Dragon Age: Origins, countdown to a classic?

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Why You Should Be Excited About Dragon Age: Origins?

After years of making great and epic RPG's that expand upon the licensed franchises of Dungeons & Dragons and Star Wars, BioWare has finally decided to build a game set in a world of their own design. Welcome to Dragon Age: Origins, the game BioWare co-founder Greg Zeschuk describes as a spiritual successor to the Baldur's Gate series.

Dragon Age is set to be an action RPG based on a dark fantasy setting, with players able to form their own character and origin, reminiscent in many ways to Mass Effect. The game will also feature both a singleplayer and multiplayer campaign, each of which presents the story in a different manner from each other.

The game will combine the multiplayer mechanics long reminiscent of the Baldur's Gate franchise with the dramatic perspective seen in Knights Of The Old Republic and Mass Effect. BioWare has addressed this by utilizing two different 3D perspectives. The first is the third-person view of Knights Of The Old Republic, utilised during exploration and interaction with other characters. The second is for during combat, when the camera moves up into an isometric view of the player below, allowing for a more strategic yet fast-paced approach to combat. It's also possible to zoom back into a third-person perspective during combat, taking command of any of your party members.

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As in most of BioWare's games, conversational options and moral decisions are a huge part of the storytelling. Each time around events are shaped by your decisions and game choices. BioWare are working hard to make the game completely reactive to the player.

BioWare has deemed Dragon Age "the next fantasy RPG revolution." Their writers have pieced together over five thousand years of history for the world of Dragon Age, concerning it's feudal factions and political conspiracies, as well as the varying states of it's races over the years. Dragon Age is set to take the RPG to new heights, but we'll find out come winter 2009.

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