Exclusives For Playstation Home

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In recent days, PlayStation Home has grown into a thriving community of players. Most fittingly explained as a sort of massive, interactive 'Sims' experience, Playstation Home permits you to engage with fellow gamers throughout the world via your digital avatar. Gamers can chat, play games and watch interactive trailers and promos. In addition, the emergent phenomena of Playstation Home exclusives is drawing in droves of fresh gamers.

Playstation Home exclusives are made up of diverse treats, including special game-based threads or skins, reward based trophies and mini-games. Many PS3 games use the trophy system, bestowing them upon gamers for passing distinct challenges or unlocking specific things throughout the game. These trophies are Playstation Home exclusives and are viewed digitally in your 'space' ; so if you invite a fellow gamer into your space they'll be ready to see your gaming perfection!

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In order to promote their games, many games developers market Playstation Home exclusives ahead of release to promote interest in their titles. These can comprise promos, short demos or even exclusive skins and garments based primarily on the title itself. For example, prior to release of Street Fighter 4, Capcom created Ryu and Ken garments as special Playstation Home exclusives, ready to buy through the clothes shops.

By winning or unlocking specific trophies, Playstation Home exclusives will be available to you. By beating arcade battle in Tekken 6, gamers unlock a special cupboard for their home space- inspired by a Tekken arcade game! Just by purchasing Batman : Arkham Asylum on the PS3, you'll unearth an exclusive Batcave area for you to go to while interacting!

The range of Playstation Home exclusives is almost endless, with tons of awesome content being added all the time. It is a great way to broaden the attraction of both the PS3 and the games you'll be playing on it, so log on now and find out just what's available!

About Playstation Home

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About Playstation Home

Playstation Home is an interactive function utilized on the Playstation 3. It is basically a virtual world wherein the player can customize features and interact with other players. This is a modern realization of “The Getaway Online", originally planned for the Playstation 2, which was cancelled and the idea put on hold. Forms of virtual social networking have become more and more common in consoles, and Sony intends to take things to the next level.

When first announced, there was talk of a full-fledged world with virtual theaters and gaming stores for playing demos, all of which are gradually being realized on the ever-expanding function. These include the ability to buy and personalize your own home, playing a real game through your virtual home, and traversing the virtual world interacting with other users. Both Playstation Network games and games on your hard drive or in your disc drive can be played in Playstation Home.

Users can immediately customize their own avatar, choosing from a wide variety of appearances, clothing and accessories. Next up you’re free to customize your "Home-Space"(typically an apartment room, house, etc.) It's even possible to invite another user to your home and watch streamed videos on your virtual TV, if the video is installed on your hard drive. Also included are functions to upload pictures and hang them on your wall, listen to and show other users your music, and play online games together such as chess and bowling.

Communication between users is handled in a variety of ways including virtual keyboard, USB or Bluetooth keyboard, headset, and emotes: fixed text messages, expressions and emotional displays. The "virtual keyboard" appears onscreen with the press of a button, and players can input text with their controllers. However, it's recommended that you use a keyboard or headset (or both) to take full advantage of the communication aspect of the game.

Additional updates have been confirmed; Sony intends to add pets and additional clothing, amongst other features. The function is entirely free to play, but there will be certain in-game items that can be bought with real money at the Playstation Store. All of these dynamic and innovative functions have helped to make Playstation Home widely popular amongst users.

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