Happy 20th Birthday GameBoy!

April 3, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

This generation of consoles will be remembered for pushing the boundaries visually, redefining how games are played and also redefining who plays games, with the massive surge of casual gamers and the Wii.

However, this year it its the 20th birthday of the greatest ever handheld console time has ever seen, the Nintendo GameBoy. It has had the life of the underdog from its birth, with its technology being a decade out of date and with a woeful dot-matrix green screen. It optimized Nintendo's attitude of "just good enough". Compared to its rival of the time, the Lynx, it was pitiful. It was the late 80's version of David and Goliath, and David won again. The GameBoy sold tremendously as it was extremely cheap, thanks to it's low tech insides. Not only that, it shipped with an absolutely gem of a game, Tetris. The most popular, addictive game ever gave flight to one of the longest lasting consoles to date, reaching a staggering 14 years being on sale.

The GameBoy not only brought the revolution of handheld gaming to the masses, it saved Nintendo. Nintendo was doomed to go the way Sega ended up, publishing other people's games on other people's systems. The GameBoy managed to sustain Nintendo through the N64 years and the GameCube years and probably helped fund the Wii. The GameCube is just that good! It is the unsung hero of the gaming world and deserves a mention on its 20th birthday!

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