The Possibilities of Faceez!

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In recent months, the web applications offered by the DS store have been producing some fascinating features. Particularly where the DSi is concerned, the console is at last having its additional features realised in some great interactive games. A recent photo manipulation title, Faceez, is gathering a considerable amount of fame.

41FR4LYMGEL. SL160  The Possibilities of Faceez!

Faceez takes advantage of the DSi's dual cameras, permitting players to take pictures of themselves and buddies. These photographs can then be transfered into the Faceez modifying suite, which may store an enormous variety of photos. Your pictures can now be played around with in varied ways.

By choosing 'mix' you'll be able to build hybrids of your face with a vast stock of different images, allowing you to check out movie star noses or hairstyles. 'Disguise' permits Faceez gamers to add funny disguises to their pictures, including Pirate Hats or Bandit Masks. 'Animate' is certainly the most impressive function, which fixes your facial image to a stick-man and permits you to perform a whole host of actions, including dancing, consuming sweets and singing. Inventory expressions will be fused to your face to make it appear like your mouth is moving, and the results are strikingly realistic.

This application is a great little excuse to get your buddies and have a laugh. The intuitive elements are definitely revolutionary, and you will have hours of fun testing out all of the tools. Faceez pictures may also be uploaded to Facebook and different apps, meaning the possibilities go even further. For those who're searching for a fun little game to try out the DSi's skills, Faceez is the latest obsession!

Wii’s Red Steel

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As the Wii was initially released, it brought with it a range of exclusive titles, such as Red Steel. This game was primarily a FPS wherein the gamer could switch between gun action and sword action by employing the Wii remote or nunchuk. This impressive gameplay generated high excitement all over the videogame community, and therefore the game was amongst the highest selling launch games for Nintendo's console. Producers Ubisoft have finally developed a sequel, and Wii's Red Steel 2 is due out shortly.

Wii's Red Steel 2 is transfering the action from the Mafia oriented mob story of the first game and relocating to a desert area, wherein you play the mysterious 'Swordsman'. Seeking vengeance on a variety of enemies, you battle your way through numerous environments using the same play system as in the original.

51flx4hh44L. SL160  Wiis Red Steel

The controls have been fine tuned to a high level with this game. In spite of the high sales of the original, one drawback that was frequently cited by critics was that the controls didn't accurately convey gamer movements to the screen. By using the new WiiMotion Plus Wii's Red Steel 2 hopes to counter this drawback drastically.

Additionally, the title takes a fresh visual style. Rather than the realistic look of the original, Wii's Red Steel 2 is done with a cell shaded design, giving the game an impressively stylised finish. Multiplayer has also been dropped from this title, as Ubisoft state they wanted to put all their effort into making the best single player campaign achievable.

The initial Red Steel was really a flawed masterpiece; it had all the promise to be a great and revolutionary title yet was just defeated by below-par controls. If Wii's Red Steel 2 can rectify this problem, then we might be seeing a truly impressive title.

The Advantages of DSiware

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Since its release, the Nintendo DSi has enjoyed a big boost in renown over the first DS. Nintendo augmented the original model in pretty much every way imaginable; slimming it down and throwing in excellent features like the dual cameras. However it has taken some time for the special features of the DSi to be completely realised, but this is being speeded up thanks to the increasing number of Nintendo DSiWare titles and resources being released.

Nintendo DSiWare is the name given to an increasing offering of applications released totally for the DSi, most of which utilise the DSi's features and therefore are not compatible with the previous DS. These can be accessed quickly and easily via the DSi store, and gamers spend their Nintendo points in order to download these applications.

412A74N38xL. SL160  The Advantages of DSiware

The distributors have offered up the creation of DSiWare features to several 3rd party publishers, and so gamers can look forward to a wide variety of goodies. A vast back catalogue of retro and well-loved games are being added on a weekly basis, and so DSi owners have access to a stack of great titles. Some examples include Phantasy Star, Brain challenge and the Art Style franchise of games.

However, even more exciting are the host of Nintendo DSiWare applications; a range of downloadables that are produced particular to the DSi's augmented technology and features. These include art and flipbook studios for more in-depth customization, augmented browser and camera features and even interactive compendiums with camera synching.

As said, the list of Nintendo DSiWare features is growing weekly, and they're helping to recognise the actual potential of the handheld. Any DSi gamer should definitely check into the huge range of applications and titles available- they're fun, intuitive and are very easy to download. Having said that, try out the huge list of Nintendo DSiWare features without delay!

