nintendo DS Lite a trifling upgrade over the original DS, or does it pack enough nerw upgrades that would entitle it as a worthy new entry to the series?

How different is the Nintendo DS Lite over the first, really?

Released hardly two years after the first, the Nintendo DS Lite was intended to look at the problems that tormented the first Nintendo DS.

Many complained that the original DS was too bulky that it hardly fits in most pockets. Nintendo addressed this problem by making the Nintendo DS Lite more compact and lighter in weight, therefore the other meaning of the "Lite" in its name.

Many complained that the original DS' screen was too dark, that it was hard to see what's occurring in the game especially when the characters and objects therein are engineered to be little. The Nintendo DS boats of a brighter screen and adding four levels of lightness. With the Nintendo DS Lite, gamers are guaranteed of a crisp and clear picture whether they're playing in dark or under the sun.

Many complained that the original DS' battery life was too short. The Nintendo DS Lite has solved this issue by extending its battery life to as much as 19 hours on the lowest lightness setting.

When it comes to design, the placement of the microphone on the original DS was heavily criticised too. It was a flawed design to position the microphone of the lowermost part of the system, which forces gamers to leave whatever game they're playing just to talk on the said microphone. The Nintendo DS Lite solves this by placing the microphone on the hinge that connect the higher and lower part of the cartable console, well within reach when the game requires the gamer to communicate on the same.

Additionally, the Nintendo DS Lite boasts of faster processing power. Though the processors remain the same, the custom process has become smaller, hence processing has become more speedy and efficient.

So do all these additions make the Nintendo DS Lite a "must have" for gamers busy all over the move all over the world?

Let's put it this way, if you already own the original DS, there's no overriding reason to spend around $100 for the Nintendo DS Lite. But if you're just planning to purchase your fist unit of Nintendo's hand-held megastar, then there the Nintendo DS Lite is the perfect choice for you.

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Nintendo DSi: Is The Latest Upgrade Worth The Purchase

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Since the beginning of 2009, search engines were flooded with requests looking for Nintendo DSi reviews. This reveals that many people are on the fence for buying Nintendo's most recent hand-held. Many customers hold several reservations about this upgrade, including;

- many of us are worried that the Nintendo DSi is just a marginal upgrade over the last two incarnations, the DS and the DS Lite.

- Many people are pondering whether or not the new features of the $169.99 SRP attached to a unit.

- many folks are asking whether the Nintendo DSi is the Nintendo DSi is the last upgrade to this generation of Nintendo transportable systems.

A Nintendo DSi review will not be complete without discussing the features that the DSi has got. These are:

- Sexier, more light-weight design that's 12% less heavier than the DS Lite.

- Improved audio features that will rival the best MP3 players in the market.

- Improved online features such as a dedicated DSi Store and better connectivity to the internet.

- further level of brightness with added optimized battery consumption for high brightness settings.

However, there are drawbacks for the DSi unit. These are:

- absence of physical backwards compatibility with Gameboy and Gameboy Advance games due to the exclusion of the GBA slot.

- Peripherals that are attached through the aforementioned GBA slot - such as the guitar pad for Guitar Hero Mobile and the DS Rumble Pack - are rendered obsolete.

- Battery life, though optimized, wasn't extended by that much.

- The Nintendo DSi is still, fundamentally, the same as the first Nintendo DS that was released.

In conclusion the following rules should be taken into consideration:

1. It is merely an upgraded version of older models in this Nintendo product line.

If you don't have a Nintendo DS or a Nintendo DS Lite, then the Nintendo DSi is the best hand-held for you. It may cost a touch more, but the additional features - being the logical evolutionary steps that they are - will ensure that such a system will last longer than the previous models.


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