Don’t Forget The Nintendo DS Lite!

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For all video game lovers, Nintendo DS Lite consoles will give you a heap of delight and thrill. It is available in 7 colours and is predicated on wireless communications technology by which gamers can join their pals over a game. From the technological standpoint, it combines touch sensitive screen interaction with twin screen action to offer you a novel gaming experience.

Nintendo DS Lite consoles are hand held and have built-in stereo speakers for excellent sound quality. It can also emanate surround sound in express games. The audio capacities of the console will transcend the gameplayers into a world of astonishing sound effects and lively music.

Now let us mention the screens of these gaming consoles. They have two backlit LCD screens which are 3" in dimension. They possess the ability to produce true 3D  graphics. In addition, the screen can be changed to various lighting conditions by adjusting its brightness on four different levels. The lower screen of the console works on touch sensitive screen technology. A strong recharger and rechargeable lithium ion battery pack are included in every console. The system recharges entirely in three hours of time.

415YsYGUm3L. SL160  Dont Forget The Nintendo DS Lite!

The Nintendo DS Lite console also incorporates a clock, alarm functions and calendar. You can choose the background color of the screen, and also display your birthday or your nickname on the screen. There are several alternatives to add an individual touch to these consoles.

Taking into consideration the above mentioned features of Nintendo DS Lite consoles, there is no doubt that it outclasses the original Nintendo DS consoles which are bigger, less swish and not as sturdy as the Lite versions. They also offer a cheaper but no less functional alternative to the Nintendo DSi.

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The Best Nintendo DS Lite Bundles!

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Why invest in a Nintendo DS Lite bundle?

Well, for a start, it'll come out cheaper compared to buying the system THEN buying a game you can play. Savings can amount to as much as 23% for certain deals, which is a lot considering the fact that buying the system and the game separately can cost just about $170.

Also, many Nintendo DS Lite bundles offer exclusive colors that one cannot find on systems that are sold alone. Remember the blazing red DS with decal stickers that came with the Mario Kart DS bundle? What about the light pink DS that came with the Nintendogs bundle? These are extraordinary colors that collectors desire, and they only come with Nintendo DS Lite bundles.

The answer, naturally, will depend upon your gaming preference. However, let us review the most popular of the currently available Nintendo DS Lite bundles to help determine the best investment for your money:

1. Mario. It's a rare red Nintendo DS Lite and a Super Mario game, how can you go wrong? This is a great purchase, especially if you're eyeing a Nintendo DS Lite bundle as a gift for somebody. There's only one thing that's universal in Nintendo gaming : everybody loves Mario. The only problem is that finding such a bundle might be difficult at that point as stocks were very limited.

2. Nintendo DS Lite Green Spring Bundle includes personal trainer. As an added bonus, this bundle comes with a carrying case which will serve as excellent protection for your DS Lite unit.

3. Nintendo DS Lite Cobalt Blue Value Bundle. Don't let the word 'value' in the title fool you. This Nintendo DS Lite bundle is the most expensive among your selections, commonly because it incorporates 2 superb games that children will certainly love : Legend of Spyro and Bomberman. The same bundle also comes in metallic rose.

5. Nintendo DS Lite limited edition Ice Blue with Brain Age : Train your cerebral cortex and you'll be fascinated with the issues that the title will throw your way. Like the personal coach : Cooking bundle, this package also comes with a carrying case.

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Nintendo DS Lite: Worth the Upgrade?

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To call it a Nintendo DS Light is a standard mistake. Of course, the "Lite" that's attached to its formal name, isn't truly a word. Rather, it is a play on words which is in turn a play on the improvements of the Nintendo DS Lite over the first Nintendo DS.

So, how big of an improvement is this Nintendo DS Lite over the first Nintendo DS?

Furthermore, do these improvements justify buying the Nintendo DS Lite even if you already own the first Nintendo DS?

To answer the question , let's go back in time to the release of the first Nintendo DS. It was light years before its immediate predecessor, the Gameboy Advance. Certainly, the improved graphics and the speedier processing (and rendering) power were expected from the newer generation of hand-held console, but the Nintendo DS also added some revolutionary features that startled the world.

