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Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazzard may just be the FPS with a difference you've been looking for. In development for the Next Gen consoles and PC, Eat Lead promises to provide both a great and enjoyable FPS, whilst also parodying the franchise and all the conventions of the genre. Now, FPS parody has been done before, in the shape of highly successful cult title Timesplitters. If eat lead can emulate the success of those titles, we could be in for a treat.

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Earlier games in the Matt hazard series, including A Fistful of Hazard and The Adventures of Matt in Hazardland, act as a playable parody, with various well known and loved games and franchises referred to and lampooned. Many of these games are classics and/or titles that the developers grew up with, and so the Matt Hazard series will probably appeal more to the older, more well-versed gamers out there.

Our hero, Matt Hazard, is fully aware that he is a character in a videogame. In fact, he is a character who is testing the game he is being developed in. Since the game is being developed as Matt tests it, the environment will sometimes change dramatically. For example, in what part of the game a horde of zombies Matt is fighting all of a sudden zaps into a group of cowboys. When these sporadic enemies are finally defeated they fall apart into pixels that can be used to buy items and upgrades.

Whilst being clever and self-referential, parody games must still play well. Clever gimmicks and parodies do not excuse the developers from creating a game that is still actually fun to play and works well within the genre. Thankfully, the Matt hazard games have always played extremely well with diverse innovations and immersive gameplay. Eat Lead looks to continue this trend, with a detailed cover system which allows Matt to utilize almost any object for protection, and a gratifying close-combat system.

Fans of the earlier games in the Hazard series know what to expect from this title, and so you'll know whether to go for it or not. To the newcomers I say this; give it a try- it's fun, plays extremely well and is a welcome diversion from all the self-important FPS titles flooding the market right now.

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