Sony Playstation 3 Backwards Compatability To Return?

August 11, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

For many gamers, Sony's biggest sin is removing PS2 backward compatibility from PS3 consoles. This wasn't like the Xbox 360's backward compatibility with Xbox games which was emulation-powered, therefore, subject to compatibility issues. Backward compatibility with PS2 games for PS3 consoles was perfect.

This feature was removed progressively. Newer models introduced limited backward compatibility which was software-powered. The models after that removed backward compatibility altogether.

And PS3 owners - particularly owners of more modern PS3 consoles - were left asking why. Sony countered with the fact that all PS3 models are still backwards compatable with PS1 games. However, the running quality of this feature is tempestuous at best, with many games running slower or with reduced quality, and some not running altogether.

Late in June 2009, Playstation game sites received reports of PS2 backward compatibility possibly coming back for PS3 consoles. Adding fuel to the fire is an earlier report about Sony conducting a survey regarding what fans wish to be included in the God of War III collector's edition. One of the selections : the first two games of the series. This right away led straight to speculation that, indeed, backward compatibility is in the works for PS3 consoles.

Hold your horses, however. It's still too soon to say for certain that backward compatibility is indeed returning to the Sony Playstation 3. For starters, what if such a patent-protected system only allows PS3 consoles to play downloaded PS2 games? This suggests that our PS2 discs will never see the light of day on PS3 consoles. Even if we own those games, we still need to download them from the Playstation Store to be able to play them on our PS3 units.

However, a likelihood is still better than an impossibility, and would open up further options to Sony Playstation 3 owners. With no definite answer right now, watch this space!

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