With titles like Nintendogs, a life simulation game that authorized the player to look after a superbly rendered dog, the first Nintendo DS conquered the sales charts and never looked back. However, the system suffered from various niggles such as dark screens and low battery life.

The Nintendo DS Lite, the second incarnation of the handheld system, cured these issues.

As we have mentioned earlier, it is officially called as DS Lite, with "Lite" being a play on the word "Light." The Nintendo DS Lite is, well, lighter than the first DS by as much as 50%, boasts of a brighter screen and also permits a longer battery life for the unit, mainly because of the added brightness level which the user can choose to use, depending on the present environmental lighting.

Do these improvements make the Nintendo DS Light a justifiable purchase even for folks who already own the first Nintendo DS? It depends on taste and how much the drawbacks of the original mean to you, but the Nintendo DS Light is the best choice for folks who have yet to experience the pleasures provided by Nintendo's newest wonder toy.

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Wii Ports Final Fantasy: Echoes of Time!

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The Nintendo Wii continues to bow to fan requests by porting popular games from the company's other consoles onto that system.The latest in this line is a fresh port of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time, originally released on the DS. Owners of the Wii version will be able to play online alongside DS users in an impressive display of cross-console interactivity. One major downside is that the Wii port will not be making any graphics enhancements to the title. Echoes of Time plays like a classic RPG, bringing all elements of the genre to bear in a world-spanning adventure. Expect to level up, expand your party and train for new skills as your quest grows ever more perillous.

Both the single player and multiplayer versions of this game bring great playability. Those interested in focussing on the storyline are betest off sticking to the immersive and epic single player, whilst players wanting to pit their skills in the online arena will be catered for accordingly.

But one thing you may be curious about is how they solved the problem of the two screens that are required to play the DS version. There are still two screens in the Wii version, side by side. You can customize each screen's size, navigating the various options by using the pointer rather than a stylus; it's as simple as that. The Wii version also irons out a few creases in the general flow and gameplay areas, along with almost cutting out any load times.

Many thought that porting a dual screen, handheld game to a console would pose too many problems to be a success, but Square Enix have proved them wrong yet again. Despite a lack of graphical edge, Final Fantasy: Echoes of Time on the Wii brings the same great RPG experience from the handheld arena and offers it to the wider gaming community.

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Upcoming Nintendo DS RPGs

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The Nintendo DS has always ruled the roost when it comes to handheld RPGs, with the developer prioritizing this genre in view of their more wholesome gaming outlook. Great RPGs such as Etrian Odyssey go hand in hand with amazing remakes of old classics such as Final Fantasy IV to mention but a couple of a diverse and popular genre. And since you can never have too much of a good thing, here we list three upcoming RPGs that are sure to join the impressive pantheon;

#3: The Dark Spire

Developers Atlus are harking back to the classic days of the RPG with Dark Spire, bringing us the original first person action adventure format in a whole new package. For fans of the classic RPG Wizardry, this will be like coming home. The controls and menu systems are designed to imitate the function of old classics, and so this game is definitely an acquired taste. To many of today's gamers, the format and gameplay will seem alien and outdated, but this will be the exact attraction to many hardcore gamers. This stylised approach is a large gamble from Atlus, and while it's sure to turn many people off, you can guarantee that hundreds of thousands of people are going to absolutely love it.

#2: Blue Dragon Plus

Blue Dragon was originally released to the XBox 360 to wide critical acclaim. Famed for bringing back the classic turn based system which seems to rapidly be in decline, Blue Dragon was a favourite to those more diehard RPG fans. While Blue Dragon Plus will feature the same Akira Toriyama inspired style and the concept of characters, the game comes across as more of a real-time strategy. This perfectly compliments the style to create an awesome gaming experience.

#1: Dragon Quest V

it often surprises us Westerners to hear that, in Japan, Dragon Quest is even more famous than the Final Fantasy franchise. From developers Square Enix, Dragon Quest is simply one of the best RPG series of all time, and this installment on the DS (a port of the original SNES version) is no exception. First of all, it's got some of the series' greatest combat, featuring adjustments and changes that stayed on until much later in the series. Secondly, Akira Toriyama's signature artistic touches enhance the game's appeal greatly. Add to this an impressively large and detailed world for it's time, and you'll soon see why Dragon Quest is as respected as it is.

