Battle of the Console Giants

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The current console war is more hotly contested than ever before during the 7th generation of gaming. The console giants currently battling for domination are the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 ans Nintendo Wii. So, how do you find out which one is right for you? Well, you compare. We will start with what is probably the most popular of the three, even if it is not the most bestselling.

Xbox 360: The first of the seventh generation consoles and arguably the most widespread and popular. The 360 was the first to pioneer the amazing and groundbreaking graphics we've come to expect from next gen consoles, and also introduced us to Xbox Live, a place to download emulated games and buy additional content for existing games. This has since been imitated by both Sony(Playstation Network) and Nintendo(WiiWare, Virtual Console, and Nintendo Wi-fi Connection). However, both the Sony and Nintendo versions of this function are completely free to use and play, whereas Xbox Users have to first upgrade to a Gold membership, and then pay additional subscription fees. Having to pay for functions that the competition offers for free is a serious mark down for the Xbox 360, however superior this function is claimed to be.

Xbox Live is widely considered superior to both Sony's and Nintendo's online networks. But do a few exclusive features alone justify the cost? Is it worth it? If you think you are an X360 guy, it's something you are going to have to consider carefully, because the cost of such a venture really adds up in the end.

Wii: For the Wii, Nintendo gambled on a completely new gaming direction. Realising that the gaming community is fast paced and fickle, the developers wanted to make a console that would last, and which would not be judged solely for graphics performance. Thus was born the Wii, a console that eschewed graphics dominance in favour of a revolutionary motion control system.

So if you've been playing games a long time, the Wii might be the thing you're looking for. Not only because it provides a refreshingly unique control scheme, but because you probably used to play many of the games now available on the system's online Virtual Console network. NES games, Super NES games, Nintendo 64, you name it. There are even a few Sega Master System and Genesis games, like Sonic The Hedgehog. Many of the games are surprisingly cheap, and can be stored onto an SD memory card. Never got to own all the old Zelda games? Now you can.

The Wii has gained most popularity through being a 'party console', a great interactive experience that brings together friends and family, introducing gaming to those that might never have previously considered it. At the same time, this notion is also what can bring the Wii down in the eyes of certain gamers, viewing the console as something of a novelty item used for throwaway fun rather than serious gaming.

Playstation 3: The Playstation 3, despite having a shakey start with a host of lacklustre games, is really starting to come into its own. Generally perceived to be the best technological investment amongst the consoles, the Playstation 3 offers a wealth of functions all built into one station.

Each PS3 contains a built-in Cell Processor at 3.2 Gigahertz. It has the potential to process information at a speed unlike any other console. Not only that, but the PS3's Blu-ray discs can hold up to 50 GB. That means it's game's also have the potential to contain almost four times more information than any other console's discs.

The PS3 also has a built in Blu ray DVD player, the home movie system successor to the DVD players of today. Blu-Ray may not be so widespread at this time, but over the next couple of years the system is set to take over , in the same way that DVD took over the VHS market. The Playstation 3 really does need to be coupled with a HDTV to get the full effect from the console, displaying the maginificent games and movies the way they should be seen.

All three systems are extremely powerful and popular consoles, and so deciding between them really is a matter of choice. Take a look at the games they offer, the functions they utilize, and decide which best suits you!

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