Three Family and Kid Friendly Xbox 360 Games

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The Xbox 360 console can have a reputation for it's violent and mature games, but the reality is that there are masses of kid friendly titles available for the system. These types of games have not only been produced and provided by third party developers, like Traveller's Tales, but also by second party developers like Rare, who are being backed by Microsoft. It's pretty clear that Microsoft wants it to be clear that the Xbox 360 is intended for all audiences.

Lego Indiana Jones: is an adventure/puzzle game in the vein of Lego Star Wars and Lego Batman. While all three Lego games are above average, Lego Indiana Jones manages to be much more, due to it's satisfying combat and reasonably logical puzzles. One thing that makes the Lego games so accessible as a whole is it's drop in/drop out co-op multi-player gameplay. One individual can always play alone, in which case AI will take over control of the second personality. But at any point a 2nd player can come along, press start on the second controller, and "drop in", taking control of the second character. Lego Indiana Jones is a cute and charming game, yet it's also a particularly intellectual one, in it's own way.

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts: While the franchise has always been pretty unusual ( after all, it's about a bear named Banjo and a rooster named Kazooie who travel together ), Nuts & Bolts takes things further with a mad vehicle creation mechanic. The objective is to go the length of 6 worlds in an effort to get the deed to Spiral Mountain, but the story takes second seat to the gameplay. Along Banjo's journey he acquires a currency called Bolts by completing challenges, and he will then use the Bolts to build all sorts of autos, both land and air. Experimentation is rewarded with some truly cool and weird looking automobiles with which you can traverse the world. This provides great replay factor and is perfect for your Xbox-mad kids!

Viva Pinata : Trouble in Paradise : If you are into the Xbox 360 at all we'd be very surprised if you have not at least heard of Viva Pinata, a Virtual Life franchise Rare has been developing iterations of for years now. A gardener of what, you ask? Pinatas. That is right ; didn't you know that pinatas have to be cultivated and grown? As you are given a little plot of land, you need to it in a way which will attract will pinatas. Sometimes you need to produce a certain flower, or plant. But the needs for the chance of certain pinatas appearing grows larger and more complex over a period. While it's correct that kid's may wish to dedicate more time to this than some other games, it's a sort of game that adults can take part in just as well as children can, revealing why it's growing in popularity so much.

These three titles are just an example of a whole range of family friendly Xbox 360 games, keep your eyes open for many more to come!

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Xbox 360 Games worth a look!

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The top Xbox 360 Games

Though the Wii is currently winning the console war, there are now more Xbox 360's in more homes than ever before. As the price of Microsoft's console decreases, there has never been a better time to go out and get one. If you have, consider trying out one of these bestsellers;

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First up is Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. Perhaps you don't remember the bear and rooster's first outing on the N64. Either way, Nuts & Bolts should be a refreshing and unique experience. While the original B-K had you traversing the landscape collecting treasures, Banjo and Kazooie are getting a bit old for that now. So instead, they gather what are called Jiggies, in order to build vehicles in which to quickly navigate the game's large world. The pieces that Banjo would usually be spending all his time searching for are scattered all over the world, but the collection of these pieces is merely optional, and takes a back-seat to vehicle-based missions.

The vehicle creation is easy yet in-depth. The player can build all kinds of land and air contraptions with anything possible from a tank to an airplane. It's even been showcased that you can make a legged robot with springs for feet. The possibilities are endless and all up to you.

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Next up, believe the hype, it's Fable II. The Fable franchise could be described as a more easily accessible version of Elder Scrolls, and features a surprisingly story-oriented main quest, utilizing massive freedom to explore all on your own.

Part of Fable II's runaway appeal, and a testament to the game's long development time is the pet system. Interestingly, your dog will not do whatever you tell it to, and especially not right away or all the time, reflecting the real life unpredictability of animals. You can prompt it to attack, or distract, or point out where something is, but often the dog just hangs out and follows you around.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the pet system is how it incorporates into your morality system. In Fable II, if you make good decisions you become holy, and after a time your appearance could even begin to resemble that of an angel. If you make evil decisions, after a time your character will start to turn dark and demon-like, sometimes developing horn growth. These changes not only effect you, but your pet also. If you are evil, your dog is evil, and vice versa, and your appearances evolve together.

What it comes down to is that Fable II is a fantasy sandbox-style game with plenty of areas to explore and things to do as you interact with the people and monsters of the game's world.

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And then, finally, there is Gears of War 2. The GoW franchise is something of a competitor with the PS3's Resistance series by Insomniac. While the first Resistance was hailed for it's solid first-person shooting action, Gears of War has quickly become considered near classic due to it's over-the-top battles and cover system. GoW 2 not only perfects the cover system and allows you to cling more closely and accurately to the environment than before, but improves on the action in almost every conceivable way.

The weapons are more balanced this time around, and have seen some new additions: the flamethrower, the mulcher (a high-power chaingun) and the mortar. Grenades can also now be used as proximity mines and gas grenades.

In Gears of War 2, close-combat is the most intense of all. When you knock an enemy over, you can beat and stomp, snap his neck, or lift him up and use him as a human shield. When two enemies collide with a chainsaw, both must repeatedly press the B button until the other is defeated.

It may sound like a very gruesome game, and it is, but GoW 2 features an optional content filter that will cut out swearing and gore, making the franchise more accessible than ever before.

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