Sony PSP Hacks To Check Out!

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We all know the amazing things that the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) can do. The PSP is a multimedia beast able to play a number of audio and video files, store and display pictures of numerous file types, and even skim the web with a built-in browser and glorious wi-fi connectivity. Synch it with your Sony Playstation 3 and you may have a remote control for the latter and by remote, we mean really remote, like your PS3 unit being in Sacramento and you can control it from Singapore while using your PSP.

And the Sony PSP can also play games, least we forget. These points are given, however. They're not actually what we can consider as Sony PSP hacks.

Looking for PSP hacks that are certain to impress your buddies including yourself?

Here are 3 great PSP hacks that not all PSP owners know about.

1. Watch any video file on your Sony PSP. Originally, the Sony PSP could only play video files in .mp4 format. What do you have to do? Simply go to and download their free tool. After conversion, simply upload the new .mp4 file to your Sony PSP. You need a memory card for this to house the space required by the file. 4GB cards are really cheap nowadays, but you can always go for the better investments if you have the cash to spare, specifically the 8GB and the 16GB memory cards.

2. Play classic colonnade games on your Sony PSP. This isn't really a PSP hack, rather, it's a awfully obscure feature integrated on PSP units since firmware 2.70. You may opt to save other flash games, not just representations of classic ones. You will need Firefox for this, as Internet Explorer won't allow you to download the .swf files from webpages. Now, for this pseudo PSP hack to work, you will need to connect your unit to a PC through USB cable. Create a folder named GAMES. On the address bar, simply type file:/psp/flash/ ( name of file ) .swf, and voila, you'd be playing the flash game in no time!

3. RSS Aggregator. For folk who need to receive their news in condensed form, this is the perfect PSP hack. Simply download a program called MioMediaBox and install it on your PSP. MioMediaBox will pick up RSS feeds from designated sources and convert them into texts that the PSP can display

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