Blazblue Arrives On Next Gen!

May 7, 2009 by  

Whilst 2D fighting games generally remain a thing of the past, they retain a cult status amongst gamers and remain widely loved by many fans. Whilst the Guilty Gear franchise continues to wave the flag for 2D fighters, they are certainly a dying breed. Recent games such as Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Street Fighter IV are strictly 2D gameplay-wise, but the graphics aren't, and so they lack that classic look that many gamers are still in love with. This makes the news of upcoming 2D Beat em Up Blazblue a source of much excitement amongst fans.
Blazblue isn't actually a new game, rather it was an Arcade game that remained exclusive to amusements and is now finally being ported to the Next Gen consoles. The game has a reputation for being quite technical, and is favoured by veteren Beat em Up gamers. That being said, the opportunity to play it at home means that the general gaming public get a chance to practice for free rather than losing out on all their money at the arcades!
Blazble makes use of three onscreen bars at any given time. The first bar is obviously the health gauge, and we all know what that does. The second bar is the Barrier bar. When an opponent attacks you, it's possible to shield yourself, but as you do your Barrier meter runs down. When it is gone, you will be stunned, unable to protect yourself, and at the mercy of your enemy. The final, bottom-most bar is called the Offense Gauge. The Offense Gauge appears as a bar half red and half blue, and will spread to dominance of either colour depending on the rate and effectiveness of your attacks. Once you complete your colour, the opponent will be stunned and open to a flurry of attacks. These gauges are implemented to reward sharp, consistent attacks.
BlazBlue will be coming to thePlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this summer, and certainly looks the part. Expect to see the usual set of single player and multiplayer options, and get prepared to hail the dominance (sort of) of 2D fighters!

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