All About Sony PSP Films Downloading Changing And Transferring

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All About Sony PSP Films Downloading Changing And Transferring

Whats the coolest thing about the Sony Playstation Portable? It's not its engaging design. It is not even the exceptional WiFi connectivity. The sweetest thing about the Sony PSP is its multimedia functions. Without doubt, Sony's first entry in the conveyable gaming market is a multimedia beast, capable of broadcasting PSP audio, displaying PSP pictures, and playing UMD movies.

Of all these sorts of media files, the PSP's UMD films are the most inspiring. The PSP's screen  make the PSP a hand held theater that will entertain you wherever you go, whatever time of the day it may be.

However the Sony PSP can't play every video file out there. PSP movies must be in the MPEG-4 format, the same kind of video file the iPhone can play.

What you can do to make sure that the video files on your Computer can be transported and played on your Sony PSP is to convert these video files into PSP flicks. There are a selection of universal video file converters out there. Many of them you have to pay for, others you can get for free.

Once these are converted to MP4 format, you can then transfer your PSP flicks to your PSP unit.

To transfer your PSP flicks to your PSP unit, you may need a USB wire that will connect your PSP to your PC. Once both terminals are synched, look for the MP_ROOT folder on the memory card. Within the MP_ROOT folder, there should be a folder named 101MNV01. If none exist, make one. This is the folder destination for your PSP flicks in MP4 format.

On the dashboard, go to VIDEOS then MEMORY CARD then select among the PSP films you have uploaded the video you want to play.

PSP films make the Sony PSP a truly unique multimedia machine. This video playback capacity is an example of the best features of the Sony PSP, and it distinguishes the PSP console from its technically limited competition.

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