A Sneak peek At The Xbox 360 Project Natal

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Following hot on the heels of the Wii's motion sensing technology, Microsoft hope to take this one better with Xbox 360 Project Natal. Revealed during 2009's E3 meeting, this add-on accessory for the Xbox 360 is said to allow completely controller-free interaction with games, sensing movement and translating that as controls in the title.

Xbox 360 Project Natal is said to be available around the end of 2010, and Microsoft hope that the accessory will become a vital part of all existing Xbox consoles. They also confirm that this revolutionary technology will stretch the active life of the 360 considerably, and is, for all intents and purposes, a next-gen accessory.

The accessory includes a depth sensor coupled with an RGB camera, which hands the Xbox 360 Project Natal a 360 degree arc of recognition. The recognition is so cutting edge that even tiny facial expressions can be interpreted and converted on-screen. The range of recognition can also be extended or shortened as the gamer wishes, with the possibility of including surrounding objects like tables or cabinets.

Along with movement, the Xbox 360 Project Natal also has the ability to interpret sound. The multi-array microphone within can be employed to recognise sound and relay vocal information on the television. These elements mix to offer total interactivity between gamer and videogame.

As the technology employed to create both Natal and the titles it will interact with is reasonably unique, Microsoft have said that current Xbox 360 titles probably will not support Natal, and that a brand new range of titles are in progress. Some technical demos shown at E3 saw Space Invaders Extreme and Paint Party, a game in which pots of paint are manipulated by the gamer to paint canvasses.

Time will tell as to whether the Xbox 360 Project Natal will instill the awe Microsoft are looking for. Whilst the specs are clearly revolutionary and due to trump even the Wii's signature card, Microsoft need to announce more engaging titles to gain increased customer interest. With the right titles coupled with it, the Xbox 360 Project Natal could actually be the future of videogaming!

What To Expect from Nintendo DSi Features

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Nintendo DSi features are made up of fantastic multimedia capabilities, a clear improvement on previous incarnations. These features, for example the SD card, enables players to store pictures, downloads, and AAC music on the SD (as a removable storage). The wonderful Nintendo DSi Sound will definitely attract many fans to record your voice, play music (if it's mp4, 3GP or m4a), adjust pitch and playback, and control filters while you are listening to the music.

Another noteworthy improvement - you can listen to the audio output while your DSi is closed. You could even be an MC if you like, just use the built-in microphone to record audio or vocal messages ( limit is eighteen clips up to ten seconds in length ) and apply them to the audio files you have in your list.

41J %2BdH9LoL. SL160  What To Expect from Nintendo DSi Features

More Nintendo DSi features are made up of a dual camera, with software that allows you to change and adjust your photos. You have 10 variant lenses at your disposal, so you are able to pursue your photo creativity. The Nintendo DSi features let you manipulate pictures captured by the camera, together with imported materials and real time feeds too. You can link the pictures you save with Wii, facebook and other social websites.

Internet connectivity is also a very important inclusion to the Nintendo DSi features. The console can easily be connected to the Internet, with a speedy connection through 802.11b/g Wi-Fi built in.

Lastly let's remember that WEP, WPA and WPA2 wireless encryption is employed by the Nintendo DSi features and that game-players around the world will surely be pleased to see it!

What Can Xbox Live Offer You?

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Xbox 360 currently offers gamers the opportunity to communicate with each other, using the add-on feature known as Xbox Live. If you're an Xbox Live user, you are instantly part of the chat list. Therefore, you are able to chat and discuss anytime with your friends and family through the Xbox 360 headset. Moreover, you can interact and organize a gaming throwdown with countless other Xbox users. Xbox Live also allows you to buy content in Xbox Live Marketplace, download additional videogame content and even watch preview videos.

If users are enticed by these functions and wish to become an Xbox Live member, then there are two memberships to choose from, classified into two distinct services - gold and silver.

Up first, the silver service is just the basic version of Xbox Live. Going for this version, users can easily get online and download gaming titles. On top of this, you are given the capacity to use their own voice to talk and meet with other Xbox Live users. However, this is all Xbox Live silver provides subscribers with. If you're searching for the optimum Xbox Live experience, Xbox Live gold is what you must go for.

