Section 8 Coming to Xbox 360 and PC

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The first person shooter genre is crowded with a range of well respected and successfully noted games, so it's difficult for newcomers to mark a mark on the medium unless they offer somthing but impressive and different enough to warrant the attention of gamers. Developer Timegate is best known for their work on the hit Kohan strategy series, the Axis & Allies translation from board to videogame, and recently the Fear expansion Extraction Point. A predominance for work in the strategy genre arena makes their latest offerings in FPS a welcome and interesting diversion.

The titular Section 8 is a government owned branch dedicated to combating any interstellar threat posed to humanity. Armed and armoured to the hightest degree of technological offering, Section 8 are the best line of defence, with suits which augment their already vastly honed bodies and skills, enabling them to perform martial feats normally beyond that of a normal soldier.

So far, this isn't sounding terribly original, but early trailers and previews reveal that Section 8 is looking to be a very intelligent and story-driven game. But what you don't get to know in the trailers is exactly what the gameplay itself is like, though there are hints; such as some intense action, including the main character and his squad performing a routine plummet from a ship orbiting the earth, spinning through the air, and landing neatly on the planet's surface. This is called "burning in". This is actually manifested in game terms, allowing the player to designate an intended landing spot before the level begins, and taking an extent of control in what manner their character falls through the air and lands. This isn't just a gimmick, as the landing areas have varying strategic bonuses and threats, such as anti-personell guns and entrenchments.

Alongside the intense and immersive story mode, Section 8 is set to push further that most important aspect of the FPS: the online multiplayer mode. Mixing features previously seen in Battlefield 2142 and Renegade, expect player classes, experience points, money to earn and control points. As in single player mode, the burning in feature will be employed in multiplayer, adding a whole new level of strategy to the proceedings. From here different areas of the battlefield will be contested, and the myriad possibilites of deployment, assualt and defence will be used to the best degree.

Coming to the Xbox 360 and PC this Autumn, Section 8 is shaping up to be a title definitely worth a look.

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