Red Alert 3- Playstation trumps Xbox!

April 25, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

Red Alert was born out of theCommand and Conquer series way back in 1995, and was an instant hit with strategy fans worldwide. This led to the title being ported to the Playstation and other noted systems, further cementing the popularity it continued to receive. After another sequel was release to vast success in 2000, it took eight years for the third in the franchise to be released on the Xbox 360 and PC. RA3 brought back everything that fans had loved so much about it in the first place: action-packed strategy held together by a knowingly over the top story and characters. The Xbox version suffered slightly when compared to the PC version, seemingly unable to match the high level of textures players had come to expect from the series, but both versions were very well received.

Playstation 3 users long lamented the title, believing the scheduled release onto their console had been cancelled. However, it's now known this is not the case at all. RA3 is indeed being released to the PlayStation 3, entitled the Ultimate Edition no less, and is said to come with features exclusive to this console. Producer Greg Kasavin states that development had been held up so as to quickly finish the PC and Xbox 360 versions, after which the team focused on pushing the PS3's limits before release.

RA3's developers seem to have taken note of the earlier gripes voiced by players, as a lot of the things that let down the Xbox version in particular have been rectified on the Playstation 3. Indeed, it seems this version of the game is better looking than ever before, with the all important textures lovingly crafted, and attention to detail is reassuringly on form. Character animations and movements, aswell as environmental effects have been rendered perfectly.

Red Alert 3: Ultimate Edition is available now, and Playstation owners should definitely look into it- the gameplay is as fun as it's always been, and the title has never looked so good. Plus, its rare that a playstation version of a game can claim to trump the Xbox 360 version!

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