Fallout 3: Success of a Hybrid

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Looking back to the end of 2008, one game truly dominated the next gen systems: Fallout 3 Unleashed to massive critical acclaim, the title is the third in a long running series set in a post-apocalyptic world in which you must fight for your very survival. On the face of it, Fallout appears to be just another FPS, albeit a very graphically capable one, so why then would this title have caused such a frenzy amongst gamers?

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Fallout 3 is actually a lot more in-depth and intelligent than your average FPS, mainly owing to the fact that it blends another well loved genre, the RPG, into its foundations to make a new hybrid game. These two factors actually compliment each other suprisingly well, allowing fans of both genres to explore new gaming territory whilst maintaining the fundamentals of what make each so popular. If you're a fan of gritty, graphically violent shoot-outs then Fallout 3 offers two possible junctions. First is the traditional melee style wherein you're free to blast away at your opponents as you see fit. Alternatively there's the revolutionary V.A.T.S system, which operates something akin to the turn-based sstems you'd normally see in an RPG. This allows for a greater degree of accuracy as you zoom in on an opponent and opens you up to graphic head, body or limb shots, allowing you to literally blast your enemy apart.

The major RPG element is promoted through a virtually open ended world, allowing players to come and go as they see fit, fulfilling side quests at their leisure. An experience and level up system is also integrated, obviosuly augmented through whatever extra missions you undertake. Your style of play also affects your 'karma' level, in a system siumular to Fable. Your deeds throughout the game will take a toll on your overall story, as you become increasingly famous (or infamous) and gain allies and enemies depending on your standpoint. This accumulates to provide alternative endings and thus major replay value.

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Playstation 3 Current Bestsellers

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Playstation 3 current bestselling games

The dust has settled after the great Christmas rush, and most of us have been locked away playing with the various games and consoles we were lucky enough to acquire throughout the holidays. There were many greats to choose from, some of which are listed here. So if any of these remarkable games slipped through your net this Christmas, consider picking them up with haste!

61nPZmlHfKL. SL160  Playstation 3 Current Bestsellers

First of all, there is the global phenomenom known as LittleBigPlanet. LittleBigPlanet's gameplay is comprised of many different types of side-scrolling levels that can be played both alone and via multiplayer mode. The story mode may seem short for a platformer, but it's purpose is merely to introduce you to LittleBigPlanet, a place constructed completely from our imagination. Each piece and part is like a section of a patchwork quilt, and can be modified in any way you please as you customize your own levels; creating your very own weapons, enemies, items and gameplay mechanics. Whatever you want to do, it's up to you.

This is why it is such an amazing game; you are only limited by your imagination. Created levels can be shared online; so as long as there are people willing to build, there is always a reason to come back and play.

51MSmBDYP1L. SL160  Playstation 3 Current Bestsellers

Next up we have Fallout 3. Much of Fallout 3's wide acclaim has been due to a sense of extraordinary openness and freedom. There are an amazing number of ways to approach and resolve any given situation. The story takes place after a nuclear disaster as you find yourself to be one of the few survivors. When your father disappears you set off after him, becoming trapped in a series of events and dilemmas, political intrigue and merciless violence.

Fallout 3 is a first-person RPG, featuring an intriguing combat system and almost complete exploratory freedom. In addition, there is a kind of ethics system; the decisions you make will have varying effects on your reputation in different political circles. Where you may have done something decidedly bad in the past, certain people will be impressed by the reputation this brings, while others are not. Your decisions greatly affect the flow of the story, right up to the end of the game, where the ending itself is decided by your actions. In a game like Fallout 3, much replay value and variety awaits.

51ducPGtaPL. SL160  Playstation 3 Current Bestsellers

Then, finally, there is Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. If there is any reason to get a PS3 at all, it is Metal Gear Solid 4. The game has been awarded a perfect 10/10 by many gaming review sites, and has even been called by some a hallmark in gaming history. It is now commonly considered to be the best stealth-action game available.

MGS4 is the fourth and last installment in the Solid series. While MGS2 introduced first-person shooting options to the stealth-action gameplay, and MGS3 third-person gameplay, 4 combines both. Over the course of the game, weapons and items can be obtained and customized according to your tactics. MGS4 opens up new possibilities; your weapons and equipment can be either stealth-oriented, combat oriented, or both. But it's the gorgeously told story here that seals the deal. The MGS series has always been known for its cinematic presentation, but Guns of the Patriots takes the cake. All the narrative subtleties and character building engineered throughout four games come to head in this title, bringing about a truly epic storyline that will resonate throughout the industry. It's what makes a game so worth experiencing.

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