The Best Nintendo DS Lite Bundles!

July 30, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

Why invest in a Nintendo DS Lite bundle?

Well, for a start, it'll come out cheaper compared to buying the system THEN buying a game you can play. Savings can amount to as much as 23% for certain deals, which is a lot considering the fact that buying the system and the game separately can cost just about $170.

Also, many Nintendo DS Lite bundles offer exclusive colors that one cannot find on systems that are sold alone. Remember the blazing red DS with decal stickers that came with the Mario Kart DS bundle? What about the light pink DS that came with the Nintendogs bundle? These are extraordinary colors that collectors desire, and they only come with Nintendo DS Lite bundles.

The answer, naturally, will depend upon your gaming preference. However, let us review the most popular of the currently available Nintendo DS Lite bundles to help determine the best investment for your money:

1. Mario. It's a rare red Nintendo DS Lite and a Super Mario game, how can you go wrong? This is a great purchase, especially if you're eyeing a Nintendo DS Lite bundle as a gift for somebody. There's only one thing that's universal in Nintendo gaming : everybody loves Mario. The only problem is that finding such a bundle might be difficult at that point as stocks were very limited.

2. Nintendo DS Lite Green Spring Bundle includes personal trainer. As an added bonus, this bundle comes with a carrying case which will serve as excellent protection for your DS Lite unit.

3. Nintendo DS Lite Cobalt Blue Value Bundle. Don't let the word 'value' in the title fool you. This Nintendo DS Lite bundle is the most expensive among your selections, commonly because it incorporates 2 superb games that children will certainly love : Legend of Spyro and Bomberman. The same bundle also comes in metallic rose.

5. Nintendo DS Lite limited edition Ice Blue with Brain Age : Train your cerebral cortex and you'll be fascinated with the issues that the title will throw your way. Like the personal coach : Cooking bundle, this package also comes with a carrying case.

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