Ninja Blade

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At various gaming conferences last year, a new action/exploration game was unveiled entitled Ninja Blade. After a few rounds of demonstrative gameplay, the word on many people's lips was that this game borrowed a little bit too much from its similarly monikered rival, Ninja Gaiden. Viewers believed that Ninja Blade was looking to be little better than a rip off of the widely successful Gaiden, but we're here to fight the corner of this new game, and bring you a few reasons why Ninja Blade should be a title to look out for.

Ninja Blade asserts its frantic and exciting action style early on, with an opening sequence which sees the main character plummeting through the sky combating various deamons through use of in-sequence button prompts. These interactive cinematic sequences have become a common feature within many games recently, and finds a great way to combine stunning visual sequences with actual gameplay. From the outset, Ninja Blade hurls you into a fast paced action game that barely relents.

Ninja Blade also deviates from Gaiden's style in that the gameplay is much more reminiscent of Devil May Cry, focusing on multiple weapons to allow for a varied and fast paced emphasis on combos. As the missions begin, the main character is equipped with three weapons. Firstly, we have a lean sword used for well balanced attacks. There are also two shorter blades which are dual wielded in order to allow for fast paced combos. Lastly, there is a huge double handed blade which loses out on speed, but makes up for this with brute force.

The most attractive function of Ninja Blade is the mechanic named 'Ninja Vision', which can be activated at any time to take advantage of your mystical training. Ninja Vision allows time to slow to an extent, allowing you to dodge attacks and escape or position yourself easier. Also, as the screen dims to a deep red, weaknesses in your opponents armour or body will become pronounced, guiding you to the best area to strike. This is a great addtion which creates a great contextual feel within the game.

So there you have just a few reasons why Ninja Blade will be worth a look on the Xbox 360. Sure, it's being released in the wake of probably the most successful Ninja gaming franchise ever, but that's no reason to dismiss this game from the offset, because from what we've seen so far this game should be pretty damn good.

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