Microsoft Xbox 360 News

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The seventh generation videogaming market essentially comprises of the 3 biggest companies Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. Succeeding the Xbox, Xbox 360 was unveiled by Microsoft with enormous hype, competing against Sony's Playstation 3 and Nintendo's Wii for your well earned cash.

The first Xbox 360 news was displayed on MTV on 12th May, 2005 and subsequently at the E3 stands ( Electronic Entertainment Expo ). Additional info on the release was shared amid massive PR. This provided the beginning of the Xbox 360 age. In the initial year itself, the product was launched in approximately 36 countries, transcending the number of countries in which all other machines were released in their first year. Following its launch, the console was completely sold out in each corner of the world aside from Japan. The Xbox 360 has since then garnered sales of almost 30.2 million machines worldwide. Arcade, Pro and Elite versions of Xbox 360 along with a collection of accessories are readily available.

Incorporated into the Xbox 360 are a bunch of features like multimedia capacity, Windows Media Centre, film rentals, hi-def inclusion in all games, gaming downloads and the power to play HD DVDs with the help of an on-drive. But the most distinguishing feature of Xbox 360 is the Live service, allowing users to download TV shows, game demos, movies and a whole host more.

With such cut throat competition among the 3 main players, what really made Microsoft zoom ahead of its competitors? In order to address the needs of its huge customer base, Microsoft created its very own website called the Xbox 360 News. This website provides recent reports and information in relation to the Xbox 360, latest releases of Xbox 360 titles and upcoming releases are made available via the internet site. The most inspiring facet of the Xbox 360 News feature is that it is even available on the Xbox 360 games machine itself through the internet.

In supplying the Xbox 360 News function, Microsoft is undoubtedly the top service providing gaming console information in the market, heeding the needs of all video gamers whether amateurs or professionals. Thus, if you're wanting to get knowledgeable on anything concerning the Xbox 360, you want to join up with the Xbox 360 News internet site and wow all your fellow gamers.

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Final Fantasy XIV Wows Fans At E3!

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So, what's the biggest PlayStation 3 report from the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2009?

Final Fantasy XIII? Old news. Besides, it is not even exclusive to the Sony PS3 anymore.

God of War 3? Everyone knew it was coming, sooner or later. Also, a recording of Kratos ascending the back of a Titan has been making the rounds since late in 2008.

Gran Turismo 5? Barely. The Prologue has been in the marketplace for more than two years now.

The most important piece of PS3 news from E3 is something that was only discussed in passing inadvertently or accidentally in the arrival of footages for Final Fantasy XIII.

The most important PS3 stories from E3 is this : Final Fantasy XIV is DEFINITELY coming in 2010. Some still shots of the game were shown, and they look fantastic!

Final Fantasy XIII is booked to be released stateside in spring of 2010. The question arises: would not both Final Fantasy installments cannibalize each other? After all, isn't it foolish to release two products and make them struggle with one another for a similar audience? In fact, Final Fantasy XIV is balanced to be another great MMORPG for Play Online.

To fully appreciate the scale of this PS3 report, it has to be noted that Final Fantasy XIV is the first ever console MMORPG. Final Fantasy XI is also the first MMORPG to go cross-platform, appearing on the PS2, the computer, and the Xbox 360. It remains a highly favored MMORPG to this very day, more than seven years from its original release.

From the passing trailer that was shown, folks appeared to be convinced that Final Fantasy XIV is more true to the spirit of the series than Final Fantasy XI ever was. Whether or not it is an exclusive, or it is simply a timed exclusive, is yet to be seen. But the sheer impact of this PS3 report cannot be denied: people will be logging on 2010 solely to complete their Final Fantasy experience.

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Sony PSP News from E3!

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Who declared the Sont Playstation Portable (PSP) was dead? With a new version of the hand held, the Sony PSP Go!, prepared to be released in October of 2009, and with the cost of the game development kit for the console slashed by eighty percent to encourage game developers to form computer applications for the portable gaming unit, the Sony PSP is poised to live out the 10 year lifespan that Sony has foreseen.

And with the just concluded Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2009, the said handheld stole the show by presenting some amazing Sony PSP videos of impending titles which may rock the gaming industry.

What are these Sony PSP videos that stole the show at E3 2009?

1. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Peace Walker is the sole game in the series where all the clones of Big Boss will appear on screen at the same time. What you have seen in the MGS games for the PS, the PS2 and the PS3 will be implemented in this epic title.

2. Gran Turismo: It isn't a dream. It is not a hoax. Shown in the middle of a slew of Sony PSP videos, the audience thought that this game was for the Sony Playstation 3 and it became lost and found its way to the Sony PSP presentation. With 35 race tracks and more than 400 authentic vehicles, Gran Turismo for the PSP will not make any compromises. It will be as thorough, as practical, and as epic as the installments for the PS2 and the PS3.

3. Resident Evil Portable. It is a Resident Evil game, being made from scratch, featuring classic game play in contrast to the rail shooters that were latterly used for the Nintendo Wii. Oh, it's such a fab time to be a Sony PSP owner!

4. Unbound Saga. Beat 'em ups are back, big time! The Sony PSP videos released got a superb boost when game play flicks of Unbound Saga was shown. This game is certain to be a classic.

5. Little Big Planet. Of all the Sony PSP videos shown during the exhibit, Little Big Planet for the Sony PSP was the longest. The video showed game photographs, which led to speculations that the title is nearing its date of release. The graphics are close to their Sony PS3 counterparts and the game play remains unchanged.

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