Bionic Commando Returns!

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Those veteran gamers amongst us may remember a title for the NES named Bionic Commando. In this action platformer, the player utilized the titular character's impressive stretching abilities through his bionic arm, leading to a gameplay reminiscent of certain early Spider-man games, as you swing through the cities. However, Bionic Commando also utilized a host of heavy artillery with which to dispatch your foes. Well, Bionic Commando is set to return to Next Gen and PC in a big budget extravaganza.

This time around we join Nathan Spencer (Bionic Commando) ready to await his execution for a crime he (obviously) didn't commit, but not before the city has been completely ravaged by a terrorist attack. It's upto you to foil this deadly occurance using your trusty bionic arm and just a bit of righteous fury. When Nathan encounters enemies, he has many abilities at his disposal with which to eliminate such threats. The game's physics are advanced enough that you can tug a chunk of building down on top of an enemy, or throw large boulders at them, sometimes even simply punching at large boulders in a way that sends them flying the direction of your enemies. These are all abilities that utilize the bionic arm however, and alternatively there's a whole host of new weaponry and firepower to make use of.

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As befits this day and age, Capcom have added a multiplayer function to this reboot. Not only that, they have added a number of little quirks which work extremely well in-game, such as characters shooting over their shoulders when pursued, the ability to fire at people in midair as they are swinging around, and even use sniper rifles to take people out from a distance. Therefore multiplayer cans can be as fun and varied as ever.

Bionic Commando is slated for release summer of 2009, and has been in development for a few years now, showing that Capcom are lovingly crafting this title to perfection. Fans of all action platformers, this could be just the thing for you!

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