Nintendo DS Lite: Worth the Upgrade?

July 4, 2009 by  

To call it a Nintendo DS Light is a standard mistake. Of course, the "Lite" that's attached to its formal name, isn't truly a word. Rather, it is a play on words which is in turn a play on the improvements of the Nintendo DS Lite over the first Nintendo DS.

So, how big of an improvement is this Nintendo DS Lite over the first Nintendo DS?

Furthermore, do these improvements justify buying the Nintendo DS Lite even if you already own the first Nintendo DS?

To answer the question , let's go back in time to the release of the first Nintendo DS. It was light years before its immediate predecessor, the Gameboy Advance. Certainly, the improved graphics and the speedier processing (and rendering) power were expected from the newer generation of hand-held console, but the Nintendo DS also added some revolutionary features that startled the world.

With titles like Nintendogs, a life simulation game that authorized the player to look after a superbly rendered dog, the first Nintendo DS conquered the sales charts and never looked back. However, the system suffered from various niggles such as dark screens and low battery life.

The Nintendo DS Lite, the second incarnation of the handheld system, cured these issues.

As we have mentioned earlier, it is officially called as DS Lite, with "Lite" being a play on the word "Light." The Nintendo DS Lite is, well, lighter than the first DS by as much as 50%, boasts of a brighter screen and also permits a longer battery life for the unit, mainly because of the added brightness level which the user can choose to use, depending on the present environmental lighting.

Do these improvements make the Nintendo DS Light a justifiable purchase even for folks who already own the first Nintendo DS? It depends on taste and how much the drawbacks of the original mean to you, but the Nintendo DS Light is the best choice for folks who have yet to experience the pleasures provided by Nintendo's newest wonder toy.

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