Secondly, the Xbox Live Gold option has various features that make it an awesome way to play on the internet. Apart from the incredible Xbox Live features, it provides gamers with a host of additional add-ons. There is improved chat compatability, as well as interaction with a host of Microsoft products, including messenger and further chat and video programs. The most prominent feature of Xbox Live gold is the manner in which your online avatar is shown to the world. Every account is free to create a distinct 'motto' showing to other gamers online, even linking to Facebook. Furthermore, you're also able to hold a record of your accomplishments. As you play more and more you gradually forge a reputation, and if users like you they are able to rank you positively, making it easier to avoid interacting with users holding bad outlook.

Players can also build a contact list which will list all of your selected chums. It'll also inform you when any of your buddies come online. There is also a recent player list that will record the last fifty friends that you have met.

Xbox Live is as good as Xbox gaming gets. It not only offers great gaming but also provides you with the chance to share your experience with other users!

Xbox 360 Failure: What To Do Next

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We all have a standard fear in our everyday lives; the possible failure of various machines we use. We just don't want it to be happening to us, especially if that machine is our sparkly Xbox 360. However, you don't need to fear even in the event of an Xbox 360 failure. If you know the reason then part of your issues are solved. An Xbox 360 failure is a common blight experienced by many videogamers all around the globe.

The Xbox 360 failure is generally indicated by red LED bulbs on the console itself. So how do you know what blunder you hold in your console by having a look at the lights? The explanation follows;

If it's 2 red lights popping up on your console, then the probable cause for this Xbox 360 failure might be overheating of the motherboard. The easiest way to beat this Xbox 360 failure is by shutting down your machine for some time so that the motherboard can settle down.

If you see 1 or 3 red lights appearing on your console then this is generally some recognised hardware and software problems which can be overcome by fixing the console.

The most dreadful Xbox 360 failure that you can find is signified by a red circle of light on your console. This crash is something that falls in the 'fatal error' category. This generally occurs due to an inner structural failing in your Xbox. This simply means that the makers did not put a cooling device of adequate size within the console. Therefore overheating has a tendency to bring down the game processing unit and causes an Xbox 360 failure.

There's no call to panic, though, because some easy precautions can make sure that your Xbox 360 will not fail.

As the majority of the failures spring from overheating it's ideal to keep your console in a spot where there's open movement of air, and no more heat-emitting sources in the vicinity. It may be tough for avid game players, but a sensible thing to do could be to allow your console regular rest spells and avoid long continuous videogaming sessions. That way one can also rest your eyes and hands and start with a fresh fervour some other time.

But if you have indeed experienced an Xbox 360 failure you need not ship it off to Microsoft in a rush. You can purchase some Xbox repair guides from the Internet, which might save everyone a lot of time and cash. Be sure not to overpay for these and also try to go for one which has been tried and tested by others. If you can get your hands on a good guide then you can be your own Xbox mechanic! If all else fails though, keep in mind it's your right to have a working machine- you paid for it after all- so don't hesitate to contact Microsoft if you are in doubt.

So the next time you encounter an Xbox 360 failure, you know where to go next!

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How To Make The Sony Playstation 3 More Affordable

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Many people are looking for the best Sony PS3 deals in the market today. It will be a good bet to say that even devout Microsoft 360 gamers are considering owning a PS3 console.

Who wouldn't want to own a Sony Playstation 3, after all? It's a superb computer game system that's capable of so many things. With enough processing power to actually scare jail officials into outlawing PS3 units in numerous jails all over the country because a learned convict can basically dismantle the same and create a tool tough enough to bring down the whole penal system, the Sony PS3 is truly a work of art. Not only is it able to play the most technologically advanced games today, the console is also a multimedia beast that will store and play movies and music, scan the web, and stream photos for your eyes to enjoy.

The set-back: the Sony Playstation 3 is the least affordable console on the market. With a $400 price tag, as of this writing, the Sony PS3 is way beyond the budget of most casual buyers.

Thus, the high demand for amazing Sony PS3 deals. Here are a few tips on how to take the sting out of that hefty price tag.

- Wait for sales. As a general rule, retail multinationals conduct a sale per quarter. When the computation for these quarters start is where retail conglomerates change. It is safe to say, however, that sales should be predicted by the end of summer and right around October, just before the Christmas season starts. Sales may not present the best Sony PS3 deals possible, as Sony itself has stayed firm on the price tag for the system.

41%2B7ijf43jL. SL160  How To Make The Sony Playstation 3 More Affordable

- Try the secondary market. The Sony PS3 is a particularly hardy machine. There are no 3RLs or E74s here. A second hand PS3 is almost certain to be in good working condition. Additionally, you can find glorious Sony PS3 deals in the second hand market and you can even get a unit for 20% of its original cost.

