Nintendo DSi: Is The Latest Upgrade Worth The Purchase

June 12, 2009 by  

Since the beginning of 2009, search engines were flooded with requests looking for Nintendo DSi reviews. This reveals that many people are on the fence for buying Nintendo's most recent hand-held. Many customers hold several reservations about this upgrade, including;

- many of us are worried that the Nintendo DSi is just a marginal upgrade over the last two incarnations, the DS and the DS Lite.

- Many people are pondering whether or not the new features of the $169.99 SRP attached to a unit.

- many folks are asking whether the Nintendo DSi is the Nintendo DSi is the last upgrade to this generation of Nintendo transportable systems.

A Nintendo DSi review will not be complete without discussing the features that the DSi has got. These are:

- Sexier, more light-weight design that's 12% less heavier than the DS Lite.

- Improved audio features that will rival the best MP3 players in the market.

- Improved online features such as a dedicated DSi Store and better connectivity to the internet.

- further level of brightness with added optimized battery consumption for high brightness settings.

However, there are drawbacks for the DSi unit. These are:

- absence of physical backwards compatibility with Gameboy and Gameboy Advance games due to the exclusion of the GBA slot.

- Peripherals that are attached through the aforementioned GBA slot - such as the guitar pad for Guitar Hero Mobile and the DS Rumble Pack - are rendered obsolete.

- Battery life, though optimized, wasn't extended by that much.

- The Nintendo DSi is still, fundamentally, the same as the first Nintendo DS that was released.

In conclusion the following rules should be taken into consideration:

1. It is merely an upgraded version of older models in this Nintendo product line.

If you don't have a Nintendo DS or a Nintendo DS Lite, then the Nintendo DSi is the best hand-held for you. It may cost a touch more, but the additional features - being the logical evolutionary steps that they are - will ensure that such a system will last longer than the previous models.


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