What Can Xbox Live Offer You?

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Xbox 360 currently offers gamers the opportunity to communicate with each other, using the add-on feature known as Xbox Live. If you're an Xbox Live user, you are instantly part of the chat list. Therefore, you are able to chat and discuss anytime with your friends and family through the Xbox 360 headset. Moreover, you can interact and organize a gaming throwdown with countless other Xbox users. Xbox Live also allows you to buy content in Xbox Live Marketplace, download additional videogame content and even watch preview videos.

If users are enticed by these functions and wish to become an Xbox Live member, then there are two memberships to choose from, classified into two distinct services - gold and silver.

Up first, the silver service is just the basic version of Xbox Live. Going for this version, users can easily get online and download gaming titles. On top of this, you are given the capacity to use their own voice to talk and meet with other Xbox Live users. However, this is all Xbox Live silver provides subscribers with. If you're searching for the optimum Xbox Live experience, Xbox Live gold is what you must go for.

Secondly, the Xbox Live Gold option has various features that make it an awesome way to play on the internet. Apart from the incredible Xbox Live features, it provides gamers with a host of additional add-ons. There is improved chat compatability, as well as interaction with a host of Microsoft products, including messenger and further chat and video programs. The most prominent feature of Xbox Live gold is the manner in which your online avatar is shown to the world. Every account is free to create a distinct 'motto' showing to other gamers online, even linking to Facebook. Furthermore, you're also able to hold a record of your accomplishments. As you play more and more you gradually forge a reputation, and if users like you they are able to rank you positively, making it easier to avoid interacting with users holding bad outlook.

Players can also build a contact list which will list all of your selected chums. It'll also inform you when any of your buddies come online. There is also a recent player list that will record the last fifty friends that you have met.

Xbox Live is as good as Xbox gaming gets. It not only offers great gaming but also provides you with the chance to share your experience with other users!

Microsoft Xbox 360 News

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The seventh generation videogaming market essentially comprises of the 3 biggest companies Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. Succeeding the Xbox, Xbox 360 was unveiled by Microsoft with enormous hype, competing against Sony's Playstation 3 and Nintendo's Wii for your well earned cash.

The first Xbox 360 news was displayed on MTV on 12th May, 2005 and subsequently at the E3 stands ( Electronic Entertainment Expo ). Additional info on the release was shared amid massive PR. This provided the beginning of the Xbox 360 age. In the initial year itself, the product was launched in approximately 36 countries, transcending the number of countries in which all other machines were released in their first year. Following its launch, the console was completely sold out in each corner of the world aside from Japan. The Xbox 360 has since then garnered sales of almost 30.2 million machines worldwide. Arcade, Pro and Elite versions of Xbox 360 along with a collection of accessories are readily available.

Incorporated into the Xbox 360 are a bunch of features like multimedia capacity, Windows Media Centre, film rentals, hi-def inclusion in all games, gaming downloads and the power to play HD DVDs with the help of an on-drive. But the most distinguishing feature of Xbox 360 is the Live service, allowing users to download TV shows, game demos, movies and a whole host more.

With such cut throat competition among the 3 main players, what really made Microsoft zoom ahead of its competitors? In order to address the needs of its huge customer base, Microsoft created its very own website called the Xbox 360 News. This website provides recent reports and information in relation to the Xbox 360, latest releases of Xbox 360 titles and upcoming releases are made available via the internet site. The most inspiring facet of the Xbox 360 News feature is that it is even available on the Xbox 360 games machine itself through the internet.

In supplying the Xbox 360 News function, Microsoft is undoubtedly the top service providing gaming console information in the market, heeding the needs of all video gamers whether amateurs or professionals. Thus, if you're wanting to get knowledgeable on anything concerning the Xbox 360, you want to join up with the Xbox 360 News internet site and wow all your fellow gamers.

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Arcade Awesomeness with Xbox Live

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Many people are dismissive of the downloadable games that are available on the consoles, as it is relatively new to this generation of consoles. When people see games for $10 - $20 (roughly £5 - £10) they expect it to be an inferior game, whereas if they save up for a $50 - $60 game, they have something that is worth their money. However, as a gamer yourself, you know that this isn't always true. Here we have 3 of the best downloadable games available from the XBLA on the Xbox 360.

