Red Faction: Guerrilla

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Red Faction was a FPS originally released on the Playstation 2. The success of this title paved way for a multi-platform sequel, which revolutionised the gnere by placing large emphasis on dual-wielding and alternate fire mode weaponry. In fact, for a long time the Red Faction franchise was best described as Unreal Tournament meets Halo, due to it's frantic yet epic combat. The new sequel, Red Faction Guerrilla,  deviates from the format set up in the initial games, toning down the frantic action to concentrate on a slower pace.

Understandably, this may cause fans of the original to be a bit sceptical. Changing the time-tested formula in such a way seems like a strange move for a franchise that really didn't need it, but early reports show that the game continues to work extremely well. As you may have heard already, in the early stages of the development when creators booted it up all the game's buildings and structures instantly collapsed. It turns out the engine was so advanced that they had to bring in builders and architects to properly structure planks inside the buildings so that they wouldn't fall over. obviously the developers are investing a lot of time and effort into the realism of this title.

The game follows demo expert Alec Mason as he moves to the new Mars plantation for a job in mining. However, the Earth Defense Force is oppressing the people on Mars and have taken Alec's brother on charges of insurrection. This causes Mason to join in a revolution against the EDF tyrants in the hopes of restoring the balance. In game, Mason has access to a wide variety of weaponry including a sledgehammer, a jetpack, mine charges (he is a demolition expert after all), a missile launcher, assault rifles, and other weaponry. The game allows almost free exploration of the red planet, allowing for immersive and deep-rooted gaming opportunities.

Developers have also promised that staple of current FPS games; the online multiplayer mode, although the single player campaign looks to remain the major hook for players. Watch out for Red Faction: Guerrilla on all next gen platforms and the PC now!

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