- Use vouchers. Studies indicate that, if folks would only use the vouchers found in newspapers, mags and store circulars, they can save up $2,000 every year. Collect the acceptable coupons and stop waiting for the best Sony PS3 deals to come your way. Instead, make your own Sony PS3 deals via coupons!

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Nintendo Wii Price Drop: Is it Possible for 2009?

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As of this article, the Nintendo Wii price is pegged at $249.99 SRP. Not bad at all, really, for a console that is dominating the sales charts and has the largest library of titles amongst the current generation of gaming consoles.

But many are still hoping for a Nintendo Wii price drop in time for Christmas of 2009. After all, the machine is in its 3rd retial year – which, in industry terms, equates to the system currently enjoying the peak of its expected 5 to 7 year life cycle – and now is the best time to own one.

Currently, Nintendo has not called any announcements, nor has it made any indications, that a price reduction for the Nintendo Wii console is forthcoming in the near future. Therefore, any take on the matter will merely be an opinion based on prevailing market factors at the moment.

Possible reasons why a Nintendo Wii price drop should not be expected this year:

- Excluding the Xbox 360 Arcade edition (naked version of the console, not ideal for first time owners), the Nintendo Wii is the most affordable current generation console in the market. Therefore, Nintendo don't even need a price drop to remain competitive in the market.

- The Nintendo Wii has always ruled the sales chart considerably. Hence, the company wouldn’t consider a Nintendo Wii price drop is necessary as the consumers obviously concur with the set price given the console’s dominance of the sales charts.

- It’s too soon. Normally, consoles offer price drops roughly halfway or to the tail end of the system’s market life. For the current generation of consoles, that period is pegged at 6 years.

Why a Nintendo Wii price drop is actually quite probable for 2009:

- Declining economy. Nintendo may benefit from making their flagship console more accessible to increasingly hard-off public. In a down economy, the ideal way to increase sales is to offer value at a cut price. The Nintendo Wii has proven that it packs value, but that may not be enough anymore.

- Nintendo already enjoys a massive base of users. It should be able to afford a Nintendo Wii price drop as vast majority of profit will now come from software sales, anyway.

- The public are asking for it, and Nintendo would do well to stay in public favor!

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Tiger Returns- PGA Golf Tour 10

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Developers EA Sports have been very consistent with their Tiger Woods games over the last few years, releasing them at a rate of roughly one each year. Their latest offering, PGA Tour 10, comes to the Wii this year. PGA Tour 10 is a title that promises to address the many complaints that have arisen over the last few games, varying from gameplay niggles concerning the swing meters and drive force, to an unambitious outlook on in game graphics. From what we've seen so for, EA look set to make good on their promises.

To address the lacklustre approach to graphics and realism, EA have gone for an almost complete overhaul of the previous system. The aim is to pay much more attaention to the little details which will all mount up to craft a visually appealing and life-like dynamic. Everything is being catered for, with trees and ponds being given their own set of animations, to act independantly and realistically in relation to the surrounding environment.

A brilliant new feature being added exclusively to the Wii title is a weather system that works in tandem with the Wii forecast channel itself. The game has been designed to mimic the information generated through the Wii forecast channel and reproduce it in-game. This means that the game you're playing will actually respond to the real weather outside, so if you're in the middle of a game and you begin to hear raindrops on your window, the game will follow suit and rain will begin to pour. This element is set to include all weather conditions, ranging from sunshine, wind, rain, sleet, fog- anything you would imagine. This is not just a flashy gimmick either, as the in-game weather will effect the way to game is played, with the ground become sleek with rain and winds affecting the course of the ball etc.

Graphics and features improvements are all well and good, but what Wii players are really concerned about is the Wii motion sensing, which has been notoriously poor in recent PGA games. The draw and fade elements have been quite inaccurate, with players complaining that the motion sensing was just too sloppy or unresponsive. Enter the new WiiMotionPlus peripheral, a vast improvement to the earlier motion sensing as it actually reads the players movements on a 3D level, mapping out the entire dynamic structure of the participant to generate a much more accurate reading. EA are confident enough to state that this feature allows for 100% accuracy, and hopefully that's what we'll get!

The PGA games have always been a hit with fans, the fact that it has reached such a high level of installments is testament to just how popular they are. As popular as they have been however, they have always been let down by small problems that frankly should have been fixed by now. PGA 10 promises to right the wrongs of the past, and hopefully EA can deliver the truly perfect game that fans have patiently waited for.

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