Superhero Games: Best of the Bunch

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One genre of games that you would expect to be more popular than they currently are are Superhero games. Since the earliest days of gaming the superhero topic has been continuously attempted, yet more often than not these games have been damp squibs. Anyone remember the early X Men game back on the NES? That game is famously regarded as one of the worst in gaming history. It seems that, simularly to movie adaptation games, most developers just can't capture the right ethos and mechanics when it comes to superhero games. Therefore, the few gems amonst the rough are to be treastured indeed, and here we present a list of what we feel to be the most accurate, fun and popular superhero games released in recent years;

Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu: This game, released a few years ago on the Playstation 2, is actually a very popular cult classic and remains to be probably the best Batman game ever released. The story involves the villain Sin Tzu, who is utilizing tactics from Sun Tzu's book, Art of War, to steadily take over the city of Gotham. The animation perfectly mimics the classic Animated Batman style from the 90s and offers a host of characters to choose from, including Batman himself, Nightwing and Batgirl. The game mechanics are fairly simple, employing a kind of 3D Streets of Rage style of play, but suits the genre perfectly.

X-Men Legends: This game pleased a wide range of fans by offering a bit of everything; action, adventure and even role play as the player takes control of the famous mutants. As the game progresses more members of the mutant team are unlocked and you are able to organise you team as you see fit. This game was a huge hit when it was released, and paved the way for sequels: X-Men Legends II and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. Ultimate Alliance features over 20 playable characters from the Marvel universe, all fan favourites.

Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction: This game is widely viewed to be one of the most faithful comic to game adaptations ever produced. Offering a highly inventive and crowd pleasing gameplay, the player is free to rampage through the city in a GTA style open world. There are missions to fulfill, but players are free to progress at their own pace. Unlike in past Hulk games, players are given a myriad of ways in which they can utilize their environment against enemies, with almost every object being destructible able to manipulate. Destroying power sources in cities puts out electricity, including lights, etc. When running, you can pick up enough momentum to run up buildings. What results is a pleasingly open game, with an aspect of freedom and interactivity which would act as a benchmark for superhero games, as this gameplay was manipulated in many later Spider-man titles, amongst others.

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