#3: Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords

After successful iterations on both the Nintendo DS and the PSP, Puzzle Quests developers decided to port the excellent puzzle game to the Xbox 360, so it is now formatted to your TV and is shown in glorious HD.

Puzzle Quest combines role­­­­-playing and puzzle solving skillfully into a demanding and enthralling game that you won’t be able to put down. You navigate through a World-Map, exploring, talking to people and accepting quests, gaining experience, leveling-up, as well as gaining new equipment. But where the game gets really engaging is when you build your own city and attack surrounding enemy fortifications.

Lastly, there is the combat itself, this is a mash between Bejeweled and Final Fantasy. In each fight, you put your strengths and your opponent’s weaknesses to your advantage, as you and your opponent perform actions on the same Bejeweled-like board. Simply put, you move the pieces around until you line up skulls and do damage to your opponent. You can also perform spells, as well as other moves, which is determined by your character's profession and level. If you are into addictive games, then you can go wrong with Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords.

#2: Portal: Stay Alive

Portal: Stay Alive is an expansion on the original game Portal (the download includes Portal too). If your head has been in the clouds for the past couple of years, Portal is a first person puzzle game created using the Half-Life 2 Source engine, and was released as part of Valves, The Orange Box. The game consists of mind-warping puzzles that you must get your head around to solve, with the help of your trusty portal gun. Portal: Stay Alive is, admittedly, short, however it is cheap and still remains one of the most engaging game out there. You must play Portal, period!

#1: Braid

Braid received massive amounts of attention from the press after its release on XBLA. To its credit, it deserved every bit of it. Perhaps the thing Braid was praised most for was its story, but this was not the only thing Braid has going for it. Braid was specifically designed to pose some very complex and intricate puzzles, in a way that is not frustrating for the player to solve.

Your main ability to help you solve these puzzles, is the ability to manipulate the flow of time, and is essential for solving certain puzzles. Each world in the game provides a different variation of this mechanic and the way you control it to keep the challenge the whole way through.

The game consists of five worlds in all, each containing 12 puzzles. It is not necessary to complete all 60 puzzles, however, it is highly recommended to, as it unlocks an ending that must be seen.

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Getting the Most Out Of Your Xbox 360

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has now become one of the cheapest consoles available, providing players with arguably the most powerful next generation machine for a comparatively small price. However, there are a few other potential investments to consider once you have the console itself.

If you want to get the most out the console in terms of online gaming and interaction, you should subscribe to Xbox Live's Gold Membership. It's a lot less expensive than it used to be, and the only way to experience the Xbox online. The console generally comes with a free subscription for the Silver Membership, but this offer usually only allows you to buy downloadable content.

The Xbox also pips the competition by securing a wealth of great exclusive game franchises and downloadable content, which are unavailable to other consoles. Some of these games include Banjo-Kazooie, Halo, Ninja Gaiden 2 and Gears of War, and additional levels for games such as Tomb Raider Underworld.


You should also check out the Xbox Live Arcade for downloading some amazing classic games, as well as some great ports. Games such as Duke Nukem 3D, Geometry Wars, Castle Crashers, and especially Braid, are examples of good quality for cheap prices. In order to buy an Xbox Live Arcade game, however, you need points which can be traded for cash.

Next up there’s Netflix. If you hadn't heard already, Netflix movies can now be streamed online and watched on your Xbox 360. For a monthly subscription you can get hours of online streaming and DVD rentals.

Perhaps most importantly, you should consider getting an HDTV. As with the Playstation 3, only through an HDTV can the Xbox's full potential be unleashed. Without one, you only experience a shadow of what the next generation console is capable of. With an HDTV, visuals are sharp and crystal clear with higher, better resolution. The difference is amazing, and should not be missed. The prospect of getting an HDTV may seem like an expensive one, but HDTV's are now less expensive than ever before. There are also some Xbox 360 bundles that come with a good HDTV.

By utilizing the many features and functions available to the Xbox 360 after purchase, you can turn an already impressive console into an amazing all round experience.

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