Fight Night: Round 4

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Interest and hype is growing around the next installment in the Fight Night series. Fight Night: Round 4 will mark the second installment for the franchise on next-gen consoles; the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The previous game was very well received on these platforms, and anyone with even a passing interest in boxing and games based upon it should definitely check out what's on offer. Electronic Arts' Vancouver studio have been putting extra effort into this title, building upon the sublime attention to detail which made the past installments such a hit. An increase in the frame rate also leads to this being the smoothest running boxing game to date, and it shows.

This amounts to great inter-connectivity between the gameplay, graphics and physics of the game. Details include sweat flinging through the air, boxers arms becoming tangled in struggles, and punches have an impact on specific areas of the opponents body. As for the controls, a couple of changes have been made to the overall scheme, but they're very slight. For example, there's less emphasis this time around on overpowered haymakers, and more on hooks and jabs. So in order to perform a haymaker the player executes a hook while at the same time holding the right controller trigger. This culminates to produce a more realistic fight that has the potential to last longer than before.

Blocking has also been redefined as well, since this time around punches aren't restricted to four areas, blocking has in turn been simplified to two options: high and low. Crucially, EA have reworked the parrying system. Previously it was possible to parry all your opponents attacks until their energy ran low, making for boring and predictable rounds. In this new title, parrying will only get you so far before attacks start to break through.

Add to this a reworked career system which results in a much more engaging and rewarding gaming experience, and you have undoubtedly the best in the series so far. The Fight Night games have grown to be a benchmark against which other sporting games are measured, and this trend looks set to continue into the future!

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