3 Top PSN Games You Must Own

February 27, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

The PlayStation Network, Sony's free version the Xbox Live, does not have nearly as much content as Xbox Live's Acrade store. But, that doesn't mean to say it hasn't got it's share of awesome games, Here are three that will definitely impress.

#3: Echochrome

Puzzle games rarely offer something that isn't unique, and Echochrome follows this trend brilliantly. When playing Echochrome, prepare to be presented with a series of puzzles, which may or may not be optical illusions. So be warned!

The basic principle of the game is to navigate a small mannequin through each level and gather echoes. Each level is floating in a fathomless white space with thin lines representing paths. On the paths lie black holes, and falling through these may or may not take you to where you intended to go. As I mentioned before, the game uses optical illusions and therefore it is difficult to tell where a hole will take you, so if you fall through the floor into infinity, you lose.

The game features 52 levels, along with a map editor for you to create your own maps and share them online. This is a must have on your PS3 hard drive!

#2 Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection

Tekken has long been hailed as one of the best fighting games ever. So what happens when Sony port the PlayStation 2 game Tekken 5 to the PS3? You get a simple yet engaging Tekken fighting game in beautiful high definition.

The game offers all the modes that were found in the PS2 version, as well as an all-new online multiplayer mode and a Ghost Mode, which pits you against a series of NPC's with random ranks and abilities. The variety of such as mode as this is welcome and so is the ability to take the currency you earn from the mode to buy accessories for customizing your characters.

If your a fighting fanatic you cannot miss out on this opportunity, and if your new to the series, there is no better place than to start here and experience Tekken.

#1: WipeOut HD

Ever since the announcement of the PS3 people have wanted a new WipeOut. Fans got their wish, WipeOut HD.

Sci-fi racers are a rare breed in games and have been done to varying success. The WipeOut Series has been the outstanding franchise in the genre and this continues with WipeOut HD. Essentially, WipeOut HD is a remake of the classic PlayStation original, remade with slicker high definition graphics, and boasts both singleplayer and online multiplayer. The singleplayer mode incorporates a career system where the game speed and the AI difficulty increase with progression.

WipeOut runs at an amazing 60-frames-per-second, and is an awesome ship-racing game that is even more beautiful in motion. The sheer sense of speed the game creates makes you think you are travelling at speeds near to 500kph. Whether you have never played a WipeOut game in your life or are a veteran to the series, WipeOut will blow you away!