Upcoming Nintendo DS RPGs

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The Nintendo DS has always ruled the roost when it comes to handheld RPGs, with the developer prioritizing this genre in view of their more wholesome gaming outlook. Great RPGs such as Etrian Odyssey go hand in hand with amazing remakes of old classics such as Final Fantasy IV to mention but a couple of a diverse and popular genre. And since you can never have too much of a good thing, here we list three upcoming RPGs that are sure to join the impressive pantheon;

#3: The Dark Spire

Developers Atlus are harking back to the classic days of the RPG with Dark Spire, bringing us the original first person action adventure format in a whole new package. For fans of the classic RPG Wizardry, this will be like coming home. The controls and menu systems are designed to imitate the function of old classics, and so this game is definitely an acquired taste. To many of today's gamers, the format and gameplay will seem alien and outdated, but this will be the exact attraction to many hardcore gamers. This stylised approach is a large gamble from Atlus, and while it's sure to turn many people off, you can guarantee that hundreds of thousands of people are going to absolutely love it.

#2: Blue Dragon Plus

Blue Dragon was originally released to the XBox 360 to wide critical acclaim. Famed for bringing back the classic turn based system which seems to rapidly be in decline, Blue Dragon was a favourite to those more diehard RPG fans. While Blue Dragon Plus will feature the same Akira Toriyama inspired style and the concept of characters, the game comes across as more of a real-time strategy. This perfectly compliments the style to create an awesome gaming experience.

#1: Dragon Quest V

it often surprises us Westerners to hear that, in Japan, Dragon Quest is even more famous than the Final Fantasy franchise. From developers Square Enix, Dragon Quest is simply one of the best RPG series of all time, and this installment on the DS (a port of the original SNES version) is no exception. First of all, it's got some of the series' greatest combat, featuring adjustments and changes that stayed on until much later in the series. Secondly, Akira Toriyama's signature artistic touches enhance the game's appeal greatly. Add to this an impressively large and detailed world for it's time, and you'll soon see why Dragon Quest is as respected as it is.

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Nintendo DSi

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The next incarnation of the hugely popular Nintendo DS is here. With an added vowel to the name, the Nintendo DSi brings with a host of new feature, such as the two DSi Cameras. As well as this Nintendo have created the Nintendo DSi Shop. Similar to the WiiWare shop for the Nintendo Wii and the App Shop for the iPhone, the DSiShop allows owners to buy DSiWare games and applications.

The main feature of the new DSi are its two new VGA 0.3 megapixel digital cameras. One on the outer casing and one pointing to the user on the internal hinge. To accompany the two cameras is an SD card slot, allowing you to save your photos and transport them onto a computer so they don’t clog the memory of your DSi.

41xLVwUS0LL. SL160  Nintendo DSi

The Nintendo DSi also has multimedia capabilities. An SD card can be used not just for storing pictures, but for downloaded software from the DSiStore and to store AAC encoded music, which is played using the Nintendo DSi Sound feature and also acts as a voice recorder in conjunction with the microphone. The player also allows you to edit what ever audio is playing, by allowing you to add filters, adjust the pitch etc.

On the looks side, the DSi is pretty much the same apart from the accommodation of the two cameras and SD card. Nintendo have again managed to strip a bit more weight from the already thin previous model, the DS Lite. Specs-wise all is the same, apart from the increase in RAM – up from 4mb to 16mb. Storage can be increased by 32gb with the addition of an SD card. Lastly, the new DSi has upgradeable firmware, like the Wii and Sony’s PSP so any bugs found on release can be fixed as well as new features being incorporated as time goes on.

Overall the Nintendo DSi is a worthy update to the previous DS Lite. It incorporates new features that are natural in the DS’s evolution and will hopefully produce some new and interesting games, which use these features. IF you haven’t checked out the Nintendo DS yet, then this is a great entry point, and if you have a DS Lite, just think of all those new features and you’ll see why this is a must have!

