3 Great WiiWare Games

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WiiWare is Nintendo's equivalent to Sony's PlayStation Networks and Microsoft's Xbox Live Marketplace. Most of the content on WiiWare is re-releases of Nintendo classics, but is also a platform through which developers can easily distribute cheap games over an internet connection. WiiWare is in its infancy compared to its counterparts, but there are some true gems that are available that are unlike anything you'll find on the other networks.

#3: Gyrostarr

Unlike anything you have seen before, Gyrostarr is a simple yet engaging racing game that provides up to 50 levels of gameplay, which makes it a worthwhile addition to anyone’s library.

Gyrostarr is a space-shooter and a racer wrapped up in one. Prepare to be blown away, as you select your ship and then sent blasting down a tunnel of space tubing. The objective of the game is to use the ship's grapple are to collect power orbs before you reach the tunnel's gate, to open it. As you fly through each tunnel, there are plenty of power-ups that can also be grabbed with the grapple, as well as enemies that will need to be shot down.

Gyrostarr includes a singleplayer mode and a co-operative mode with a twist, where players are competing for the highest score, but still have to help each other out to power the gate and progress. Gyrostarr is one of those unmissable and unique games that must be played.

#2: LostWinds

The Wii is most famouse for its unique and simplistic motion controls. WiiWare games take advantage of this new control system and provide new ways to play games. LostWinds is no different. The story involves Toku, a boy who meets a wind god named Enril. Together they set out to save their village from an impending doom. The most unique thing about LostWinds is you control Toku with the Nunchuk, and Enril with the Wii Remote. Swishing the Wii remote makes Enril produce blasts of wind that help the platforming aspect of the game, allowing Toku to reach ledges that you wouldn't believe he could reach.

This mechanic is used throughout the puzzles in LostWind, and combined with the gorgeous graphics and sceneray your are sure to be blown away.

#1: World of Goo

World of Goo is possibly the most weirdest yet addictive games available through WiiWare. The objective of the game is to stick together blobs of living goo to form a path to pipes that suck them in. The remaining blobs roll over the makeshift path to their destination. Traps and dangers litter the levels, which must be avoided. World of Goo is very reminiscent of Lemmings, but with its very own bizarre, cute and quirky style.

World of Goo is an instant classic and is one WiiWare game you should get above all others.

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