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Movie adaptations to look out for!

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It’s the time of the year when this years blockbuster movies come out in succession. It’s also the time when movie games, based on said movies, come out to coincide with the movie release. Video games based on films tend to sell very well, but don’t tend to be very good. This year, however, the games are looking fantastic. So what is in store for this summer?

61xv2V%2BABUL. SL75  Movie adaptations to look out for!X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Who wouldn’t like to control a regenerating, virtually indestructible, claw wielding superhero? Well, in X-Men Origins: Wolverine you get to do just that! Developed by Raven Software, Wolverine is the video game companion to Marvel’s summer blockbuster of the same name. The plot for the game is not directly related to the movie, but it does feature Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in both his likeness to the character and his voice.

For a Marvel video game it is quite a bloody affair. Wolverine’s claws rip through Weapon X security guards, leaving pools of blood and dismembered body parts all over the place. This is no surprise, since Raven Software created one of the most bloodiest game series ever, Soldier of Fortune. It seems Raven have took the idea of Wolverine having these claws and put them into context in the real world and in the real world sharp metal claws equals blood, blood and more blood!

xmen origins wolverine 01 Movie adaptations to look out for!

Graphics-wise Wolverine looks great, but this is to be expected. Movie video game tie-ins are expected to be as good looking as the films they represent. This usually has a unfortunate effect on the rest of the game as the developers focus on making it look like the movie and sacrifice gameplay, AI and other important aspects. However, in this case Raven Software have managed to not sacrifice the important aspects. The controls are fluid and intuitive with moves being mapped to only a few buttons and AI is generally good with the usual inclusion of cannon fodder.

In essence, X-Men Origins: Wolverine is just like its main protagonist, a raw, animalistic beast, and that’s what makes it so good. Wolverine is available on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

51YGTbI1CwL. SL75  Movie adaptations to look out for!Terminator: Salvation

The new Terminator Salvation movie looks awesome. Many people doubted whether another film should be done especially after Terminator 3. The same could be said for the games. Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines was a poor game at best with the only cool thing about it was it had terminators in it. Then again most movie based video games generally aren’t that great, but there are a few exceptions, and Terminator: Salvation is looking to be one of those games that will buck the trend.

The main reason for this is the inclusion of two-player co-operative play. While only limited to split screen, co-operative play has been a big hook since its inclusion in Gears of War. Not only that, GRIN the developers have put a lot of time and effort into creating a believable post-apocalyptic world and its shows.

In this post-apocalyptic world you, as John Conner, and your team carry out specific missions to take the fight to the machines. Conner can take cover behind various objects and trade fire whist behind them. But GRIN have designed the combat system to allow you to flank the enemy by exploiting the environment. This is a neat feature and adds another dynamic to the gameplay.

terminator salvation videog Movie adaptations to look out for!

The games story takes place two years before the film when John Connor is in the military. It follows you as John Connor on his missions before the events of the film and his development into the heroic leader most fans know him as in the first couple of films. GRIN seem to have nailed the post-apocalyptic world of the Terminator universe, co-operative play and have developed a combat system that allows for various ways of taking down the machines. Terminator: Salvation looks like a movie video game worthy of the attention. Terminator: Salvation will be available on the PS3 and Xbox 360 when released.

61ov 23H2%2BL. SL75  Movie adaptations to look out for!Ghostbusters:

Yes Ghostbusters was released in the 80’s but this is a game based on a movie franchise worth writing about. In essence the Ghostbusters game is the third film in the series (even though a third film has been announced). The story is written by the writers of the original film, Dan Acykroyd and Harold Ramis, so already it’s a must!

The original cast has been faithfully recreated to look almost identical to what they looked like in the two films. The game negates having a heads-up-display to show information, like health, and instead opts for a similar system to Dead Space, were your proton pack displays all you vital information.

Now about those proton packs, apart from crossing the streams, you need to also worry about overheating, luckily you don’t need to worry about ammo. The ghost-trapping gameplay works a treat, with you throwing out traps and slamming them with your proton beam, everything feels just as it should. The developers, Terminal Reality, have also managed to create an atmosphere that borders between scary and humorous. As you walk down spooky corridors you comrades start making fun of you or crack a joke of and occasionally shout out advice.

ghostbusters 01 Movie adaptations to look out for!

