How Best To Grab a Free Playstation 3!

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Who wouldn't wish to score a free PS3? The PlayStation 3 is, with small debate, this generation's strongest computer gaming console. Many say that it's the most functional as well, as it doubles as a cost-friendly blu-ray disc player, effectively giving you both a gaming and multi-media package all in one.

Unfortunately, this means the Sony Playstation 3 is also the most costly gaming console in the market today. Therefore, the prospect of scoring a free PS3 becomes even more attractive.

How are you to get a free PS3? Here are 4 methods you can try.

1. Join online contests. Many sites sponsor contests that give away free PS3 units, among other prizes. Most of these sites secure their PS3 prizes from Sony itself. Each quarter, Sony releases review copies of the console to highly visited gaming-related internet sites. A few of these websites use these review copies to generate more visitors for their pages, i.e. sponsoring contests that promise the free PS3 as the main prize. Finding such contests is quite straightforward with aid from a search engine.

2. Join offline contests. Sony also provides review copies of the console to print publications. Gaming magazines, for instance, hold monthly contests that reward the winner with a free PS3, among other possible prizes. You can find some luck in joining any of these offline contests.

3. Try affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing requires you to plug the products of a selected merchant using a specially generated associate link which may track referrals and credit them to your account. Each time an individual you referred purchases something from the merchant, you may earn a stated commission. This commission can be in the shape of money, or in the shape of store credits. With no regard for what form the commission will take, you may use the same to get a free PS3. Affiliate marketing does not require lots of work, just the right implementation of correct web marketing strategies.

4. Attempt to secure a review copy. Earlier, we have debated how online and offline publications manage to secure review copies of the console by virtue of the large volume of traffic they generate or the huge readership they can boast of. You can secure your own free PS3 if you have your own gaming-related internet site or if you publish your own newspaper or magazine. The challenge, for an internet site, is to garner at least 10,000 unique visitors every day. The challenge, for print publications, is to gather a mean of 10,000 readers per revealed issue. You will need to burst through these numbers to win Sony's attention so the company can send over a free PS3!

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