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Link is making Spirit Tracks!

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Excitement within the gaming community has been reaching fever pitch recently with Nintendo having announced the forthcoming Zelda sequel for the Nintendo DS and  DSi . Zelda is one of the most popular and idiosyncratic franchises exclusive to Nintendo, and the announcement of a new title in the series always garners a justifiably large amount of anticipation from fans.

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks is the name of this new release. Following on from The Phantom Hourglass, which in turn was the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker , Spirit Tracks completes a trio of linking games within the Zelda pantheon, which is actually the first time in its history. This being said, Spirit Tracks is set to take a significant turn away from the preceeding games, which placed a large emphasis on nautical adventure with Link traversing the world by ship. Spirit Tracks features Link running his own train in order to make his way around the mystical kingdoms.

This apparoach makes for a new and fascinating gameplay mechanic not seen before in a Zelda game, and is a welcome diversion from the usual trekking and horse riding. Purists need not worry too much though, as all the usual attributes and features are present which make Zelda the world conquering franchise that it is. New features include a trusty robotic soldier wich Link can manipulate to attack enemies and assist in solving puzzles, and also a strange fan-like item used to generating wind power in a throwback to the wind boomerang of earlier games. Expect all the usual questing, adventure and magical kingdoms we've come to expect to round off another ideal package.

More information should be available over the coming months, as Nintendo are still in development with this game. It will be interesting to see whether the DSi will utilise any of its new functions for this game, as we're all desperate to see what the handheld console is capable of, and there's nothing better to showcase it than with a new Zelda game!

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Fire Emblem Returns to DS

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Fire Emblem is an RPG franchise that has truly spanned the years. Originally released exclusively in Japan for the Famicom way back in 1990, the Fire Emblem series has since grown to global recognition, spanning a series of systems and gaming generations. The latest installment has just been released for the Nintendo DS, and harks back all those years as it is actually an update of the original Fire Emblem, available to us westerners for the first time ever!

The port of Fire Emblem, now named Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon is almost completely faithful to the original, although there have been obvious graphical enhancements to enjoy. However, the gameplay and storyline remain pretty much the same. Over the course of the game the main character, Marth, prince of the kingdom of Altea, attempts carry out his mission: to right the wrongs that were done to him and his kingdom. From hereon in we enter a world of political intrigue and power as the Fire Emblem games are famed for their in-depth and involving storytelling.

51uE56dJXsL. SL160  Fire Emblem Returns to DS

The gaming style is an interesting hybrid of traditional RPG and strategy based games, as you control your band from a top-down perspective and send them off as you would in a strategy, whilst retaining a turn based stance and including the usual aspects of an RPG. Troops can only travel so far every turn, so there is definitely some timing involved, though that is not the only consideration that should be made. Different varieties of fighters should work together, depending on the enemy you are going up against.

An interesting and involving aspect of Fire Emblem's gameplay is that your characters are well and truly mortal. There's no resurrecting a fallen comrade in this game- if they die, they stay dead! This forces the player to invest heightened strategy and really think about the choices made in battle, as it is possible to lose a character you have built and leveled up throughout the entire game, including main characters.

Another improvement made possible through the DS is the use of the dual screens to split information. The lower screen deals with the real time action, whilst the upper screen lists and details equipment and weapons, making for a much more streamlined appearance and ease of use. The chance to quickly and efficiently access the inventory is welcomed when considering the heightened stakes of battle within Fire Emblem.

Fire Emblem has always been a popular gaming franchise, and the chance to experience the original is not to be missed. With sumptuous graphical and gameplay enhancements it is possible to enjoy this game perhaps the way it was always intended, and we hope that this paves the way for further remakes of the popular Fire Emblem series.

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Crime Pays On The DS: Grand Theft Auto

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Whatever stories and opinions the media may have on the Grand Theft Auto franchise, there is no denying its popularity. After a string of sellout games crossing various platforms, the franchise is finally breaking into new and unexpected ground with Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars on the Nintendo DS.