The graphics of Ghostbusters depends on which version you purchase, the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions have very realistic, shiny graphics that the owners almost expect to see these days, where as the Wii version has a more cartoony look to it. This maybe due to the lack of powerful hardware in the Wii, but it the chosen graphics work extremely well. You could go as far as saying it makes it feel that more Ghostbusters-y. Rumours have been flying around about co-operative play being included then taken out. If this is the truth it would be the only negative in what looks to be a great game. Hopefully, there is co-operative play as there would be nothing better than playing this game with three of your friends.

Which ever version you pick up, Ghostbusters looks to be a video game treat. Many fans have been waiting for a Ghostbusters game like this, me included. Ghostbusters will be released 16/06/2009 for the DS, PS3, PC, Xbox 360 and Wii.

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Wii Want Spectrobes!

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Spectrobes was initially released to the Nintendo DSi to a rather nonplussed set of reviews. The game, which is simular enough to concepts such as Pokemon, sees a galaxy strewn with tiny fossilized creatures (the Spectrobes) which can be discovered and trained, their skills and abilities utilized in battle. This would sound like a dead cert to appeal to younger players and fans of RPGs alike, but the game has so far been viewed to be repetitive and uninspired in its gameplay. However, Nintendo are not ready to rule out this franchise just yet, and have further plans for the Spectrobes.

Spectrobes: Origins sees the first home release for the franchise, bringing it onto the Wii. Viewed as a reboot, or retelling of the beginning of the series; the titular "Origins" bringing us closer to the dawning of this saga. It's rather fitting that the new game is literally a new start for the series because, though it may be a little too soon to tell, it seems that Origins may completely surpass all other Specrobes installments before it.

Heading in the direction of other RPGs lately, random encounters have been dropped in favour of an open field of vision, allowing players to see their enemies and thus choose to attack or evade accordingly. The remote and nunchuk are used to perform a variety of on screen functions, with menus juggled with the C button. Spectrobes are discovered progressively throughout the game, and upto six can be carried at any given time.

Though the Spectrobes will largely attack independently, you can issue further commands to bring forward their devastating abilities. Suffice to say the further you progress along your quest the more impressive your Spectrobes will become. Main character Rallen is not pushover either, and can be commanded to atack using various weapons and skills at disposal.

Theres still a long way to go for Spectrobes, and though the visuals look original and inspired, a further polish is still required. Disney haven't stated a confirmed release date yet, although we're expecting to see it around the end of the year. Until then, lets just hope that the Wii version can bring this franchise, which has so far seen a lot of squandered potential, to the forefront of home gaming.

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Nintendo DSi

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The next incarnation of the hugely popular Nintendo DS is here. With an added vowel to the name, the Nintendo DSi brings with a host of new feature, such as the two DSi Cameras. As well as this Nintendo have created the Nintendo DSi Shop. Similar to the WiiWare shop for the Nintendo Wii and the App Shop for the iPhone, the DSiShop allows owners to buy DSiWare games and applications.

The main feature of the new DSi are its two new VGA 0.3 megapixel digital cameras. One on the outer casing and one pointing to the user on the internal hinge. To accompany the two cameras is an SD card slot, allowing you to save your photos and transport them onto a computer so they don’t clog the memory of your DSi.

41xLVwUS0LL. SL160  Nintendo DSi

The Nintendo DSi also has multimedia capabilities. An SD card can be used not just for storing pictures, but for downloaded software from the DSiStore and to store AAC encoded music, which is played using the Nintendo DSi Sound feature and also acts as a voice recorder in conjunction with the microphone. The player also allows you to edit what ever audio is playing, by allowing you to add filters, adjust the pitch etc.

On the looks side, the DSi is pretty much the same apart from the accommodation of the two cameras and SD card. Nintendo have again managed to strip a bit more weight from the already thin previous model, the DS Lite. Specs-wise all is the same, apart from the increase in RAM – up from 4mb to 16mb. Storage can be increased by 32gb with the addition of an SD card. Lastly, the new DSi has upgradeable firmware, like the Wii and Sony’s PSP so any bugs found on release can be fixed as well as new features being incorporated as time goes on.

