Metallica Rock!

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Guitar Hero has always been at the forefront of music gaming. The franchise paved the way for interactive music gaming, and though its success has been emulated by peer games such as Rock Band, the various installments of Guitar Hero have always been the fan favourite, first to hit the takings records. A full blown sequel is planned, Guitar Hero 5, but that installment is yet to receive an official release date. In the meantime, Neversoft have developed Guitar Hero Metallica, a tribute to the band containing many of their greatest songs, as well as those of the bands that influenced Metallica or were similar to them in that era.

Aswell as this specialised concentration on Metallica, the game is set to pioneer a number of new features for the franchise. Probably the first exclusive feature of note is a new drums difficulty mode, called Expert+. One thing that has set Metallica apart from some bands is it's frequent bass pedal use. Expert+ allows you to plug in an extra kick pedal for advanced difficulty. This may not sound like such a big addition at first, but consider that this difficulty option will up the amount of notes that will appear onscreen to a total of seven. If you choose to do it, you should find yourself constantly moving your feet from one pedal to the other during some songs, while at the same time pulling off beats on the other note pads. It takes a lot of coordination and skill, and only those that have mastered the original Expert difficulty setting will likely feel confident enough to give it a shot.

61jxO5MAW8L. SL160  Metallica Rock!

As befits a game dedicated to a single band, Guitar Hero: Metallica features a number of band sepecific additional content, ranging from unlockable videos and live footage, to pop up facts and trvia that give you interesting information concerning the songs and how they were written, influences behind them etc. perfect for the Metallica fans this game is aimed at.

Another great feature included in Guitar Hero: World Tour was the Music Studio, in which players could create their own songs. This highly addictive function helps extend the replay value of the Guitar Hero games and the good news is that the feature returns in Metallica, bringing with it a host of new tones and options, each linked with the style of Metallica is mind.

Another Guitar Hero concentrating exclusively on a single band was another gamble from Neversoft, especially considering the negative feedback they got for Guitar Hero: Aeromsith, which claimed the game to be too concentrated on one style and thus lost any great replayability. Metallica runs the same risk, but the inclusion of notable extras should see the game through, and obviously for fans of Metallica buying this game is a definite no brainer!

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Bestselling Wii Games to look out for

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Top Wii Games

When you are looking for a good Wii game to buy, it can be hard to distinguish between the genuinely good games and the cheap cash-ins that unfortunately plague the Wii system for the time being.

61UUwCpgc2L. SL160  Bestselling Wii Games to look out for

First up is Animal Crossing: City Folk. This is the fourth in the Animal Crossing series, and the second on home consoles.

The Animal Crossing franchise drops your cute little avatar in a small town where you work to pay off  house loans and collect items, money and accessories. While in most games time moves only while you're playing, this is not so in Animal Crossing. Due to the incorporation of the Wii's intergated calender and clock, the game world exists in real time. After a few months of not playing, you may come back and find weeds and garbage everywhere due to your lack of maintenance. In the world of Animal Crossing, events occur whether you are there to experience it or not: even holidays. This is a great and innovative feature which adds to the overall playability of the game.

City Folk adds online support so you can travel to other people's towns, as well as host auctions that your friends can participate in. Also, being the Wii version of the game, you can replace your character's face with that of your Mii. Even though Animal Crossing: City Folk recycles much material from the past games in the series, it is still a great game with lots to do and see, especially if you are new to the franchise.

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There is a recent platformer called DeBlob that has been hailed as one of the best 3rd-party developer games on the Wii. The premise is a unique one: Chroma City has been turned into a bland, white-and-black landscape by the oppressive INKT Corporation. The fate of the city is in the hands of De Blob, a blob that can dip himself in paint and splatter color about, successfully painting one building at a time until Chroma City is completely liberated.

The story unfolds in a cute and imaginative way, seeing the player move from area to area completing missions and smashing open "paintbots" to absorb paint points. The more paint points you have in your possession, the bigger De Blob is and the harder he is for enemies to defeat. The game also features up to four-player competitive multiplayer, adding to a unique and intuitive experience.

51YqhBzMA6L. SL160  Bestselling Wii Games to look out for

Lastly, a hugely successful Wii game is Guitar Hero World Tour. World Tour is the first Guitar Hero to feature online multiplayer and downloadable content.

As with other Guitar Hero games, the objective is to play through songs and press buttons in time with the notes. The game can be quite expensive to play, requiring up to  three expensive peripherals: a plastic guitar, drum set, and a usb microphone. However, the global success of World Tour proves this is definitely worth the price.

Not only does World Tour feature what no other Wii Guitar Hero has yet in terms of online play, but it also features an exclusive mode called Mii Freestyle Jam. In this mode, players choose a Mii and rock out, jamming and switching between note levels by raising or lowering the guitar or drum peripherals. Also, drums can be played in this mode with a Wii Remote and Nunchuk.

Though some may consider Guitar Hero: World Tour something of a clone of Rock Band, World Tour has proven itself superior in terms of song setlist and features.

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