A suprise choice given the family orientated stance of both Nintendo and the handheld market, Chinatown Wars transfers the franchise rather well. Aside from the obvious required graphical downmarking, the game fits into the context rather well. Though most of the time, especially during missions that take place on foot, the camera takes the viewpoint of a topdown isometric perspective of your character, the camera will also zoom up close for a more third-person perspective at appropriate moments.

61GtPGEjPML. SL160  Crime Pays On The DS: Grand Theft Auto

It seems that some of the more extreme aspects of the franchise have definately been revised for Chinatown Wars. The combat is less graphic and over the top, and the gore has been toned down considerably. However, this still bears the Grand Theft Auto name and thus still plays like its predecessors, with the emphasis obviously centering on furthering yourself through crime.

However, don't think that the storyline, involving Asian organized crime and turf wars within Liberty City's chinatown, is the sole focus. There are also many options and possibilities open to the player. Chinatown Wars also takes great effort to build an entirely convincing and realistic open world, which includes pedestrians and characters with their own A.I and pre-set routes. The civilians will act exactly like a typical crowd. In addition, lighting and clock cycles have been added to simulate the natural progression on night and day to further the realistic experience.

More to the point however, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars does exactly what it says on the tin, and offers fans more of the same crime based fantasy that it always has. If you're a fan of the previous installments, then this title is definately for you. If not, then it may just be the ideal place to give the franchise a go.

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DS Games You Must Own

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DS Games You Must Own

Nintendo DS games, along with the Wii, offer the most diverse range of genres and titles found on any gaming system. Therefore one must choose carefully from amongst the plethora of offerings. Listed here are a few titles you should definately consider;

51rvmdUhsHL. SL160  DS Games You Must Own

The Legend Of Kage 2 is the eagerly anticipated sequel to Legacy of Kage, a definate cult classic harking back to the golden age of gaming. Taking control of the titular character, you can perform all manner of mysitcal and magical moves, including death defying jumps and comabt with your blade.

This title brings wildly fun and frantic action to the hand held medium. In addition to Kage you can play as his friend and she-ninja Chuhiru, who doesn't play all that differently but is a welcome addition all the same. Legend of Kage 2 brings hackn' slash action to this new age in a package well worth experiencing.

61ZM5ludKXL. SL160  DS Games You Must Own

Next up we have another title from a well established and classic series, Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. The famous side scrolling franchise returns to the DS with style and implements a few welcome changes along the way.  In this installment, Dracula has returned once again and it's up to new hero Shanoa to put this evil to rest.

Shanoa can kill enemies and absorb what are called glyphs. Glyphs can be melee weapons or spells ranging from swords and lances to elemental control. These differing abilities can be interchanged throughout the adventure to deal with differing enemies. This especially applies to different scenarios presented in each boss battle. The boss battles are strenuously long and extremely difficult, yet very rewarding.

Order of Ecclesia is widely considered the best Castlevania game in years, and is a DS must have whether you're a die hard Castlevania fan or a newcomer to the franchise.

51iThGjmvKL. SL160  DS Games You Must Own

Chrono Trigger is our last choice, a re-release of the original SNES game. This title made its fame by introducing time-traveling innovations, as much of the main and side quests are accomplished by journeying into the past and taking action that manipulates the future to your advantage.

Combat in Chrono Cross is not initiated by random enounters. Instead, you can see your enemies, and if possible find ways to sneak around or avoid them. The combat system also allows your three forefront party members to attack seperately or together for deadly assault combinations.

As with most other RPGs, Chrono Trigger offers an immersive and epic story, expanding on the original quests and offering a range of new material. Multiple endings await players depending on the choices made throughout the story, allowing for much replay value.

So there you have it, three Nintendo DS titles that are definite musts for any player!

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