Overall the Nintendo DSi is a worthy update to the previous DS Lite. It incorporates new features that are natural in the DS’s evolution and will hopefully produce some new and interesting games, which use these features. IF you haven’t checked out the Nintendo DS yet, then this is a great entry point, and if you have a DS Lite, just think of all those new features and you’ll see why this is a must have!

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Link is making Spirit Tracks!

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Excitement within the gaming community has been reaching fever pitch recently with Nintendo having announced the forthcoming Zelda sequel for the Nintendo DS and  DSi . Zelda is one of the most popular and idiosyncratic franchises exclusive to Nintendo, and the announcement of a new title in the series always garners a justifiably large amount of anticipation from fans.

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks is the name of this new release. Following on from The Phantom Hourglass, which in turn was the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker , Spirit Tracks completes a trio of linking games within the Zelda pantheon, which is actually the first time in its history. This being said, Spirit Tracks is set to take a significant turn away from the preceeding games, which placed a large emphasis on nautical adventure with Link traversing the world by ship. Spirit Tracks features Link running his own train in order to make his way around the mystical kingdoms.

This apparoach makes for a new and fascinating gameplay mechanic not seen before in a Zelda game, and is a welcome diversion from the usual trekking and horse riding. Purists need not worry too much though, as all the usual attributes and features are present which make Zelda the world conquering franchise that it is. New features include a trusty robotic soldier wich Link can manipulate to attack enemies and assist in solving puzzles, and also a strange fan-like item used to generating wind power in a throwback to the wind boomerang of earlier games. Expect all the usual questing, adventure and magical kingdoms we've come to expect to round off another ideal package.

More information should be available over the coming months, as Nintendo are still in development with this game. It will be interesting to see whether the DSi will utilise any of its new functions for this game, as we're all desperate to see what the handheld console is capable of, and there's nothing better to showcase it than with a new Zelda game!

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Fire Emblem Returns to DS

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Fire Emblem is an RPG franchise that has truly spanned the years. Originally released exclusively in Japan for the Famicom way back in 1990, the Fire Emblem series has since grown to global recognition, spanning a series of systems and gaming generations. The latest installment has just been released for the Nintendo DS, and harks back all those years as it is actually an update of the original Fire Emblem, available to us westerners for the first time ever!

The port of Fire Emblem, now named Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon is almost completely faithful to the original, although there have been obvious graphical enhancements to enjoy. However, the gameplay and storyline remain pretty much the same. Over the course of the game the main character, Marth, prince of the kingdom of Altea, attempts carry out his mission: to right the wrongs that were done to him and his kingdom. From hereon in we enter a world of political intrigue and power as the Fire Emblem games are famed for their in-depth and involving storytelling.

51uE56dJXsL. SL160  Fire Emblem Returns to DS

The gaming style is an interesting hybrid of traditional RPG and strategy based games, as you control your band from a top-down perspective and send them off as you would in a strategy, whilst retaining a turn based stance and including the usual aspects of an RPG. Troops can only travel so far every turn, so there is definitely some timing involved, though that is not the only consideration that should be made. Different varieties of fighters should work together, depending on the enemy you are going up against.

An interesting and involving aspect of Fire Emblem's gameplay is that your characters are well and truly mortal. There's no resurrecting a fallen comrade in this game- if they die, they stay dead! This forces the player to invest heightened strategy and really think about the choices made in battle, as it is possible to lose a character you have built and leveled up throughout the entire game, including main characters.

Another improvement made possible through the DS is the use of the dual screens to split information. The lower screen deals with the real time action, whilst the upper screen lists and details equipment and weapons, making for a much more streamlined appearance and ease of use. The chance to quickly and efficiently access the inventory is welcomed when considering the heightened stakes of battle within Fire Emblem.

Fire Emblem has always been a popular gaming franchise, and the chance to experience the original is not to be missed. With sumptuous graphical and gameplay enhancements it is possible to enjoy this game perhaps the way it was always intended, and we hope that this paves the way for further remakes of the popular Fire Emblem series.

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