Dante’s Inferno: Poem to Game

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To be honest we're suprised this videogame hasnt been made sooner, but Dante's Inferno is finally coming to a console near you. Based on the epic literary classic of the same name, the idea of adapting a poem into a game initially seems a bit strange, but consider the structure of the poem; the hero must journey through the various circles of hell in order to win his way into heaven. Sounds almost perfect for a game, right?

As you may expect, adapting a classic for the modern day gaming audience requires a certain amount of re-jigging. The quest begins with the titular hero confronting and defeating Death himself, in order to take his scythe. It's with Death's scythe that Dante is later able to overcome demons and other monstrosities that bar his way. As with the poem, Dante is fighting to find his love Beatrice, who resides in Heaven awaiting his return.

The gameplay is drawing paralells to Devil May Cry, with frenetic action grounded in the use of combos. However, Dante's Inferno looks to play a little slower than its counterpart, with more of an emphasis on longer, more devastating combos. There's a wide range of low, mid and high level attacks to string together in order to combat the increasingly monstrous enemies you'll encounter throughout the adventure.

Dante's Inferno also implements two further game mechanics worthy of note. Firstly, it is possible to attack and break enemy beasts into submission, thus providing you with a mount. These monstrous mounts can be used to bolster your strength in combat, and also to cover large travelling distances. Secondly, throughout your travels you will encounter Lost Souls that plead for absolution from their sins. It is your choice as a player to either absolve or punish them, and either outcome can be used to earn a form of currency which can be used to level up, augment weapons etc. Absolving or punishing Lost souls triggers a mini mission which needs to be completed, and choosing to absolve a sin will often prompt a more difficult mission.

Dante's Inferno is scheduled for release on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 sometime early next year. Will it be another Devil May Cry/ God of War clone, or could this game actually offer something original? Time will tell....

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