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Demigod is a real-time, tactical strategy game merged with extensive role-playing elements. Developed by Gas-Powered Games, it closely resembles the Defence of the Ancients mod for WarCraft III.

This isn’t the first time developers Gas Powered games have taken influence from Blizzard, WarCraft III developers. Dungeon Siege is heavily influenced by Diablo. But who better to take influences from? Blizzard have never to date released a bad game, and continue to push the boundaries with their games.

However, back to Demigod. Demigod sees you taking control of one of several Demigods, each with their own unique abilities. By killing enemies your Demigod gains experience, which can go towards gaining new abilities. Abilities are unlocked via a skill trees, which have a vast number of abilities to choose from and each Demigod has its own unique skill tree. The key is to find a character and skill tree to match your style of play.

Instead of roaming vast worlds and ridding the worlds of evil, Demigod throws you into a battle against an equally matched foe on symmetrical maps, called “Arenas”. The aim of each Arena is to push back your enemy whilst taking control of strategic objectives that can help you change the course of battle.

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The battles in the Arenas do not just centre around your Demigod. Your demigod commands minions, I say command, you do not actually control these minions the computer does for you. The minions will follow your Demigod around the Arena and will attack your enemy automatically. This may be a concern for many  players, as you do not want computer AI to send your army of minions to the other side of the map where you are not engaged in a bloody battle. However, the programming of the minion AI is very good, and response from the beta testing says problems occur infrequently.

demigod thumb Demigod

The world of Demigod has been crafted beautifully, and Gas Powered Games has managed to create a vibrant and rich world. The Demigods themselves look awe inspiring. The Rook is a classic tank Demigod, ready to charge in and demolish its foes up close and personal, and it has been designed to look so. The Rook looks like a gigantic stone golem that has catapults built into its shoulders.

In contrast, the Unclean Beast, is a Demigod that likes to poison its foes and suck the life out of the living. The Unclean Beast is modelled to look like a cross between a bear, a wolf, a panther and a corpse. This is where Demigod excels at, creating characters that are interesting to all types of players, so you instantly bond to one Demigod that will suit your preferred style of play.

Gas Powered Games, has managed to create a game that takes one of the most well played mods ever, Defence of the Ancients, and turn it into a promising and hugely polished game. If you missed out the chance to play Defence of the Ancients, then I would definitely check of Demigod.

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