5 Xbox 360 Exclusives That could find Their Way To The Play Station 3

June 20, 2009 by  

The current generation of console wars between Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3 has its dark side. There are reports of corporations paying game developers so that the latter's games will be completely exclusive to their systems.

However, in the fickle world of todays game industry, there are no permanent coalitions. For example take a look at Nintendo and Square. At Nintendo and Sony.  Microsoft and Rare. Look at Microsoft and Bungie Soft.

They might be Xbox 360 exclusives today, but it is only a matter of time before these five titles will appear on the Sony Play Station 3:

1. Dead Rising. Capcom's "other" zombie hit was one of the first titles for Microsoft's then fledgling computer game machine. Reviews about the game were mixed. Some called it cutting edge, while others called it repetitive. Others described it as a technological marvel, while some claimed that it was all icing. There was applaud for the game being pure fun, while others protesting that they did not get the "scares" that they predicted. Without regard for the reception about Dead Rising, the fact is, it is not an exclusive "exclusive." It has since been ported to the Nintendo Wii, and industry commentators are envisioning that it's simply a matter of time before Dead Rising rises on the PS 3. Also, Capcom is currently keeping mum on the question of what system the announced Dead Rising 2 will be appearing on, something which many people believe is a clear sign the franchise is heading for the PlayStation 3.

2. Mass Effect. People are mistakenly under the impression that Microsoft owns the rights to the Mass Effect franchise. The intellectual property belongs to Bioware, which has an exclusive developer's contract with Microsoft. When this contract ends, Bioware can bring its property wherever it pleases - and the PlayStation 3 might be the new home of this controversial space-faring, lesbian-loving, science Fiction RPG.

3. Star Ocean : The Last Hope. It is not common for seemingly exclusive RPGs to jump shift to another. Most Eastern developers only agree to a "timed exclusive" clause, any way. Such is the case with Eternal Sonata and Tales of Vesperia which were first released on the Xbox 360 but finally found their way to the PlayStation 3, with added content to boot. Tri-Ace's newest masterpiece, as published by Square-Enix, may follow that lead, as Sony's line of consoles are the conventional houses of JRPGs (Japanese Role Playing Games ) .

4. Blue Dragon. The dream team that encompasses Mistwalker are reportedly unhappy with the performance of their first game for the Xbox 360, and the first JRPG for the claimed system. Microsoft's console only has a limited base in Japan, and this made a contribution to the poor sales experienced by Blue Dragon. Once the timed exclusive agreement with Microsoft expires, folks envision that Mistwalker will bring their franchise to the Sony Play Station three. But first, they must publish one game under such an agreement - Blue Dragon 2.

5. Ninja Gaiden II. This is a given. One of the highest rated action platformers today will appear on the Sony PlayStation 3, eventually. Of course, an improved of its predecessor, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, made the jump a year after debuting on the Xbox 360.

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