Deadly Creatures!

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If frantic and deadly battles between strange and poisonous creatures sounds like your kind of thing, then upcoming Nintendo Wii game Deadly Creatures may be just for you. In a world short on new and fresh ideas these days, this game presents in interesting and unique take on battles of all shapes and sizes! Presenting a multi-faceted storyline revolving around a Scorpion, Tarantula, and then two men stuck in the desert(voiced by no less than Dennis Hopper and Billy Bob Thornton) searching for someone or something.

Gameplay takes place over ten chapters, jumping between the control of the Tarantula and Scorpion, as each creature offers a different perspective as the story begins to unfold. Taking control of the different creatures will open up new avenues and access to differing areas, as the scorpion takes advantage of his digging skill, and the Tarantula spins webs for access. Throw in a frantic combat system which, for possibly the first time in game history, pits these tiny creatures against each other in a violent struggle for life!

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While the tarantula is fast and excels when it comes to dodging attacks, the scorpion is slow yet powerful, and relies on his blocking abilities to keep attacks at bay. Pressing A delivers a fast attack, whilst shaking the Wii remote will execute a more powerful attack that requires more careful timing. These attacks can be chained together to execute combos, more of which you will unlock as your character levels up. For example, for the tarantula you unlock a poisonous bite, and the ability to squirt webs at enemies and stun them. Also, after stunning an enemy it is possible to perform a finishing move, which will completely defeat your foe if you follow the onscreen prompts exactly.  The results of the execution of these finishing moves are intense, and often bloody, raising this game above the child orientated audience.

Visually this is a rich and immersive game, throwing the players deep into a claustophobic and dark world of constant survival. Add to this the unique and fresh perspective this game takes to gameplay and exploration and you have yourself a title quite unlike any of the usual action fodder that gets thrown around these days. Enjoy!

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