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2008 was a rather underwhelming year in terms of the Wii games that were released, things are going to get better in 2009. Or at least, it's looking that way. Here are three three games that hopes are will take true advantage of the Wii's hardware this.


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What is it about revivals? The film industry are doing it and so is the game industry. But we can let Punch-Out off, as it is well worthy of a remake. The last time Punch-Out!! was released was in the form of Super Punch-Out on the Super Nintendo.

The games thrive off of action involving well-timely executed attacks. The older games sent you through a series of fights and boss battles, where each person had their own timing you had to figure out. An obvious upgrade in the graphics is present with a cartoony, cell-shade look that is not only sure to please fans of the franchise, but also hook outsiders who will soon want to give it a try.

The original Punch-Out remains both unique and fun to this day, so how can a remake by the best of developers go wrong?


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MadWorld is one of the most unique games to appear on any system this generation. It is also one of the most violent, but that's a good thing. One of the most unique aspects of MadWorld is its graphics, everything is in Black and White, except for the blood and guts. Yes, it's that kind of game...

When your character can make a chainsaw come out of his arm, you know that a gore fest is what's in store. The action is very stylized and combo-oriented. Whilst battling it out with enemies in urban areas, you can deal all kinds of damage, from shoving stop signs through enemies' heads, to reaching inside someone's chest and ripping his heart out. Meanwhile, a humorous voice announces each move as you perform it, commentating as if it were some kind of football game.

Definitely not for the faint hearted, but MadWorld's presentation and gameplay has us curious...

The Conduit

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Not many developers' would argue that the Wii is, technologically, inferior to the PS3 and the Xbox 360. The Conduit developers, High Voltage, believe differently. they believe the Wii is the better and want to prove it with The Conduit.

The Conduit is a first-person sci-fi shooter, with gorgeous detail. High Voltage has put a lot into this game, and it's showing. The game will not only have an extended singleplayer campaign, but a 16-player multiplayer online mode.

The Conduit is certainly taking the Wii to the limit and is definitely worth checking out.

Conduit: The Future of FPS?

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When initially released, the Nintendo Wii was not seen favourably by First Person Shooter developers, in belief that the new console didn't have the means to support such games. In spite of earlier attempts, The Conduit is set to change this viewpoint once and for all.

Curiously for the Wii, developers are promising visuals to equal those found on the PS3 and Xbox 360. The developers of The Conduit have created what is called the Quantum3 engine, capable of utilizing features that gamers have come to expect from the more graphically powerful consoles. These features are set to include bump mapping, material based bloom, dynamic water effects, and color gloss maps. These features are relatively unheard of within the Wii, and testers have thus far praised the ongoing development.

Control throughout the game is also a point on which the developers have laboured hard. Not only will the game utilize the WiiMotionPlus attachment for more accurate aiming, but the game's controls themselves are completely up to the gamer, allowing players to adjust and edit the controls to what they see fit.

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This brings the Wii to an advantage once again. The fact that the console is already famed for innovation is no secret, but it now looks to be catching up with the other consoles by way of graphics and visuals. But this development is not the be all and end all of FPS. When a representative of the first-person shooter developer Epic was asked whether or not they would be developing for the Wii, their answer was, "Why? That would be like a step backward!"

It is important for developers to remember that graphics are only a small part of the gaming puzzle, and by no means lead to the success of a title on their own. Gamers know that when developers focuse on making better and better graphics, they are prone to completely overlook opportunities for innovation in gameplay. Striking the right balance is the key to success in this area.

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