How Different Is The Nintendo DS Lite Over The Original.

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A lot of todays latest products are staking a claim to be the latest essential gadget. Certainly the iPhone 3g should'nt be considered as the next generation of the gadget. The supposed Kindle 2 isn't even engineered differently from the 1st Kindle. And the Asus EEE PC is always being repackaged as a new iteration when all it does is add some internet memory capacity.

A query in many gamers mind is this: is the Nintendo DS Lite a trifling upgrade over the original DS, or does it pack enough nerw upgrades that would entitle it as a worthy new entry to the series?

How different is the Nintendo DS Lite over the first, really?

Released hardly two years after the first, the Nintendo DS Lite was intended to look at the problems that tormented the first Nintendo DS.

Many complained that the original DS was too bulky that it hardly fits in most pockets. Nintendo addressed this problem by making the Nintendo DS Lite more compact and lighter in weight, therefore the other meaning of the "Lite" in its name.

Many complained that the original DS' screen was too dark, that it was hard to see what's occurring in the game especially when the characters and objects therein are engineered to be little. The Nintendo DS boats of a brighter screen and adding four levels of lightness. With the Nintendo DS Lite, gamers are guaranteed of a crisp and clear picture whether they're playing in dark or under the sun.

Many complained that the original DS' battery life was too short. The Nintendo DS Lite has solved this issue by extending its battery life to as much as 19 hours on the lowest lightness setting.

When it comes to design, the placement of the microphone on the original DS was heavily criticised too. It was a flawed design to position the microphone of the lowermost part of the system, which forces gamers to leave whatever game they're playing just to talk on the said microphone. The Nintendo DS Lite solves this by placing the microphone on the hinge that connect the higher and lower part of the cartable console, well within reach when the game requires the gamer to communicate on the same.

Additionally, the Nintendo DS Lite boasts of faster processing power. Though the processors remain the same, the custom process has become smaller, hence processing has become more speedy and efficient.

So do all these additions make the Nintendo DS Lite a "must have" for gamers busy all over the move all over the world?

Let's put it this way, if you already own the original DS, there's no overriding reason to spend around $100 for the Nintendo DS Lite. But if you're just planning to purchase your fist unit of Nintendo's hand-held megastar, then there the Nintendo DS Lite is the perfect choice for you.

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