Super Robot Taisen Returns!

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For a while now Nintendo's hand-held systems have been seeing system game translations of a once Japanese exclusive anime called Super Robot Taisen. Originally these manifested as Taisen: Original Generations one and two on the Game Boy Advance, and now it's Super Robot Taisen K on the DS. Although it may at first appear to be but more of the same, there have really been many distinct tweaks to the gameplay, for better or for worse.

One of the first things veteran players may realize is that many of the more well-liked franchises like Voltron and Gundam Wing are not present, perhaps to the end of a more sundry and various cast. Anime enthusiasts may recognize plenty of their favourite characters, and there are still many cool androids, except for a series that relies on it's fanbase and nostalgia, it appears bizarre to leave the largest and potentially best out.

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Another adjustment is one that conforms with the PS2 versions, wherein the robots on the field are controlled according to squad. How this works is 4 androids are assigned together as a group, one being the leader. However, this actually goes on to limit options for attacks and maneuvers. Fortunately, the squads in Super Robot Taisen K only consist of two robots, which essentially isn't so bad, though it does not save the system from feeling quite planned. In fact, squadrons may permit androids to perform mixed co-operative attacks and such, but it was perfectly possible to do that in the last handheld installment in the 1st place, without squadrons.

Ultimately, Super Robot Taisen K is much like each game in the series before it. This may seem a little unambitious, but for many fans of Super Robot Taisen this is exactly what they're after.

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